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How closely does this series follow the unabridged book?
To me it looks to be in the 'not even close' side of the spectrum.
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It follows the theme and major plot points in a very loose sense, but they are mostly preserved. Still, there is an obvious disconnect between this and the original.

Still, not a bad watch.
Compared to the unabridged book, the series veers off pretty far. The basic premise is there and a lot of the characters, but it drifts of into its own original fanfiction in large parts. The POV was shifted from the Count to Albert, making him the mc and turning the Count into an antagonistic figure, without the redeeming points that made the Count such a joy of a character in the book. Characters are being shifted and changed a lot. For instance Eugenie's plot was completely rewritten (no lesbian eloping for her, but plenty of original male homo innuendo instead).

Taken as its own thing, it's still pretty engaging, though I think the book is a stronger story and it would have made for a stronger series if they had stuck to the original plot. The nifty shift to the scifi setting and maybe some restructuring of the events told (flashback to the counts origin, instead of linear), would have been enough of a novelty to make it feel fresh.
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Best girl (male)

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what did she mean by this
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That she was disgusted, apparently.
Niiiiice template thread, lets discuss that.

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>You will never be cute
Does it hurt?
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>not being cute
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I'm still cute shut up.
What must I do in order to become a cute girl? Kyubey, dragon balls, Jusenkyo and even twintails had no effect.

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Is this show just about great big titties are?
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how great*

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I want to hate fuck her until her pussy tears
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You know her NAME but not her STORY, Anthy!

Think before you say such horrible things.

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worst girl
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how the hell? how did you make fuu-chan disappear when ich click the picture

also dozo

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>tfw you will never be demi-chad
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If he's a virgin then he's not a chad. I don't know if he is though, anyone want to share?

You can just self-insert as this guy can't you? Then you can be Chad.
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What is it about the Love Live! art style that makes the girls so attractive /a/?
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The Love Live art style is great, but Bang Dream's art is perfection.

OP here. Your not wrong.
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>posting shits

What the hell is wrong with you people?

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Should I watch Non Non Biyori or will it just make me suicidally depressed when I get to the last episode
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You should watch everything sans the last episode, Asuka. That way it never has to end.
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Just rewatch it once you get to the last episode and it never ends
I haven't watched it and I already know the status quo won't change in the least bit from the first to the last episode, so you could always do this. Yet another SOL where literally nothing happens glorified by /a/.

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You have 30 seconds to bring me a MC that is a bigger faggot than pic related
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You know the saying "Don't stick your dick in crazy"?
He lives with a literal font of crazy, insanity on two legs and a dozen and four tentacles, a thing which to gaze upon it's face is to know of the melting of the walls that keep the waking from the dream.
The rule "Don't stick your dick in crazy" applies exponentially for a physical manifestation of crazy like his freeloaders.

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literally mutants
They are sterile.
Then it is genetics

Did you forget her /a/?
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This manga did a really good job of making me care about almost every character.

Then that ending happened.

>take an action premice
>replace all character with cute girls
>it becomes an anime
is it that easy to find ideas for anime?
How about cute president girls doing cute presidential things?
How about cute fighter jet girls?
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The former arguably exists in VNs, although harems, the latter is literally Strike Witches

So I started watching this series. I'm three episodes in and already starting to tire. Do they come up with humor past 'she's really awkward'? Does her character change whatsoever over the course of the series? Should I continue watching?
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She does go take a really messy shit somewhere in there. Worth the watch.
Read the manga, then watch the anime.

Unless you had some sort of social anxiety as a teen, you really won't get the appeal.
She actually becomes the most popular girl in school by the end.

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So how will it end?
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"I am...... a hero!"

its gonna be shit and rushed

nakata is the real hero

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