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We talk about caska and Griffith a lot, but do you think Sakura came when Shinji did her?
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yes. she didn't like it tho.
Yeah, doesn't she even say so?
But she came at everything because of the worm, I sincerely Shinji has the skills to make someone orgasm, the little cringing fuck.
Shinji best boy, don't bully.

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Kyoani stays winning!
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Do. Not. Criticize. KyoAni.
Before I watched the show, I legitimately thought Yui and Ritsu were the same person.
I still think Azusa and Mio are the same person.
Clearly the rest of the band are different facets of Yui's fragile persona that exist in her head. Hence the same face!

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>story is marked as "harem" for having many female characters and one male lead
>none, or only one of them, have romantic feelings for the MC
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>love triangle
>MC's crush is taken away by someone else
>gets called NTR despite no relationship existing
>close female friends

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Should've been the MC.
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where are her pants?
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No, Kongou should've been the MC. But honestly Fubuki wasn't that bad, I like it her progression.
>little Kongou

Goddamn thats cute

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Remember when Miss X got her shit ruined?
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Picked up
I laugh every day
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>Act like a massive bitch the whole series
>Think you're gonna wipe the floor with a girl half your size
>even play dirty
>Get complete BTFO

It was the best episode

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You are waiting at the train station...

This little bitch walks up and slaps your waifu on the ass.
What do you do?
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That's a lewd monkey, slapping herself on the ass in public.
Push waifu in front of train.
Acquire new waifu.

That's how it works.
Unzip dick and perform anal rape in self-defence.

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So I watched all 70 EPs, both movies and the special. In what order do I watch the related series? There's a ton and I'm simply a bit overwhelmed.
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>Related series

They're really, really not related. They just have Sakura in them because she was CLAMP's most popular character.
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
You can skip the others
Hi I'm back.

Just bumping the thread because I want a CCS thread right now among the sea of exploding breasts threads that have popped up in the last half hour.

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This is Melona. Her breasts are about to explode.

Say something nice to her.

Also Queen's Blade thread.
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Next Grimoire episode when?
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I'm guessing never. They're rebooting the original series.


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>Mou ikkai
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RIP Tamura Yukari.

am i the only one who notices that chorugens thighs are getting progressively wider each episode? she should watch her diet!
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She should eat more.

Dunno. As the people in this thread.

That's not a bad thing. Not in the slightest.

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Why is she so perfect?
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Somebody post the NaruKushi fapfic that Anon wrote
Isn't Naruto's mother dead, though? Necrophila is gross man.

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How cute can an imouto be if she has a less-than-perfect asshole?
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If an imoutos ass isnt pristine it means she is a sloot and is not loyal to her onii-chan
It may means that her Onii-chan was using her asshole
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why does she sit like that.jpg
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Why is bulma such a slut in dragon ball? She hits on every single guy that she sees and offers them a peek of her body?
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>A young smart teen girl using her body to get what she wants
Whoa, how surprising.
Author's fetish.
adventuring teenage girl with raging hormones seeing buff guys everywhere

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Haters BTFO
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Fuck you.
When's the Progressive reboot?
Never the series is either cancelled or on hiatus and Reki is busy churning out more Alicization side stories.

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>what you thought your AOTS would be
>what your actual AOTS is

LWA or Konosuba
Pic related.
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Gabriel Dropout is really pushing it though, I didn't expect it to be this fucking good.
>he likes kyoani garbage
Despite the loose animation, Konosuba was a lot better than I expected. Unironic AOTS over here

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