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Could someone please link the GX story time threads?
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How about no.
>instead of ignoring a thread he dislikes he chooses to give it an extra bump
Pretty sure they aren't in the archives anymore. I checked the other day for someone else and only saw Volumes 6, 7, and 8 there. And we've had a bunch of new threads since then, so those probably aren't up anymore either.

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why breastfags are so annoying?
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They don't their place, they already have >>>/d/ and >>>/h/ to shipost about their shitty cowtits, /a/ is for DFC only.
How did you start a thread without an image, anon?
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I am a magical girl! silly anon

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Thank you OP.
I applaud you and yet I don't.

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>wake up
>realize I live in a world where Hajime doesn't exist
>cry myself back to sleep
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feels bad man
You could always kill yourself and meet her.
An afterlife would be too conveniently good for a world this shitty.

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But what if I can't just choose between two or three or more girls?
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Harems are ok. What show? I want to see more of that qt on the left
The show is Seiren

Well, considering HorribleSubs doesn't have it until today at late, I watch it there.

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Fuck off.
ラ グース!

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This show is nice but I don't really understand what's going on
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just keep watching
It's just Yuasa being pretentious as per usual. Just wait until it rips off Eva.
Try watching the same episode twice, helps a lot.

Why do people complain about wish fulfillment in specific anime?

Aren't all anime (or at least the VAST majority of them) wish-fulfillment?

What makes one anime more "wish-fulfillment" than the other?
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You know betas and faggot cannot read or watching harem because they cannot self insert as OP MCs nothing new. People like them more prefer anime or manga with unlimited plot armor but with very tragic back story. Most Harem genre usually anti thesis with their requirement. In summary they need to fix their shit taste.
mahouka was such dogshit
I think OP needs to elaborate the question and hist thought.

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and yo don't seem to understand...
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Let's all love Lain
>and yo don't seem to understand...
One fucking job anon.

Was Rukia's character based on Hinowa?

And Orihime and Tatsuki on Mayuko and Asako?
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Are badly written heroines in shonen bad copies of well written ones?
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Kubo Dindunuffin


the last chapter doesn't count

Fact: this and 08th MS Team are the only objectively good Gundam series created.

prove me wrong, you can't
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Fact: this and 08th MS Team are the only Gundam series you've watched

Also 08th MS might have been good if shiro and aina died when they crashed into the side of the mountain and the OVA ended there

also, I disagree, though the last episode with Kiki and the kids was totally unnecessary
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Is he an angel
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He's a seed of life like Rei and Kaworu now

Or maybe he was since EoE.
>a seed of life

She does not have a penisu
Haha, very funny.

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Why the FUCK are there only 10 episodes?
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As long as we get an S3 I don't mind
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LN adaptation
Why the fuck has megameme barely been in any of the S2 episodes

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Name one character stronger than Tao Pai Pai. you can't
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pakku pakku
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akko x ursula yuri fanart when?
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