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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai.jpg
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is there any anime that comes even remotely close to Chuunibyou in points of comedy?
rewatched it for the 9th time and nothing else can even compete
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Currently on the 10th episode, it's alright but the comedy doesn't really stick out that much to me.
the >comedy in this show made me drop it
the fact that I never found her personality disorder or w/e funny in the first place and they kept going back to it made getting through a single episode insufferable
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but anon autistic girls are the best

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As is par for the course for these stories, enjoy your trip to Earth.
Did they become the biggest

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Mods are at it again
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Fuck I thought that was Leona.
>unaroidable war
What did they mean by this?

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He has over 200 pounds of muscle but he's still within the weight limit. Damn! This is the problem when fighting against a black boxer
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What anime?
Shit, when did Japan make an anime about Wesley Snipes? Give me a name, op.
>Blacks are stronger
>mexicans can extend their elbows
>japanese have willpower

what do other races have?

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>you will never watch flip flap for the first time again
>you will never shill it to heaven during half of the season again
>you will never witness mimi ruining everything again

It's not daijoubu
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>>you will never witness mimi ruining everything again
I never witnessed this. Everything was great. Except some animation fuck-ups.
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Would you watch a Band of Brothers(or sisters) style tank anime in notWW2 with historical tanks?
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It might be decent as long as the cast is mixed gender and the females are actually dressed like soldiers and are also old enough to be enlisted.
I would definitely enjoy it, but you just know the nips would add some shitty twist like the cast being lolis or the existence of magic just to make the show sell.
I want retired female soldiers in tanks doing crazy shit.

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When will the third impact happen irl, boys?
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Never ever.
It already did.

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This is a better Gainax-staff work than anything Trigger has ever made.
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Except that, unlike Gainax shows, it is not well written.
>I'm a raging cocksusucking homosexual
No shit OP.

File: legsandpanties.png (349KB, 640x958px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone feel it's gotten bit more erotic over time.
MMMmmmm...those legs and panties. I can smell them from here.
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It's actually kinda interesting that she can't hear animal thoughts. I wonder if it's because they don't really think in words like people. Although, we do see images that another character is imagining in their minds, though it is unclear if she's seeing what they're imagining or just using their thoughts to imagine a situation.
Gradually, but still not really lewd.
Not at all, in the first couple chapters you've got Toda sexualizing her like crazy. That was the only reason people started reading this. If anything, we've had less lewd MC ever since.

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What is objectively the worst anime(s) of all time?

An anime that made you realise the fact that another human being made it. Another living, breathing homo sapien created a vile piece of work.

An anime that has such bad animation that it made you want to gauge your eyes out with a rusty toe nail.

An anime that has made you so fuming, that you stopped watching anime all together.

So, /a/. What is the worst anime out there?
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Kill yourself, retard.

Fuck off, I made a mistake. I'm a human being after all.

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Why /a/ isn't talking about this
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I want a Yuno Inufusa chapter.

I want to fuck Rudel and take responsibility.
>that font

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how many fucking times does lelouch use this goddamn remote control button? how the hell does this thing even work? where did this shit even come from? can this fucking thing even be countered? is there even a fucking limit to this thing's power?
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File: 1404746896132.jpg (60KB, 600x337px)Image search: [Google]
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It's actually remote control for a buzzer. The moment they hear the buzz the other person activates the explosives. Simples.
>how the hell does this thing even work?
Its C.C.'s. he's just borrowing it.

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you owe me.jpg
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Is this the most accurate portrayal of nice guy/white knight behavior in anime and manga?
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Is there a more infuriating screencap?
he's such an idiot and an infuriating character

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Is it a boy or a girl?
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Does it matter?

Hey anons, what yah think about this fucking cancer?
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Heres the summary: At Divine Wind Continent, there is cultivation system—battle qi and magic.

Ren Tian You was a fan of Naruto, single carelessness caused him to arrive in different world.

Unexpectedly only to discover within his body possessed Naruto system.

What? You will use battle qi! I, your father’s taijutsu is also not weak! Look at my shadow dance!

What? You will use illusions! I, your father however have every illusions’ ancestor, Sharingan! Look at my Tsukuyomi!

What? You are a magician! I, your father am a ninja! Look at my fire style——– grand fireball!
Well, everyone, do not misunderstand, Ren Tian You was only going to watch a masterpiece of Japanese anime———Naruto.
Really a lot of LN/WB threads lately, I wonder if it is about time to open a dedicated board or some kind of general on /lit/.

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