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If ghost in a shell does well, their coming for this next.
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Anyways yeah, I hope they make use of what was left out of the original film because there is so much more to the manga after it was finished. Hell, it almost makes the original movie disappointing.
First anime on Netflix now this I swear it's pushing to be normalised
>>153679729The trailer for ghost in a shell looks like trash, and what is this story about revenge?
That's not canon at al

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Did Keijo save anime?
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Homo season, Keijo saved fall.

>inb4 sales
Yeah, who cares actually.
yes with infinite ass works

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ONe of these girls is going to be your gym buddy from now on.
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I'll take the flat one, she looks like she's got fighting spirit.
Gyaru looks like the best but I wanna smash Hime.
middle left

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How many years do you think people will be talking about Yuri on Ice?
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Depends on how gay you are OP
I rewatched it recently. It's not that good

Is anime being censored enough?
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Why not ask your tumblr friends instead?
>le tumlr XDDDD
Does anonymous christian message board not mean anything to you anon?

On topic, it wouldn't need censoring if the scenes themselves weren't offensive enough to warrant it.
That scene should've been more heavily censored!

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Orochimaru learned his lesson; violence doesn't solve every problem. He's realized that he can't obtain the Sharingan by force so he's now using the same strategy old Hyuuga used to get Naruto by simply incorporating the Sharingan into his bloodline with his son. There will be an actual love triangle between the three with Sarada pining after Boruto and Mitsuki trying to get Sarada. This is while Boruto is torn between his attraction to Sarada and his friendship with Mitsuki, a friendship that slowly begins to mirror Naruto's relationship with Sasuke when they were younger.
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He fucking literally has access to the whole orphanage filled with sharingan kids with some gene defects, but still fully working
>with some gene defects

So worthless
>gene defects
>fully working

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oh god hiromi is hot
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What's her height?

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oh my god her hair is dog

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thoughts on seiren
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I think it's a poor excuse for shojo
I found out the slut wasn't the main girl from a thread and decided not to watch it
Tsuneki's arc was pretty fucking shit.
Tooru's arc is at the bottom of the Amagami tiers of romance but Tsuneki's shit ending is making Tooru's arc palpable.

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Rewatching Lucky Star. It really is a product of its time, most of the jokes are really dated.
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Moe isn't made to be enjoyed outside of the season it airs.
I still very much enjoy shit like K-On or Azumanga Daioh. Lucky Star relied too much on referential humor which isn't a bad thing but really lowers its value after 10 years.
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Also, I remember Kagami's voice being more tsundere-ish, her voice is too soft by today's standards of how a tsundere should sound like.

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Do we love older women?
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Go love them somewhere else. Like a nursing home.
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Why do you like to make the same shitty threads?
Yes but how old is she anyway? Looks like a young mother to me.

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This is your romcom protagonist.
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My panties are already wet as a goddamn showercurtain.
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This is your romcom protagonist.
This gives me inspiration that he'll be an assertive guy who can state his opinion and isn't afraid of his own shadow.

Really, it does.

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I just finished watamote manga. Are they still publishing it? or is chapter 110 the last one.

Please tell me it's still going. I wouldnt survive without my Mokocchi
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please respond
it's ongoing
there are still chapters coming out

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Why is it so difficult to find good dark, fucked up horror anime? The best I can come up with is Monster. Anything else I need to check out? I want something akin to Silent Hill. Moody, atmospheric dark. Not goofy ridiculous "horror," like Attack on Titan.

Shit like Junji Ito's work, but in anime form.
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Would you cuddle a dullahan, /a/?
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Head or body?
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Of course, she is my waifu
Either one?

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