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Are we done with set up chapters now?
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Next week is the wedding so I think last week was the last one.
Why are they so hot, bros? Both of them are literally perfection

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On TV:

Nips twitter reactions for now: Omedetou

Ono Kensho also confirmed this on his blog.
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Nobody cares
Who cares? Fuck off and kill yourself.
about time, hopefully autistic retard otaku drop her like a hot potato.

Did everyone drop this already?
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thanks for the spoiler OP
No but I am a VNfag. I really hope they didn't fuck that scene up.

Do you think that in the Final Chapter OVA's, that Miho and her mother will reconcile?, because I'd like to think that they would.
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Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!
As it stands, Miho is simultaneously a challenger to and a heretic from the Nishizumi school. Obviously as head of the Nishizumi school, it would be difficult for Shiho to acknowledge her so long as she remains undefeated by KMM. On the other hand, Miho and her team in Oarai must remain in a position of strength for Shiho as head to even deign to notice her as a heretic. So even if there was a familial impetus towards reconciliation, the politics of senshado will keep them apart.

That said, if Little Army II develops as in the direction I think it will develop (i.e. Emi defeating Miho narrowly after a tight match, KMM taking the title), the honour of the Nishizumi school will remain intact while Miho will continue to stay relevant in senshado, given the power disparity between the two schools.

Speaking of manga, where's the Ribbon Musha dump?
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Whoever resist the most.
How can one's art keep getting so fucking atrocious.
He was so good at the beginning.
One would think he'd like Sakura just as she is but he keeps making her a titty monster.

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link for TS n TL >>153580728

Chapter 168 RAW is out, 169 coming soon: http://manga-spot.com/archives/38987
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(no homo though)
I'll go through the script and put it all in one file, all nice and tidy. If nobody has typesetted it by tomorrow, then I'll start doing it myself.

When are we getting more fruitdad?
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Does Jobin not care that his associates tried to kill his family?

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Why did anime characters stop wanting boyfriends outside of the harem setting? It happened around the time of Haruhi I think.
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Because you seem to be forgetting what audience is keeping anime alive at all
Watch more stuff aimed at girls
When you decided to shitpost instead of actually watching anime. There are multiple non-harem currently- airing shows featuring MCs and/or female leads who want/have boyfriends.

what did she mean by this?
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sorry, I don't speak Japanese.

Why is Romeo x Juliet so underrated? It's honestly on par with Clannad
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I just remember the tree end
I only remember dropping it before the end
What the fuck is this? Never watched it, but it looks like shit.

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ITT: Animes that changed their styles to emulate other animes

>Dragonball turned into Hokuto no Ken.
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End yourself.

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if any other human besides the rags met her, what would have went down?
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She would have died one way or another. The only reason she lived is because Hanekawa saved her at the last second.
Well, I don't know about you, but if it were me I would've called the fucking police.

This. I am honestly puzzled why Batfriends hate her so much, when she really did Shinobu a great service, and shrug off almost getting incinerated by eye deathbeams.

Why can't we Monogatari pals get along?

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>Wings of Honneamise
Literally the greatest anime film of all time. A truly beautiful and ambitious film, tastefully done and with a good message.

>Gurren Lagann
All bullshit that panders to waifufags with no standards.

What happened?
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Man, I thought it was a Honneamise thread, but it's just shitposting.
Another great repost.
Shit movie.

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Hanabi is the real friendzoner. She turns down everyone, even Narumi and Mugi.

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Third chapter of Yuusha-sama was already rather mediocre.

It should really focus more on the loli demon and less on the guy.
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>more on the loli demon
I concur.

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