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JCs are the sexiest
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JCs with big breasts are even sexier
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They're called lolis anon, or if you prefer, cunny bunnies.

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What went wrong, /a/ ?

Wasn't this supposed to be the next grand shonen? Wasn't this supposed to become as big as Naruto?

What happened?
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shitty exposure, unknown author, rushed ending, horrible anime adaptation

a shame too, this is one of my favorite manga of all time
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Dragonball came back from the dead and stole it's anime.
Season 2 after DBS?
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it was unique in its own way. I enjoyed reading it for its crazy shit. Toriko is based most of the time and Acacia is fucking savage when it comes to taunting people.

the weak should fear the strong
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Do NOT bully the Yuno.
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Hi I am Yuno. Hi am from Japan.

I come to make friend in your site America but tall bully me. I am in your site for many many Time, but I no enjoy all.

Why you mean? When will stop say please?

Sorry for my question. Bye bye America.

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I still don't know how to wide text. I had my keyboard language changed and it was wide in the post box but then it comes out normal when I post.

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Japan has a traditional organization for the magic which calls Onmyōji.
Also, China and other Asian nations have similar organizations.
It seems to be political considerations against Europe and North America.
That's unfair.
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cuz Americans dunno where Japan is in the world.
They love British magic more than oriental one.

Because in making LWA they mixed fur in their clay.

Nothing but Harry Pottery.
Because pointed hats and black cats are cooler than talismans
Stop trying to do stupid /pol/ posts on /a/ or go back to >>>/v/

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Weeaboos and people who think a sword isn't a tertiary weapon stay the fuck out
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It's fucking horrible that she has a slutty character design like that and has to be a "virgin". The show needed more smut and there was almost none.
I actually agree with this a little.
Never felt like her and Jonah were actually in love.
The whole point was that she didn't want to sleep around but hated the stigma and teasing of being a virgin.

Just like a lot of women today.

So disregarding nostalgia or any existing anime/OVA,

What's the best part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to date?
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If you ask for subjective opinions all you're gonna get is shitposting, anon.
Steel Ball Run for me
Steel Ball Run
Fuck off jojobronies

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Is there a family more powerful than the Uchihas?
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Technically the Hyuuga should be stronger, the Byakugan is way better than the Sharingan. It's just that Neji didn't train as well as Sasuke.

>Almost 360 degree vision
>Can see everything in slow-mo
>Can block chakra points
>Can see chakra points
>Have an unbreakable shield, similar to Susanoo except that literally every Hyuuga has it and it's not rare, plus it takes less chakra and you can do it instantly.

The sharingan ain't shit, the Byakugan counters it.
>Genjutsu (tsukiyomi)? the 360 degree vision lets the Byakugan user see their opponent without looking into their eyes.
>Amaterasu? Unbreakable shield-spin.

There's a reason why Kaguya had the byakugan.

Yeah I took this thread more seriously than it deserved.

Which K-ON would be the best fuck?
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Fuck everyone and impregnate them. Mass produce your spawn and use them to take over the world.
I don't know about who is/will be the best fuck. All I know is that my kokoro belongs to Mugi-chan.

Mio is not bad.
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I really want to have a sweaty gangbang with the K-ONs and /a/.

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Is Zero no Tsukaima the epitome, the definitive definition of isekaishit?

Turns out its last novel comes out next week.

>it's been 30 years since its first season.
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It spawned thousands of shitty fanfics, so yeah.
It was my first Isekai and it's still the best I've indulged in to date. Others tried to add edge, comedy, etc, but ZnT just works better than any of them.
Same here, my very first isekai. I think nostalgia is why I still think of it so fondly.

>14 years old when the first season came out.
>discovered it when going watching (and unironically enjoying) filler hell episodes of naruto
>was super into it, liked it when Saito used his boilerplate protagonist powers that a normal highschool boy can use.
>Louise was ok, thought that gay dude's daughter was best girl

I was so innocent back then, I was pretty saddened the author died when he did. This shitty series has given me good memories.

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Is it the necklace?
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It's the collarbones.
It's what's inside that makes a slut.
>make seemingly realistic girl without a tacky personality
>has a decent voice
>comes off as sincere and loyal
>backstabs her friends and doesn't apologize

I don't know

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Why the fuck do people like this? I just watched the first episode, and almost vomited. This is the worst shit I've ever watched in my entire life, please tell me that the first episode is a weak one, or I'm going to lose faith in everything.
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here's your "YOU"
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I hope you explode
this will be the last reply to the thread that isnt from the op

>you get a hit by truck
>you reincarnate as a truck
>you are given the task of sending people around japan to their respective self-insert isekai fantasies by ramming into them and killing them

PLOT TWIST: This was your self-insert fantasy
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so not only am I boring irl, I'm boring in my fantasy too?
Your driver is a cute loli so it all works out.
Truck kun kinichiha

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>Here is your magic card that shows your status like a JRPG.
>Don't ask how it works, we don't know either.
>You can read it using the Language Comprehension skill.
Is this a satire of the isekai genre?
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The reincarnation/transportation genre became a satire of itself a long time ago.
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nice digits toyota-san

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It was Shiki's birthday today.

Happy belated birthday Shiki.
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was she popular in 2008?
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Sure. The KnK books were best-sellers.
I mean, here.

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Vol. 12 coming out in April.

Yui will get her revengeance.
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First for
File: 57701893_p1.png (474KB, 720x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Second for Yukino.
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Yukino end or friendship end with everyone are the only possible ends. I'm hoping for the former.

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