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Tsuredure Children

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Okay, so volume 7 has no omake. Just 2 entirely new chapters. Anyways, new chapter first
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[Title is 'Joker']

Toda Fuyumi
Year 2 Class 1
Sunagawa-kun's girlfriend.

Sunagawa Yoshiharu
Year 2 Class 1
Toda-san's boyfriend.

The night of the exciting School Trip

"Okay, you lose, Sunagawa-kun!!"
"Time for a punishment game!!"

"You poor thing, Suna..."
"Are you worried about me?"
"I'm super excited"
"Why you..."

"Okay now tell Toda-chan"
" 'I like you', okay?"
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"Sunagawa-kun, you and Toda-chan"
"Are pretty dry when you guys are in front of others, right?"
"So we just wanna see"
"You two being lovey dovey..."

"I don't normally say it either"
"And you're okay with it, Toda-chan??"

"Toda, you hate"
"That sort of thing, right?"

"Not really"

"I mean, it's just a punishment game"
"Good job, Toda-chan!! So mature!!"

"But Toda..."
"You hated holding hands too"
"I never said I hated it"
"It was just annoying"

"Don't just chit chat"
"Say it quickly"
Best couple! Yeah!
I really hope the anime adaptation lives up to the source.
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"Come on, Sunagawa-kun!!"
"Toda-chan's telling you to do it too..."

Is she just reading the situation?
Or is she really...
"I like you"

"Onto the next one"

"Are you hiding your blushes, Toda-chan?"
"It's just a punishment game, after all"

She's probably hiding them
Toda's happy about this.

I usually don't
[Side] Ah! Done...
Say stuff like that...

"You lose, Toda-chaaan!!"
Im just hoping it's not a 5 minute short
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[Side] I'm deciding again.
"What kinda punishment should you get then!?"

At this rate...
Maybe I'll get an
'I like you' from Toda too...

"Okay now put your heart into it'
"And tell Sunagawa-kun"
" 'I love you', okay?"

"I luff yu (Murmur)"
"Okay, done"
"No no!!"
"Put your heart into it, for real!!"

"Sunagawa-kun looked into your eyes, okay?"
"Toda-chan, look at his!!"

I wanna hear...
Toda's 'I love you'
"Don't worry about it, Toda"
"It's just a punishment ga..."
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This the first time I saw Toda
So meek

She's happy when I tell her I like her
But when she does it, she gets embarrassed and can't say it
Toda's a girl too, huh.

And she's
My girlfriend as well...

"Hold up"

"Come on, Sunagawa-kun!!"
"And she's finally trying to say it!!"

"I'm still... her boyfriend..."
"And if Toda hates saying it that much"
"I can't just watch her"

"In her stead,"
"I'll be the one saying I like her, over and over"
"So just give her a break"
My fucking heartboner.
Too pure for this world.
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"Did I make it boring?"
"Not at all, Sunagawa-kun!!"
"Actually, you showed off some nice points there!!"

"You hear that, Chiyo-chan?"
"He'll say he likes her over and over"
"I wanna be told that"
"It's embarrassing..."

"Wait Suna"
"I never said I hated it"
"Huh? But you..."

"I love you"

"Okay, done"
"Now don't tell me you like me over and over, okay?"
"It'll be annoying"

"And besides, I can't let my boyfriend say that"
"And not say it myself, right?"
"Okay, next game..."

"What's wrong?"
"Show your faces"
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Everything is fire.png
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Every fucking time.

Anyways, I did say two extra chapters, so here I go
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The following 2 chapters take place between 109 'Fireworks' and 110 'Lie'

[Title] Space is way too big

My senpai is going back to his university dorm.
"It's really close to departure time"

I'm gonna get a little lonely again...

"Hey come on"
"Don't cry anymore"

Ahhh yeah...
I'm gonna get extremely lonely
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"I'm fine"
"I'm still okay"
"You're crying a lot"

"No no..."
"When saying farewell"
"I have to smile..."

