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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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the 5-6-7 is semi good, but other panels are shit.
None. I'm a Toeifag.
Wow, 9 completely unremarkable shots! What now?

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Meanwhile, at Japanese high school /a/...
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I want ERP with cocoa-san

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I'm going to make Akame an honest woman!
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This garbage again
What does this even mean? You can't marry a drawing.

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Seven apples on a witch's tree
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Best end
With seven seeds to plant inside of me

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Is it trash? It sounds like trash.
I haven't even read this and Shuu already looks the best girl.

This is the one where MC likes the busty girl, but gets matched with pettanko, and his best friend is secretly gay for him, right? And it updates about 4 pages at a time?

Wonder how it's going now. I forgot about it because it was basically Dramatic Love Triangle + token fujobait that goes nowhere.

How did you all feel in this moment?
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Mixed feelings.

I'm a bit hungry.
Like I'm wasting my life on a Chinese imageboard.
waste not, want not anon-kun.

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who else /lostit/
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Reminder that Misaki is a manipulative cunt.
Even Yamada makes a better waifu.

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In this chapter:

-Deku miserably fails at what he was supposed to do but his master is very impressed and allows him to pass based on a previously unknown factor and semantics. Again.

-Uncharacteristically shitty art for a couple pages that may or may not be a deliberate artistic choice

-Surprise Overhaul on the last page. Unless you read the spoilers like a normal person.
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We have a thread.

Oh fug, it didn't show up by searching "hero" or "academia" so I assumed there wasn't one. Sorry.
>Deku miserably fails at what he was supposed to do
He made Sir laugh

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>The perfect comfy anime doesn't exi-
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Kino no Tabi was pretty depressing at time to be considered the perfect comfy anime.
It's too depressing to be comfy
It does, actually. Pic related.

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"For your information, a pure saiyan's hair does not change from the day that he is born" - Vegeta
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Maybe he shaved.
Chemo therapy is not funny.
Doesn't mean it's impossible to shave, tho

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The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan manga is over. What were your thoughts?
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Is this just Yuki-fag delusions: the manga?
It also has Asakura.

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Is anyone excited for this?

I loved Tatami Galaxy and it always gave me comfy feels so I'm hoping this will do the same.

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So this is just a story in the same vein/style as TTG and not literally connected to it, right?
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HOLY SHIT I am hype maximum

It looks like it is a sequel, or at the very least related. I know no moon but it almost looks like an older MC/Watashi but maybe a younger one? Whatever the case I need it.
It's based on a book by the same author as Tatami Galaxy. Being set on the same university means overlapping side characters I guess.

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monkey paw.jpg
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What times have you been monkey's pawed in anime and manga?

>I want Mai to be more relevant in the Dragon Ball series
>Little Witch Academia is pretty good, I hope it becomes a full series!
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LWA series is good tho
>I hope we get another Berserk anime

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Why didn't any of the mahou shojou anime targeted at adult otaku from these last few years managed to live up to the quality of old shows made for small children?
It's kind of surreal when you think about it.
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Mahou Shoujo is garbage. Nobody cares.
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>adult mahou shoujo
File: zSugoi_monogatari_oniichan.jpg (24KB, 251x251px)Image search: [Google]
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>why did I enjoy this genre of children's cartoons when I was a child?
Gee, I wonder.

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Will the weakpire stay weak when she starts living in Darlings house? That's part of her charm
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>when she starts living in Darlings house?
I'll bite; that's not going to happen. As much as Lala could use a foil, the last thing the manga needs is another girl living with Kurusu.
Kill yourself phoneposter spammer.

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