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Literally name a more powerful jutsu.
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That was hype moment. The opening as well, too bad everything was ruined by that Obito and Kaguya shit

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>10 fucking years
Well will the Eva Rebuilds being fucking finished?
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Anno killed the hype of his own franchise with the gigantic piece of shit that was 3.33.

Now he's waiting for time to bring the hype back so he can make more money off his fanbase.
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3.33 is (not) redeemable.

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what the fuck is up with this page?

is the hack from hxh drawing this now?
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Back off in your general and hace ever heard of deadlines?

The Love Lab maga hasn't been update in almost 2 months now. Are the translators lazy or has publication stopped?
>tfw season 2 NEVER EVER
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>Maki and Riko are better as lesbros than lesbos
>series will end with them finding husbandos but still being important figures in each others' lives
>yuri is trash

prove me wrong
Who cares. It would've been way better if it was yuri.
it would've been a lot better if it was yuri

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Shirayuki is a lovely woman.
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Shirayuki is the best anime romance.
I sadly missed the discussion threads, i'm retroactively watching it

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Is bubblegum crisis as good as they say?
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No. It's mostly nostalgia. The only good element is the music.
Why don't you watch it first and tell us, asshole.
>I'm only interested in this because of the recent Bennet the sage episode

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Did you cry at this part of the series /a/?
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I did.
I was reeeeeally close
I didn't cry to anything in Bebop, but I came closer for Speak Like a Child than for this.

I want Ursula sensei to step on my balls!
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I want to lick the dirt in-between Ursula's toes

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Why is nobody talking about the new Space Battleship Yamato series starting in 2 days?
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Isn't that only the Japanese cinematic release?
Not even gonna think about until its completely released, like I did with the first remake. Looks nice though.
It's also being released on streaming services.

All we need is something to do fansubbing.
There's 7 parts, it's basically gonna be a series of 7 films.

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Are there any faggots with faggoty fan stands?

Anyone who tries to attack someone
in a ten meter radius around the user is
transported into a realm created by the Stand,
where they have to complete a single challenge
that is different according to the person taking

If the challenger succedes in beating the
challenge he'll just continue on. If he fails
he'll be teleported ten meters away from the
person they tried to attack, facing away from the
person they tried to attack.

The user also has to complete a challenge.

This challenge happens for a split second in
the real world, no matter how long it takes
for the challenger to complete/fail it.

The challenger forgets what happened during
the challenge entirely.

Once someone has been challenged by the Stand
their challenge stays the same forever.

The Stand works on animals and even inanimate
objects who are about to damage someone in the

Power - E
Speed - A
Range - B
Durability - C
Precision - A
Potential - D
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Thanks, Doc.
Thank you OP.
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What's your favorite Anime series /a/?
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Boku no Pico
Initial D
i just watched gurren lagann so im gonna put that on the top right now. wished i browsed /a/ when it was airing

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Ole Golazo had potential.

Couldn't care less about Demon's Shit.
It was a Demon's Plan.

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I have low standards but that was shit.
To make things worse, Shiro doesn't even have any good art.
Is the manga better?
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The manga is fun.
Oh, good
I heard a lot of things from it were left out in the anime, hence the shit adaptation.
Does Ganta stop being a faggot, though?
I liked the manga when I first picked it up at age 13 or so, and then I stopped liking it after the super-forgeries arc, and now looking back I'm pretty sure it was never good.

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I just read the last chapter of Boruto.


Does this chapter mean that all is going according to keikaku?
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Are these fucking idiots trying to revive Kaguya?
I dropped this when Boruto tried cheating. I like my MC's to not do that, within the realm of what's posible.
Seeing Boruto getting shit on by everyone, including Naruto, was fucking great

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