"I see"

"What the, hey"
"Ahhh ahh ahhh"

"You say things that make me cry..."
"I didn't say a thing"

"Come on"
"There's no time left"
"Show me a smile"


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"What's up with that...!?"
"Are you not gonna cry, senpai!?"

"Not really..."
"I can contact you anytime"
"But now's the only time"
"We can be together, right!?"

"I'm coming to see you in the fall for the Cultural Festival"
"And I'm coming home at the end of the year"
"Them if you're also entering college next year..."

That's not the...
That's not the...!!

"Whoaa whoaa"
"You're just gonna cry at whatever I say"
"How about you just get going now!?"

"Whoa there"
"Are we gonna fight and break up?"
"This isn't really a fight...!!"

"It's exactly as you say"
"I can contact you any time"
"And you'll show up when you feel like it..."

"Then I'm going now"
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"Be careful..."

It doesn't matter
Whether we're apart or not
In this day and age, we can just...


Am I even
Doing right now

I gotta apologize
For sulking like an idiot
To senpai...

[text] Just wanted to say [TN: Changed TL a bit to make better context]
[Bot] Sorry / My bad

I can just
Do this anytime...!!
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Even for a little moment now,
I have to look at senpai's face
And sear the image in...!!

No matter how convenient it is
Even though we're connected anytime,
Far is just far...!!

Where are you? Senpai...
I'm smiling, okay...?

Where are...??


I don't have time anymore
I should call him and bring him out

But senpai...
Could've just showed me his face from the window
Or maybe he's mad about awhile ago...
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1/3 Double spreads
Oh look, it's best couple.
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Let's fucking go!
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"You can smile now, right?"
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this guy is president, lovemaster, Gouda's girlfriend level
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Smile: Protected
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"I'b sorwy about dat..."
"And I'm sorry too"
"I couldn't make you smile"
"I'b smiling now"
"Come on"

"Okay, time's run out already"

"I love you!!"

"He's gone..."
"Beep beep"

You really like yelling those embarrassing things out loud a lot

He pisses me off
>Bottom Right
That's the face of a man who's landed the love of his life.
It should be a crime to write/draw stuff this cute.
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>This will never happen to you
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I'll lend you my chest

It seems that
Even Urara-chan can get depressed
"Should I give up on this role...?"

"Huh? Why?"
"I meaan, I suuck a loot"
"And I'm just bothering everyoone..."

Her performance isn't improving much
And everyone else is getting worried

But well...
When I look at Urara-chan
It reminds me of myself last year...
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One year ago

"Do you really wanna do this role?"
"There's a lotta lines"
"And it's gonna be hard for a first year, right?"

"Please let me do it!! I was in the drama club in middle school!"
"I can handle the lines!!"

"Look Non-chan!!"
"Look at all these lines!!"
"It's like I'm the protagonist, right??"

"So I was so happy about yesterday"
"I already remembered half of them"
"I feels like this is why I entered the drama club!!"

"Like in middle school"
"They wouldn't let me have a good role"
"So I'll do my best!!"
Where did her smile go?
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"When I think about that person"
"There's a lump in my chest..."

"Could you say it a little more sweetly?"
"Ah... sure..."

"When I think about that person"
"There's a lump in my chest..."

"This role"
"Is a fainthearted lady, right?"
"Matsuura-san, if you say it that way"
"It sounds like you're shouting it out"

"I'm sorry"
"I thought I had to let out my voice..."
"I get you"
"But, there are still other roles you can do now..."

"I'll re practice my pronunciation!! Please let me do this!!"

"I beg you!!"
Thank you TL

so anime in the summer? You'd think we'd see some PV stuff by now

or is it summer 2018?
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"So, Non-chan?"
"Am I saying it from my stomach?"

"I don't really get it anymore"
"At this point now"
"It's embarrassing that I just butted in on them"

"I guess. I'll just do my best"

"Could you let me..."

"Your voice is too soft, okay!?"
"Say it from your stomach!!"
"I...I'm sorry!!"
"Let me do it one more time!!"

"Could you let me..."

