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I want to bully this perfect central asian!
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Makes me want to play eu4 shattered europa as a khanate. Too bad they all have low development desu~
What's this from Senpai?
>you will never make love to your energetic, athletic horse archer gf in her family's yurt while the wind howls across the cold steppe outside

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Would /a/ watch an anime about the Yugoslav wars?
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croatia > serbia > slovakia >>>>>>>>>>. bosnia >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. albania
Did you mean Slovenia?
no i mean slovakia ratnik traitor friend of hungary

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I just sat through 24 episodes of this garbage and enjoyed it for the generic edgyshit that it was
What's the worst anime you've ever enjoyed
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Complete shit with a few nice girls. Fell apart in the sequel, but the OVA had good scenes.
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not even for nostalgia reasons.

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Is Yuyushiki the most AESTHETIC anime?
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No, but Hidamari Sketch is.
The characters are too ugly desu
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They're cute as fuck.

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How hype was this moment?
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fuck off narutard
Kys nigger
Pretty great

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Why is this kind of frame heavily used in anime? I see it almost everywhere.
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You're being too analytical
Extreme close ups like that usually mean that the character's thoughts are so 'strong' they don't fit in the frame. You see them often when a character is introspecting.
>mouth not visible
>minimal keyframes

I hope [gg] subs will save Code Geass S3.
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That pic… muh dick
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>the crossover I never knew I wanted
How do you keep doing this, /a/? Drawing out new crossovers that make me abuse my dick even more?

Manben season 4 starts next week.

ITOU Junji
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>Manben featuring Junji ito

Don't know who that last one is, but good shit otherwise.

I wathed Drifters and i dont think that this guy is Jesus, for couple of reasons.
1) His motivations do not make sense. The mangaka does his research very well, and while i can understand him getting someone like Rasputin all wrong (since there is more propoganda than truth about Rasputin), but getting Jesus wrong? You literally only have to read the new testament to get all the info.
Here is what Jesus does in the new testament:
>Shows up.
>Says he is going to be betrayed and killed.
>Takes a person like Judas into his crew.
>Repeats the thing about him being betrayed and killed, but also that he is fine with it and it needs to happen.
>Tells Judas to betray him.
>Gets Betrayed and does everything possible (from not using his powers, to not defending himself) to get crucified.
Meanwhile black king is like:
>waah waah, they betrayed me and killed me, thats so not fair.
2)It would be the most anticlimactic reveal since it turned out that Quattro Bajeena was Char Aznable all along, Everybody and their imouto has already guessed that it might be Jesus. From a storytelling perspective, it would make sense that he is a red herring. There are two ways this could play out. Either the hood comes off, and nobody is surprised to find out that it is the person they all suspected, or the hood comes off and eveyone is surprised that it is not the guy they all expected to see. I think the latter works better.
3) His dragonfly staff and the giant eye are not related to christianity at all. They give off an egyptian vibe, if anything.
4) He calls himself ''The Inexorable Tribulation'' which Jesus warned about. He also warned that many will come, who will claim that they are the second coming of Jesus and they will be loved by all, and even perform miracles, while secretly being evil.

So i think that the black king is the antichrist. A dark messiah who will be loved by all, perform miracles and while using everybody that follows him, for his sinister ends.
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Is that a copypasta from Reddit?
well, the author himself denied that whole Jesus theory but to make a point, the Dark One being Jesus would be the most bull asspull shit I've ever read/watched.
I'd even put the theory about Hitler's dark revival on a higher pedestral.

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Dio>Funny Valentine>Kars=Kira>Pucci>Diavolo

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gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
Kira is overrated but he's cool thought
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>valentine not best
Woah dude you've got some shit taste there

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So as a kid I used to love Slayers. Some years later, I saw Slayers, Next and Tri. And I was kind of confused with everything.

After a little research, I discovered there's novels and a shitton of shit like that. So, any Slayers proh can give me an advice of what to read, or watch, and the order?

I kind of love the universe, and want to know it all.
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If I can recall the light novels actually do their own thing at some point. But they were the main thing before it became a show, so no harm in seeking them out. Try the mangas as well.

Did anyone like the Naga/Lina pairing more than Gourry/Zelgadis/Amelia?
Yeah, the Light Novels diverge after Volume 8, which is the end of Slayers Next. Zel and Amelia never show up after that, with new characters taking their place. The LNs are a revolving door with Lina and Gourry the only constants.
Remember when this artstyle used to be hot?

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Was this a fitting end for Studio Ghibli?
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No it was shit, it didn't even win an oscar.
Miyazaki is making another film.
>When Marnie Was There
>When Maie Was There
>When Miae Was There
>When Miyazaki Was There
Like pottery.

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Say something nice about this girl.
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she's pretty strong, always carrying that weight
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second cutest.jpg
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>try to rape shinka
>she overpowers you
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As if I could even think of trying. With her psychic abilities, Shinka would see through my plan before I even made the first move.
She is weak.
>Shinka would see through my plan before I even made the first move.
But if she knows you're going to do it, if she didn't stop you it'd be consentual

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OP 1 > OP 2
ED 1 < ED 2
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Wrong on both accounts.
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>ED 1 < ED 2

Top kek
nice bait

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