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Shin is cool, fuck you
Who the fuck particularly this guy
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>main character is so dumb and annoying that you start wishing he/she would just fail and kill themselves
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Mako got her own show?
So Re:Zero thread?
i didn't know they made an anime about you op

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>boy and girl live together
>girl walks out of shower naked
>boy happens to be anywhere near
>boy proceeds to get the shit beaten out of him for being a pervert just for being there
Can't they show people solving this issue the normal way (i.e. by awkwardly defusing the situation with a "heh, sorry for that, I'll be more careful next time") rather than the overdone slapstick "comedy"?
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This doesnt happen IRL women like being raped so they just shittalk you until yoou leave or get them to fuck you.
It happened at least once in a light novel, but said part did not make it into the anime adaption.
>even worse when the girl is supposed to be the "WUV INTEREST"
>she acts like a vindicted cunt
>they never follow up on that
>No accountability ever for her

Its because the japanese are so fucked in the head that to them self deprecation and misery is a fetish.

What a self hating culture.

>inb4 Bluuurgh GTFO /pol/tard

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
we like it already
I still hate it

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Is it really over? I don't want to believe it's over.
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Seems like it, unfortunately. Damn shame, too. What we got was really good but I guess it didn't sell well and got axed.
The serious was damn depressing.
Is it really over? it only said part one was done and there are so many unanswered questions?
Part 1 ended a long time ago (Amazon JP says the final volume was released in 2014), and there doesn't seem to be any continuation. I'm guessing that they just left it open to future sequel but I wouldn't count on it ever happening.

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And even worse, with Haruna, the worst girl.

Would you all feel betrayed?
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>Would you all feel betrayed?

No, because it would make perfect sense.

Although I don't think Haruna will win. Mostly because "winning" before the last chapter is NEVER a good signal.
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He would choose to be a girl


No wonder you haven't had another successful series after letting the bloody doormat win.
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This ended before Comet Lucifer.
I know but thats the last thing I watched or read that had such an unforfilling ending. Seriously it feels like the author chickened out at the end.
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OP, why did you even read this? Did you not know of the shitstorms?

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Sexualization in anime needs to stop.
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girl choking on yogurt.jpg
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it makes me uncomfortable and frighten
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ITT : times moe went too far
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Pic not related.
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No, this is.

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This is my wife Mayuri
Say something nice about her
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>the show has male characters
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Just because a show having male characters makes your mouth water with cocklust doesn't mean you have to make a thread about it.
>the show doesn't have a male character as the main character
Worst animes
Love lab was perfect

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This is your Tsundere for today. Say something nice about her !
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She is the mother of two now.
Has the mango already ended?
best girl

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>"Sasuke will never be coo-"
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You're welcome.
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>Implying he's cool now

Woo boy
>Implying he ever stopped being cool

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Oh, no! You got Ren and Sakura pregnant! How will you take responsibility, /a/?
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By impregnating the superior sisters.
You want more childen?! What a guy!

What does /a/ think of this new movie?

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> the witches flower

theyre gonna rape her, arent they?
so this is the new Ghibli then?
Looks pretty good to be honest.

Will watch.

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