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>nominated for the 9th annual manga taisho award

What a joke.
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fire punch
What a masterpiece.
But trash is inarguably a masterpiece. It's shit but it's still a masterpiece.

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How would you categorize Haruhi?
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Genki goddess
Best girl category.

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Has Aqua become a bigger meme girl than Megumin?
what a cutie
When will we see the glorious axis cult?

What happens to magical girls when they grow old?
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They stop being magical girls.
Are they magical women?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Unlimited Fish Works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
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I'm going to like this everyday when you post it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

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Director when?
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confirmed to be ono
>Pendulum Evolution turned from structure deck into booster packs
fucking TEWART

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end of yugioh.webm
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Zexal was fucking weird sometimes.

Also, what is everyone looking forward to in VRAINS?
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>fucking weird
It was just gay, like every decent YGO should be.
I'm glad Yugioh will never end.

What's his end game?
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Reminder Toei Goku a shit
Use the Super Dragonballs to get the dankest kush in the multiverse
cue shitposting

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There is literally no proof that Aqua is retarded. Don't ever lie about my wife ever again.
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>is in a party that wants to quest
>skills party skills instead of actual combat skills
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Your transparency is shit and your waifu is retarded.

Aqua is a retard and so are you.

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Is there such thing as good BL anime?
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Doukyuusei, its easily one of the best anime's i've seen in general
Nigga you gay and have shit taste.

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Savannah no ouja! Zyuoh Serval!
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im surprised how careful they are at not showing serval's pantsu.

99% other anime would have shown it in a heartbeat, even if its PG13
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I think we're overlooking the possibility of the anime ending with humans just coming back to the park. Kaban can stay with the Friends as a tour guide and no one has to be torn apart. And to fit the storyline, they simultaneously reopen the game to the new audience.

Surely the anime staff realizes this is a possible ending and doesn't fuck us over because muh tragedy right?
>humans just coming back to the park
well, if she can actually find humans that exist sure, but finding them is the problem.

also, it still doesn't solve Cerulean problem. we dont know where they come from, how many exist, or what happens when a human is consumed

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I'm not sure if I hate or love this guy.
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He's a filthy traitor who sold out his friends. He could have his own motives and be in the right about shit but that doesn't excuse him killing them both.
wasn'`t he raped by a pedo and turned into a pedo himself?
Mackie did nothing wrong, he needed to do that for the greater good.
He will make Gjallarhorn great again for he his chosen by the very soul of the founder himself, Agnika kaeru.
Any argument you have against him is invalid now.

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The anime is coming on April 5, Boruto seems to have gained something from Momoshiki on his right hand.
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What's that naruhina thing in the bottom left?
>You will experience the second golden age of Naruto in your lifetime
I'm hyped
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Pic unrelated.
200+ replies shit thread incoming.

>FLCL ep 5: masterpiece
>RE Cutie Honey ep 1: masterpiece
>Dead Leaves: masterpiece
>Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: masterpiece
>Panty & Stocking with Ganterbelt: masterpiece
>Kill la Kill: masterpiece
>Sex and Violence with Machspeed: masterpiece
>Space Patrol Luluco: masterpiece
Is he the single greatest living anime director?
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he makes anime for reddit, so automatically a no.
He's a good animator but a terrible director.
All of those are reddit anime.

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