What was it...?
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"Did you forget your lines?"
"No.. uhh... wha...?"

"Calm down"
"There's a lot going on in your head, right?"

"That's enough for today"
"Just take a break, okay?"
"Uh... but..."
"If I'm not there..."

"We have a substitute"

"I didn't wanna say this"
"But I think this role is too tough for you, Mastuura-san"
"But it's not your fault"
"It's ours for not stopping you"

I was so terrible
But because I butted in
I was just bothering them..


"Aaaaaaaaat's this"
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"Are you in the middle of practice?"
"Ohhh no, I'm late!!"
"Ohhh no!!"

This is...
the guy who only comes to the room every so often, right?
I believe it was... Katori-senpai...

"Have you stopped crying?"

"Oh maaan!!"
"I didn't bring a hankerchief"
"So you gotta use my chest when you cry"
"Ohh maaaan!!"

What is this guy saying...?
But my tears did stop coming out...

"We're having a very important conversation now..."

"And would that be"
"Making your kouhai"
"Give up on her dreams?"
I fucking love these two, but I wonder what the next step'll be for them.
When is kouhai-kun gonna get his heart thrashed?
I can't wait for the
>This is my cool, older boyfriend
He deserves it for ignoring childhood friend.
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hand holding
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"You don't even come to practice all the time..."
"And I'm so sooorrry"
"But I'm the president, right?"

"As her senpai, I can't overlook this matter"
"No... senpai..."
"It's fine, I..."

"But you're crying"
"In here, right?"

"I'm a moron"
"So I don't understand all the hard stuff"
"But in these moments"
"The senpai should be watching over the kouhai, right?"

"Same for us"
"We sucked in the beginning too"
"But we were led by our senpai"
"And we got better"

"So we believe in you and we'll lend them, okay?"
"Our chests, of course"
I am so gay for Love Master
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"Well... true..."
"Sorry, Matsuura-san"
"Same here..."

"So you're Matsuura?"
"Here's some advice from me"

"Your voice doesn't come outta your belly"
"It comes from here"

Back then
I got bailed out by Katori-senpai, huh
Though I never got what he was talking about.

"Urara reallyyy"
"Just can't bother youuu..."

"So when I was starting out..."
Good shit, OP.
Thanks for all the translations!
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Time for cast chart. I will only do the names and replies since the rest is standard stuff. Also, remember, arrows indicate who they're replying to.

Q: 'What do you want from your lover?'

Himemiya Alice
If someone could just love Alice, that would be good enough

Takase Haruhiko
Nothing much... is there something?

Kanda Saki
Huh!? Nothing much... wait, why're you asking me!?

Takase Koutarou
Gaming skills

Minagawa Yuki
Just saying that he likes me?

Furuya Jun
Huh!? Ahh... uh... okay... ahhh... I...

Akagi Masafumi

Kaji Ryouko
Cut the crap!!

Furuya Hotaru
Okaaay nooooooo!! Shut up, pleeeaase!!

Sugawara Takurou

Yoshinaga Noriko
Huh!? Chii-chan, you're thinking about that kinda stuff too??

Takano Chizuru
Uh... I wonder... kindness, I guess...

Nanase Kaoru
(Sorry for being gloomy)

Kaga Yuuki
Uh... err... brightness... I guess...

Sasahara Satsuki
Maaan, as long as there's love, everything'll be fine!!

Sunagawa Yoshiharu
Nothing much

Toda Fuyumi
Nothing much

Yukawa Hideki
>Some faggot actually rejected Matsuura in her intro chapter

Will she ever find love?

poor Alice
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>akagi masafumi
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Chiba Sayaka
I want to be looked at as an adult.

Iijima Kana
What the hell

Uchimura Chiaki
A sharp straight man

Kirihara Youichi
Uh... huh... it'd be nice if you find someone like that, right?

Gouda Takeru
Nothing especially for me...

Kamine Ayaka
Takeru-kun... I'd like it... uhh... if you demanded more from me...

