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Why do anime always portrait mechs to be superior to tanks? Where does this meme come from?
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If they weren't superior to mechs they wouldn't be used in the story retard.
Because its the cool, fancy weapon. Why are lasers the universal weapon in SciFi when they have a huge number of issues compared to a kinetic projectile?
>why does cartoon do unrealistic thing? are japanese people really like this???

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I just subscribed to Crunchyroll to start watching anime. Right now I'm watching Cowboy Bebop. It's the first anime show I've ever watched. I think the next one I'll try is Berserk. What am I in for?
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Lurk more, newfag.
go for it
>streaming babbie's first animu
Fuck off back to whatever shithole you crawled out of.

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Literally the big bang theory of anime
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Ive heard bretty gud things about steins gate. Is it worth watching?
but there's no laugh track
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>Hey assistant
[raugh track]
>Don't call me assistant! and what?!
[raughs rouder]
>Do you want a Dk Pepper?
[Roaring and raughter starts shaking the stage]
>eto... ok
[Raughter causes the studio to start to corrapse, audience starts dying from rack of oxygen and farring concrete]

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Isn't it a bit burned out?

Why they don't do some sci-fi parodies instead?
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Sci-fi needs some futuristic science theories which would probably burn the author's brain compared to the brain dead fantasy themed story where the fantasy setting is set on stone already by previous works and history.
You have to have a full understanding of tropes to make a parody everyone will be on board with.
JRPGs are pretty ubiquitous among mango readers.
You could theoretically do something with mecha. Maybe have a series set in the side-country ally of a big mecha-war space opera, and all the side-country people are trying to figure out how mechs work in actual physics and engineering and they keep trying to pitch more sensible military options to their ally but keep getting shut down for dumb reasons ("Yes but how would this 'tank' use a sword?")
Or they could just do a fantasy story that doesn't rely on JRPG mechanics.
I hate it so much when they ruin a nice fantasy setting by suddenly introducing experience levels, stats and skill points like in some retarded video game.

What happened to classic fantasy?
If Slayers was made today, would it begin with explaining how Lina is level 22, has 3 points in Dragon Slave and 4 points in Ragna Blade?

I can do no wrong, for I do not know what it is.

Fools, what fascinations there are on this planet? Strange mortals with... curious customs.

We'll have a storm now, and an earthquake if you'd like.

You must stand aside, out of danger.
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Post Raphis
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Price the fallen one!
More love for this deranged cunt.

what is this expression trying to convey?
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Who is this she looks fat
>will this fart betray me or will I betray the fart

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>/a/ says this series is great
>It's shit
What's her name? Pic very related.
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I read it recently and I didnt think it was shit but it did run out of steam 100 chapters ago and I kinda regret the time I put into it.
It went shit after Griffith defeat the emperor.
I'm decently certain that it's just for people who like brutal combat and edge. If that's not you, well...

All the same, I was somewhat happy with the Golden Age arc. Griffith is just interesting.

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ITT authors who did EVERYTHING wrong.
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Haven't been keeping track. I'm guessing /u/ didn't get what /u/ wanted?
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The author was right, but someone fucked up with the adaptation. No "friends" should act so gay with each other.

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Why didn't Oscar Academy voters understand Kimi no Na wa?

Was because the first 30 minutes anime episode style? Was the OP song out of no where? Whas the PTSD of previous romances? What happend?
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Oscars are goddamn wannabe elitist circlejerking party nowadays. No fun allowed, so fuck rewarding comedies, and any animation not made by Disney can go fuck itself automatically.
Anime is reviled by those pretentious faggots. They tend to only award Miyazaki because it's profitable and safe enough.
It's a shitty film.

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Sup, /a/?

Why is Code Ment better than 99% of anime?
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While R1 was more cohesive, R2 was purely spectacle and entertainment value. The actual plot was a trainwreck, and they moved the plot simply by ramming another train into that trainwreck.

It was entertaining but objectively pretty silly.
Code Ment, first episode is okay, but it's the most enjoyment I've gotten out of anime from episode 2 onward. youtubecom/watch?v=miP21jnj3RU

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Anime when?
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Would have done better last decade.
After the T7S anime
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More like at the beginning of this decade
I just want to see delicious Tsubasu designs animated
They're getting new 10 min anime music video in April, so maybe it will actually happen soon

Why is this so highly rated?
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Because it actually was very good until it returned in 2015 with a new director and a lower budget
This new season has been pretty great though.
It's the greatest anime ever. That's why.
Even though the new season has been shit so far

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Villains who did nothing wrong
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Say. Where the FUCK is the actual-sized version of this chapter?
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Code Geass Charles.png
1MB, 1000x1600px

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so he is gonna get the byakugan later r-right?
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Yes, half
How fucking strong is Kawaki? Not even Nardo and Sauce could defeat him.

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What's the show that came out between 2000 and 2009 that perfectly encapsulates the decade in both its popularity and quality? The show from that era that a vast part of /a/ can agree was excellent and inspired many more shows to come?
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