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It's gonna suck when people realize all the cool stuff in HF is going to be logically slotted into the last 45 minutes of the third movie.
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Except mapo tofu happens near the start of the route so get fucked.
The only people that hadn't figured this out were the only people looking forward to HF: Sakurafags.
>the best stuff in the story happens in the climax

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Wouldn't it be cool if Jojo's Bizarre Adventure got an anime?

I know people will be all like "No cause then faggots would flock to it and turn it into the new Naruto" but I doubt that'd actually happen.
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Frankly, I have way too much Haruhi fever to care about any other series. Considering its popularity, there's no way whatsoever we aren't seeing a season 2 in 2007.

Man you know what'd be fucked up?

If they adapted that Groundhog Day part of the light novel by like animating the same episode a bunch of times with small differences. Same events and shit but over 8 whole episodes.

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Uzuki on the home page of 346 Production's website soon!

Discuss the most important and beloved Cinderella Girl.
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(And soon 4chan's front page too, of course.)

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Studio: 8-Bit


The site has also revealed the film's staff. Risako Yoshida, who served as a unit director and a storyboarder on the television anime series, is directing the film at studio 8-Bit (Madhouse animated the television series). Original light novel series artist Kana Ishida is returning to serve as the character designer and chief animation director. Original light novel author Tsutomu Satou is writing an original new story for the film, and he and WriteWorks are in writing the script. Taku Iwasaki is returning to compose the music.

Other staff members include:

Art: Hiromasa Ogura, Kazushi Fujii
Art Design: Yuuho Taniuchi,
Mechanical Design: Junji Okubo
CAD, Sub Character Design: Jimmy Stone
3D Director: Yasutaka Tanaka (MAD BOX)
Director of Photography: Yuuki Kawashita (MAD BOX)
Editing: Kashiko Kimura (MAD BOX)
Color Key: Yukie Noguchi
Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
Sound Effects: Tomoji Furuya
Sound Production: Studio Mausu

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Miyuki's voice is so beautiful, really miss that oniisama
Anyone still cares for harem show?
Japan should finally wake up and expand their otaku horizon.
are you new or something?

I have no problem with changing the studio from the PV it looks the same

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What did she mean by this?
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She meant that you should fuck off back to your containment board with this template thread

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Season 3 when?
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They should just make a movie about the black dandelion.
I thought the manga of that was pretty decent.
Shows that there's still potential for good storytelling before we hit the OVAs.
What's wrong with the OVAs?

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How long till berserk finally ends???
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Not long.

When the day comes, remember you asked when it would "end", not "be finished".

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First series I dropped during the first episode of the second season

>Watch first season
>Watch halfway of the first season
>check in the wiki if Jil still goes after Shitaaya
>Drop the show
Fuck that shit
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>Watch halfway of the first episode of the second season

I'm so mad I forgot how to type

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This guy
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He seems like a cool guy
Shame he got stuck in a shitty anime.

So if Zeno destroys all other universes, does that include killing other Zenos from other universes, since each got one, or will they survive and be pissed and have an all out Zeno war, or will they just float in the nothingness and not give a shit what the fuck is going on

also I believe when they say when Zeno erases a universe, he doesn't really erase it, he just deconstructs all matter, so over time new galaxies n shit should be made anew, sort of like the big crunch theory which results in a theoretical big bang, reseting the universe.
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One Zeno per timeline you retard!

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What is it about anklets that is so goddamn sexy?
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That doesn't look like a healthy angle.
Your brain confuses feet with genitalia. There is nothing sexy about feet, you just have a short circuit in your brain and the internet helped you to indulge your fetish.

At least you are not mentally ill like the the f*******.
I'm more focused on that midriff

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Never. ;_;
Never ever

ITT: Post you're waifu, other anon's guess what artists/bands they listen to
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But anon, she's married to me. Stop your delusions.
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Linkin Park

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where the best place to read one piece?
i was reading on kiss manga but they transferred the translation over to a bunch of Indians at around 22
then i went too manga freak but now they have changed to low quality images
help please
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Download Viz rips.

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I love this anime and watched all the seasons for the first time last year. Just asking.. why aren't there any copies of the English version of the Light Novel? Is it because it's not licensed or something? Also what is the chance of English copies getting released?
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Maybe once it ends.
Author is dead so I doubt it.

I know other people are continuing it on but still.
Dead author and an unfinished series didn't exactly compel a translator company to pick it up.

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