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ITT we vaguely describe an anime and anons try and guess it ill start
>a stream drake saves me as a child
>Later in life I repay the favor
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>Giant space ships arm wrstling
>Giant snake titties
Spirited Away

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Toshinou Kyouko!
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Nope, just a tomato.
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Nyanko is ____!
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Did you order these?
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>tfw shorter and less attractive than karen
you mean cuter
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What makes Revy the greatest anime gunslinger?
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Vash has her beat.
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>comes off as edgy
>turns out she has a heart of gold
>proficient at duel wielding
>sexy when it's warm out
>cute as fuck when it's cold
>will fuck Rock if the mangaka ever gets off his ass and starts drawing again
>endearing Engrish in the sub
>pretty good in the dub
Policeman dick.

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3x3 Thread
Rate others
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almost perfect but for loser girl and autism eye
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I've been meaning to watch GTO, is it actually any good

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Left or right?
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Right for a one night stand. Left for dating, marriage and hand holding.
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So are they continuing it or not?

I'd like to see Shaft do something new, but it ended on almost literally a cliffhanger.
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How was it a cliffhanger? Rebellion was pretty conclusive.
>sequelbait - the movie
>pretty conclusive
Maybe they realized that Rebellion was pretty mixed in reception so they're deciding between more movies or TV series how to continue the show without alienating fans, but Rebellion was years ago so they just decided that fan interest was waning to the point it wouldn't be financially viable to continue the series and just let it die. All you can do is speculate unless you're in the staff meetings.

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Why didn't BnHA take over the west like Naruto, Bleach or OP did?
What does it lack?
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Because it sucked and was boring
There's already enough capeshit in the west.

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I liked it overall but the ending was absolute fucking garbage in my opinion.

>No reveal to Ganta that Shiro is the red man
>No explanation of why the director and Shiro fight
>No backstory of the red hole and why it happened
>Makina and co never find out what happens in G Ward
>Pointless flashback about edgy monk
>They're still in the fucking prison at the end

This show needed to be at least 24 episodes.
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Read the manga ya goof
PS its still shit
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>Just read the manga
How about no, the anime should be able to stand on its own without extra material

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Will there ever be an anime about a cute girl dealing with pregnancy in high school?
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why not an anime about cute moms to be doing cute pregnant things?
>teenage pregnancy
nips arent that stupid son
because isn't set in some 3rd world shitholes like latam

This show is fucking perverted and you people are sick
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Hell yeah.
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Well, I for one am enjoying the secondhand cringe, so you are correct.
Dawson's Creek The Animation

Can someone explain why Japan seem to find loud, obnoxious, mentally retarded characters so endearing?
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To them they're americans speaking japanese.

All three of those characters are immigrants.
Because deep down we all wish we could be loud, obnoxious, and mentally retarded yet still be regarded as the "main character" of our own stories, so to speak.

When in reality if you're just one of those things, let alone all three, no one wants anything to do with you and you're almost guaranteed to die alone.
They're the antithesis of the normal japanese man. Free and unhindered.

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Let's get philosophical.
Which anime has the most profound take on the idea of God ?
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Which god?
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No kf thread? This will not do!
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What? Previous thread is still alive.

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I need fox waifus NOW
I want to rape Shoebill.

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