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Who knew Sucy was such a dead fish in bed?
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Episode 8 "Sleeping Sucy"
Sucy took the experimental drug she made herself and fell a deep sleep.
Next day, Akko and Lotte try to wake her up but she doesn't
She desn't wake up at all even though surrounded by mushrooms she likes
Lotte reminds the illness of the witch, "Sleeping Witch In the Forest"
By Lotte's magic, Akko is going to get into her mind.
Are they able to wake her up safely?
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Akko a cute
>By Lotte's magic, Akko is going to get into her mind.
So are white mages exorcists too?

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Is it safe to have a Maji thread now?
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No. Never again. Not here.
Which majikoi would you fuck?
All of them. Except Miyako.

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Fuck you, Acnologia ;_;
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She'll be back next chapter.
She'll probably be even human then.
It's Mashima, she'll be probably daijobu, it's just ketchup.

She was shit anyway.
What is Gildarts saying at the end of the chapter?

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I just read all of Tsugumomo and all I can say is, what the fuck?
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Spoiler this gore, man.
How does she still somehow manage to be cute even in that pic?
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Sacrifices had to be made so we'd get to enjoy the flute saga.
Also the final battle between kazuya and kanaka would've been problematic with 2 ascended obi vs 1 ascended obi.

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Anime when?

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I don't get what this is
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The coolest AI on earth.
How can she be so dumb moe?

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ITT:Underrated girls
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What went wrong?

Kubo not making IchiTatsu canon in the end so that it shuts down /a/

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Why did anime stopped being fun?
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Anime is as fun as it used to be. You are just no longer capable of enjoying it.
Because you stopped being able to English.
Because nips have ran out of ideas and since the same shit that everyone has watched always sells, then why become original?
I think he meant the anime industry itself.

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Did he do ANYTHING wrong?
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He messed with the wrong meguca.
>Did he do ANYTHING wrong?
He got greedy and tried to push comic horrors into becoming more powerful. All because he mistakenly think he couldn't be harmed. This ends badly for him and his entire species.

By the definition of his own people, yes, he did something wrong. And the only reason he wasn't punished is because his own people was doomed too quickly to react.

But I guess Comic works too.

I just finished watching this and had a fun ride, but apparently people call the show shit. Am I missing something or were they just expecting something different?
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Characters were god-awful and never did or said anything that made sense.
People like me expected Attack on Titan 2.0
(which in hindsight wasnt super great either) and were let down
Hipsters dislike it because it was popular.

It was way better than Attack on Titan.
Which characters didn't make sense? I understand that Mumei at the start was awfully antagonistic, but most everyone else seemed to have at least some set of ideals that they followed. Maybe Ikoma's "You've killed too many" was a bit out of place, since he went out of his way to not kill virtually anyone else.

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Gabriel vs Umaru

Who would you rather have as a girlfriend?
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>Cute angel vs Living onahole
Gabu-chan. At least she can be redeemed.
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>only 2 months until new Umaru OVA

Can you feel it?

Are you ready?

Did you pre-order your box set?
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Umaru thread!
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I haven't watched the show, but Mai seems like the best girl.
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Fuck off Tanya, the REAL MC has arrived
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>Why don't we talk about what our first impression of the show was or how we came across it?
I first came across the series when a guy I know online sent me two of the manga pages, the one where she's thinking of being promoted to staff officer, with all the mini-tanyas around the border, and another where she's skipping down a corridor, stops to salute a guy, then keeps skipping
Reminder that Rerugen dies of diabetes
>literally Mary Sue

Candy or coffee, /a/?
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boobs. big ones.
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While I don't like or drink coffee I'd take both.

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Limited CN -> EN

Prologue: http://pastebin.com/5fyGtnj1
1: http://pastebin.com/NC7b6qgt
2: http://pastebin.com/F037E8fF
3: http://pastebin.com/s9dF6qjY
4: http://pastebin.com/jMftWKMV
5: http://pastebin.com/Dd7uTYfj
6: http://pastebin.com/j3Dsujhc
Afterword 1: http://pastebin.com/ya23zmPr
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>Ripple crouched down, and when she stood back up, she had a pebble in each palm. After that, she hurled the right pebble into the air, and it vanished in an instant. After that she grandly raised her left hand and raised the pebble in her left hand above her head, and then threw it with incredibly force.

But Ripple doesn't have a left arm.
>"This Magical Skill only works within three meters of me. There’s no time limit to it, so just try not to stray too far away from me."

So the 3-meter range was Hana's magic, not Ripple.

I knew it was fishy that Ripple's accuracy was only 3 meters even though it was disproven twice by her fight with CM and Mi-chan.
What the fuck happened last thread

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