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Sera is a dirty tranny edition
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Here’s how Japan’s infamous online army, the netto-uyoku, has shaped the far-right movement in America.


>“I’ve always admired Japan and found it a fascinating place,” [Richard Spencer] told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview. “The aesthetics of the alt-right, I would say, could involve anime.”
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(YOU) are fake news
Huh, did not realize that Hiromoot ran 2ch for a while.
And now he's going to ruin this one.

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It's growing on me.
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It'll be shit
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So they are already a canon couple now right?
I'm surprised, i want to read more.


Chapter 15 is ready!

I'm really sorry for the delay but I've been busy lately and couldn't find the time to work on this until today.

I'm going to leave you a link for the chapter because I gotta go right now and I can't dump it here if someone wants to do it, please do.

Well, sorry again for the delay despite our QC anon and translator anon working on this on time.
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Shit, I forgot the Link

Here it is:
Thanks anon!
Someone dump pls.

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Canon for all practical purposes but never actually confirmed.

The eternal apple of discord due to autists.

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How would you make a not-shit isekai?
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by not making an isekai
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I'd write a LN about fantastic dfc tsundere witch then never have it adapted into a shitty anime.
Make the protagonist not be an otaku on Earth.
Make it so that the protagonist isn't overpowered for some reason, or at least have the reason for his strength be something that would work in a normal fantasy series.
Don't make the world an obvious videogame ripoff, or worse literally a videogame. Just have it be regular fantasy.
Most importantly: Make sure that the plot, setting, and/or characters are actually good in their own right, without having to rely on cheap wish fulfillment. Make the supporting cast full of memorable, likable characters who exist for reasons other than giving the audience something to jack off to.

What is she smiling about ?
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shouldn't be smiling about anything. Toriyama killed her character and made her into a wuss.
I miss her bra-less t-shirt and pigtails.
Brain damage from Spopovich beating.

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Say something nice about Galko!
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Don't open this.
she's got hairy armpits


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Who else is watching this? I marathoned it yesterday and it's just so endearing and heartwarming. I can't believe I almost skipped out on this hidden gem.
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Yes. The wait for the interview with the succubus is killing me.
I think it's average but that vampire girl is so fucking annoying she ruins the show for me.
>hidden gem
Fuck off back to wherever you came from, it's had tons of threads.

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What's most important for an anime seiyuu, the ability to portray a wide range of roles, or to be extremely good at one specific role?
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She should do things to my dick.

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Fuck rem renge is best waifu
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That is a young pre-teen child.

What is wrong with you?
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She's 7
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This is Senpai. Cockona's second choice and aspiring artist. Convince her art school's a scam.
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My dick will convince her.
No. This is actually Oshiyama self-insert.

Oshiyama had a hard life during his childhood, which is why he's into psychology. But he's nowhere near fucked up as Anno.
Tickets been selling pretty well for the last day.

>lucky star
>not the greatest anime comedy of all time
Choose one and only one.
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>reference humor
I cant disagree.
>liking "haruhi advertisement: the anime"

You are walking through a forest when you come upon a wizard. He makes you an offer. You can choose to have a season 3 and 4 greenlit for either GochiUsa or Non Non Biyori; however, the series you don't pick will never receive another season. If you say neither and try to walk away, both series will be cancelled and never get any more episodes or chapters.

What do you do.
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I tell the wizard he needs better moral dilemmas, then choose NNB because that's the only one of the two I've watched and would enjoy more episodes.
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This is the EASIEST choice in the world.

NNB by a 100 million miles, I'd happily die the day after S4 NNB final episode. That show is fucking amazing on so many levels to other SoL shows.
That's a no-brainer if I've ever seen one.

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Thoughts on Soul Eater Not?

Lets get the obvious joke out of the way, I think it should NOT have been made. It completely lacked anything that made the original good. The characters particularly were just awful, everything from the uninspired designs, to the lackluster personalities.
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Last month i saw this exists so i rewatched the entire original show to watch this after.
Dropped after the first episode when the slow girl forgot her name.
Also those are the worst twintails i've ever seen.
It's way better because it has cute girls doing gay things
I liked it and want more. pd: you are all faggots

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