Komatsu Takako
An annual salary of 8 million [yen]

Tsuji Keisuke

Patricia Caulfield
I want to get better at Japanese

Shibasaki Erika
Maybe elegance...I should really find an elegant person to date, right?

Souma Chihiro
Huuuh, what would a cute man be like?

Saejima Haruka
L...lemme see... cuteness... or something...!!

Hattori Junpei
Nice ass

Uehara Satoshi
Nice legs

Ubukata Shinji
Nice boobs

Miss Wabisabi
Why can't these people talk about music a little more?

Sano Kyouko
You guys are all virgins, so what's up with those ideals?

Manabe Hiromi
Isn't it because they're actually virgins?
Dicksquad out in full force once again.
Will Chubby finally confess one day?
Fuck they are so slow.
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2MB, 1070x1600px
Yamada Sawa
I wonder. Rap skill!!

Kurihara Chiyo
I'd like him to be more honest...

Yamane Takao
N...nothing much... I would... never want anything...

Onizuka Kimihito
Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Enomoto Iori
What'd it be? Reliability... 'r somethin' like that?

Motoyama Tomomichi
Okaaay, not my business, not my business...

Akahane Asuka
What's this about rap?

Nashimoto Yukari
Wai...!? Do you imagine me like that??

Sonobe Kazuya
Nashimoto-san, it'd be food, right?

Noro Akimasa
Looks, man!! Looks!!

Katori Shinichi
Clear pupils which would stare at me whenever they look in the mirror

Hosokawa Kazuko
Oh no...!! Senpai is so bright I can't stare at him!!

Nakamura Nozomi

Takahashi Urara
Uraraaa, would be fine with just a sweet smiiile

Matsuura Ayane

Maruo Eiji
(These two are so funny)

Ogiue Taichi
(When I speak to her she just snaps at me, huh...)

Toujou Mai
S...someone... I could just talk to...
In my headcanon, Asuka is super into hip hop, but Onizuka and Yamane are being so secretive about the rap thing that they'll never be able to become friends.
Glasses bro's suffering is continuing. Also, who is that Asuka guy? I don't remember him.
File: 1425747986603.png (682KB, 915x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
682KB, 915x720px
>Nice ass
>Nice legs
>Nice boobs

Damn son.
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Comic 1

"Are your legs too tight, Nashimoto-san?"
"I...I'm fine... I should be asking you, Sonobe-kun..."

"I'm fine, okay?"
"No... not just the face"
"The whole body..."

"I'm fine!!"
"With this much" [Emphasize]


Afterword summary 1
1) Finally athletic festival.... so long....
2) Reflecting on the 4 years of his publishing Tsurezure and realizing his first readers have now graduated and become workers. And then stuff about how time moves and people grow.
3) Wonders if love master can make it to graduation
4) Reflects on how he always wanted to write a love comedy, but since he's almost 30, he slowly began writing about bittersweet love.
5) Compared to before, it's gotten more embarrassing to write 好き now that he's older. He has to dilute the love with 3x as much laughs or he'll get heart damage. So writing Prez-Delinquent stories are super embarrassing to write now.
6) He wonders if he can continue writing love comedies.
Yamada's friend (female).
Thanks anon.

Thanks for your hard work!
>he wonders if he can continue writing love comedies

Please no, even the thought is giving me nightmares, this is too sweet for me to let it go.
File: 0160.png (1MB, 1070x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1070x1600px
Comic 2
"Sooorryyy!! Did it hurt??"
"I'm fine..."

"So one more time, okay?"
"No no!!"
"The tied leg first, right!?"

