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Meh. Looks like shit.
JAA now offers a Car Export service, what?

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Who is the biggest whore in anime?
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Your waifu.
OP's waifu.

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Well we have our drama now
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Tomboys are for
Getting in fights with her
Playing sports with her
Watching kung-fu movies with her and trying to copy the moves
Teasing her and laughing when she gets mad and pouts
Letting her pin you so you can feel her body pressed against yours
Flipping her back over so that you can stare into each other's eyes
Protecting her from bullies even though you know she can handle herself
Walking home with her at sunset after a long day of running around and getting into trouble
Cheering her on and always supporting her, win or lose
Throwing her a victory barbeque where you make all her favorite foods
Massaging her legs, shoulders, and back
Holding her close and telling her you love her
Reassuring her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world when she gets jealous of the more feminine girls
Accepting all of her girlish sensibilities, no matter how much she hates you finding out about them
Patting her head
Getting caught in the rain during a cross country run and having to huddle together with her under an abandoned bus stop waiting for it to pass
Holding her hand in public
Making her try on cute dresses when you're out on a date even though you know she'll never buy one
Buying her sexy black lace lingerie, only for her to wear spats over them
Tracing your finger over the tanlines she got during the summer and feeling how warm her skin is
Having her jump into your arms and kiss you after spending time apart over vacation
Introducing her to your parents
Carrying her over the threshold of your new home to start a life together while she punches you in the shoulder and pouts that she can walk just fine herself
Gently laying her down on the bed
Whispering into her ear how much she means to you while caressing her toned body
Spending an entire night making passionate love to each other
Raising a new generation of tomboys with
Loving unconditionally as you grow old together

These are the things that tomboys are for
How did Tomo manage to pull a cotton?
Ha, the clasick deliquent scene.

Ihope they start to hold hand to prevent this from happening again.

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Other than the Dark Masters jobbing, what do you think will happen in tomorrow's movie
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I honestly don't fucking know anymore. 3rd movie was a bit of a disappointment. Hopefully, this'll pick things up (possibly with better animation).
Crazy shenagins with the Sith Jedi

I thought it was next week.

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>go to the bathroom
>those 2 are blocking your path

What do?
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rape the maids
*whips dick out*
>yo i gotta take a fat shit doe

This is secret best girl.
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Agreed. This guy cracks me up every time.

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Kira kira hikaru.
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That's a nice mic.
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First album when??
Roselia in the anime when?

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Could you remain idle in front of this smile?
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>About Yume
I agree with you. Her character arc is in standing by since Rainbow Cancer, but she is still growning as an idol and person, changing her dynamics with M4 and the girls.
>About Rola
That's why I asked about Metal Dolls. Rola isn't angst about Yume anymore, but she isn't doing anything for herself, her character arc is also in standing by, just like Yume's. But, unlike Yume, she is only there to say "that's get me going". She deserves better.
>About Mahiru
She says she wants to be unique but every Mahiru's episode is also Yozora's (Even in the ganguro grills episode, she wasn't looking for what she enjoys, she was looking for something Yozora wasn't doing). Saying something and doing something are diferent things, Mahiru says she wanna be diferent but her unit was with Yozora, she asked Yozora for help, etc, etc.
With Ako, both have massive amounts of character development in they first episodes, but she is still lacking "it", maybe she can be a karate idle just like weather idle Akari and travel idle Yuu (both examples are stated as unique works for idles in canon, iirc). Anything but the karate chop meme, please. At best, she is discovering herself, but she can't take too long or doing it off screen like Zzzzumire. Fuck, she should became a heel and join Erza's ship, that would be hype as fuck.
>About Ako
She is best girl and literally my wife. The next episode's preview shows some rival vibres between she and Tsubasa, but you're right, Ako's goal is bigger than S4.

Just like Risa when she said she wanna be a Starlight idle. It's a first fucking big step.
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best girl in dropout is Vigne obviously
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Vigne is the girl of the season.
i much agree

Is this a bot or what?

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Which is more attractive for female characters?
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The younger one whichever it is.
Fully matured females.
Hebe, they have to have some semblance of secondary sexual characteristics to be attractive.

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Roger Smith

What kind of doujin would you write if you had the artistic skills to make your fantasies into Manga ?
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Kobayashi MUST impregnate Tooru.
Any specific way you imagine it?
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A whole lot more vaginal denial/anal only.

Maybe some gentle femdom too on a different project.

Another time for Swimsuits, praise them all.
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>hiding cleavage
You must be at least 18+ to post on this site.

unless you're 2d

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Remember that one moment you almost thought this series could go hetero?
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Is this the bait thread?
There's still time in S2.
At this point, that would be a huge fuck you to its established fanbase.

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Will this count as yuri?
I'm excited but also disappointed that his artstyle is exactly the same as Beelzebub because it makes it hard to separate the characters from their look-a-likes

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