Afterword summary 2
1) Anime gushing
2) Reflects on his past from writing manga as a hobby to getting serialized in a big magazine. And how it was unrealistic.
3) He has faith in the people doing the anime, so he's super excited.
4) He was super depressed and needlessly nervous when he first heard about the anime, but then he got happy as he saw the details and the people who were making it. He hopes the same for the readers.
5) He hopes for big anime success and that we'll have Miss Wabisabi songs soon.
6) Thanks everyone for joining him and looks forward to the future.
File: 0161.png (567KB, 1070x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
567KB, 1070x1600px
No, there's nothing really here even when you look.
File: 0162.png (874KB, 1070x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
874KB, 1070x1600px
Yes... there truly is 'nothing' here
File: before 4chan.png (156KB, 448x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
before 4chan.png
156KB, 448x334px
Hope you all enjoyed that. I have to update the chapter order of the manga in the mega folder now since he screwed with it again.

Pretty sure he just meant there's gonna be a stronger balance between sweet and sour from here on out.
Yeah, I guess I just misunderstood.

Also, that love master pic >>153764440 is way too lewd.
Jelly as fuck.
Okay, order is updated in folder.

As soon as TS anon's finished, I'll make him do doujin plus comics and extras for volumes 4-7.
Unless of course, you want me to go back and fill in the gaps of the older chapters. Either way is fine.
好き ?
Oh boy, one of the best pairs.
If you don't have access to the chapter list, here you go.

File: demidumpure.jpg (91KB, 880x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91KB, 880x495px
Thanks anon
Got it.
I'll update the chapter order on batoto once I get around to those vol7 extras.
Oh, it's not-Momoka.
= ^ =

You still have plus 3 & 4 as well as volume omake 4-6.

Still trying to aim for filling all the old chapter gaps by the time anime comes in summer. Or we don't have to.
Thanks. This stuff is great.
>Gaming skills


>Sunagawa Yoshiharu
>Nothing much
>Toda Fuyumi
>Nothing much


>Hattori Junpei
>Nice ass
>Uehara Satoshi
>Nice legs
>Ubukata Shinji
>Nice boobs

These motherfuckers.
So cute.
Have one last bump.

Much thanks.
Well, she did say she would hate it if he ever got with another girl.
Ono Daisuke is voicing the Love Master, right?
I really hope the anime is able to do the reaction faces like >>153764174 and >>153761005 justice.
Anime fuck yeah!
When does this translation come out ?
Thank you for the translation.
Which studio?
I hope it is a 5 minute short. Or at least some kind of short. There isn't enough content per chapter to make a whole episode and if they threw a bunch of chapters into one ep it would seem too all over the place.
Just get Dogakobo on it, they always do great with 4komas.
Since the thread's still here, might as well.
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Font matters.
File: Toda.png (17KB, 454x341px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 454x341px
a cute
Why is the order all flip flopped around anyway?
A short would be what, 2 chapters an episode? Wouldn't you want them to get to at least halfway of what we have so far by the end of the run?
All over the place is good, think Nichijou. Hope they can pull it of, the one problem with it is the cliffhangers and they could just move to another couple and come back later during the episode.

I'm gonna need a relationship chart though.
Thank you!
doing God's work anon'
A1 did a great job with working too.
Looks like he uploaded redone chapter one, in English too.
need to learn how to typeset and clean. any help? what program to use etc?

>tfw used to think it was translations that took time
Wait so can he speak English now? Or is there a weeb behind the wings?
File: 1.jpg (253KB, 851x1348px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The former
Is he planning to do this for all chapters from the beginning?
No idea
Was the art so different at first?
Art style change over time
I tried to get similar expressions and angles but you get the idea.
He said on twitter that he would continue if it got a warm enough reception.
I considered asking him what he thought of the scanlation we're doing, but chickened out.
Photoshop is the standard, so if you work in a group, you will probably be expected to use that. Gimp is fine if you're working alone. InDesign is used professionally, but I don't know anything about InDesign or professionalism. I think some people choose to use Illustrator for redrawing.

For learning resources, I don't have anything in particular to recommend, especially as I'm at work, but google is your friend. There's a pretty comprehensive guide by kalendel out there, although it might be outdated by a few years; I don't remember it clearly.
Biggest pointer that I haven't learned from a guide is to use Path fill to get the right stroke width if path stroke isn't quite getting the job done.
So he's doing Korean and English retranslations of everything now, glad he knows his audience.
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