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Where's Maid Dragon, retard?
Not finished.
Why ave a poll? You know Meme Colors Phantom World will win.

>random third division manga adaptation made just for favor becomes one of the best shows of all time
>Violent Evergarden is already AOTY, even the PV looks better than all other 2017 shows combined
How long until Kyoani will monopolize the anime industry?
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>it's the same false flagging thread yet again
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im looking at your ass

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From what?
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All the anal sex

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Lelouch season 3.jpg
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What the fuck would Lelouch even want to do after being ressurected?
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Build a Wall
Would he make the Elevens pay for it
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Fuck CC for eternity and raise their kids

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Spicy habanero.
Is shit

This series was still overbudgeted purely commercial garbage. Corporate "art"

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If hetero ending is "canon", why lesbian ending is thousand times more popular?
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Was there any heteo building in this show? All i remeber seeing is the mc getting disgusted by being paired with male love interest
>/u/fags are a vocal minority so it's more popular
I don't see how het could be more popular when the "romance" is so terrible executed in contrast to the yuribait.

Only shitposters cared about Shuu or Taki.

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Did MC kiss Aqua yet in the manga?
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No, why would he?

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This is a japanese vampire

Say something nice about her
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secks. secks. secks.
I wanna fuck the one on the left.

PATRICIAN taste, anon

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Why do the nips care so much about the purity of the female characters? Don't they realize that what they're doing is just being overly concerned with the preservation of her hymen? What's so special about a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening anyway?
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They want to imagine those girls have loved, love and will love only the MC (read: them).
Adultery is degenerate
Their male characters are pure as well.

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Never forget it: A forced victory is not a real victory.
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That's why he chose Kirino and Kirino chose him, otherwise it would've been forced relationship with anyone else.
>Kirino x Kyousuke
Nice shitpost.
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Stay mad

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Haruhi needs to get her ass kicked.
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>Haruhi needs to get her ass dicked.
I'd rather love her tenderly
Well, then she needs someone in charge of her ass.

I accept full responsibility.

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what is the worst trope and why is it "childhood friend"
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Fuck off.
kill yourself

Happy Thursday /fit/ /a/nons, hope you are looking forward to another week of FAT gyarus, FIT ojous and FAB cakes!

Since last week got translated but hasn't been typeset, I'll start the thread off with the previous chapter (15)


Raws for Chapter 16!

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[Crêpe (Strawberry-Choco-Banana) 353kcal]
[Sakura Hibiki]

Is that......

Ah, that's totally Machio-san.
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[Uehara Ayaka]
Machio-san was with a girl?
[Souryuuin Akemi]

Yeah. I could only see her back, though.
Perhaps his girlfriend?

D'ya think you mistook him for someone else? It's hard imagining the guy having any interests besides muscles.
Ayaka......that's just mean......

How 'bout this, who else is a handsome-pervert-macho-guy doin' muscle stuff in tiny briefs?[TL: Emphasize second sentence]
Ah. Yeah, that's Machio-san.

>Around that time elsewhere
>Tachibana Satomi was on overtime, forced to take a break from the gym.

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List the flaws that make this clearly delicious kurisumasu keiki witochi a rather poisonous adventure.
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Can Ursula's white magic fix my penis?
I think its broken.
Man you obviously have no idea how to write words in katakana. It should be Ke-ki (ケーキ) Uicchi (ウィッチ)
I would prefer good snogging with Ursula rather than Chariot.

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Is watching End of Evangelion a spiritual experience?
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It's an okay experience
nothing more
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If it meant something to you in a spiritual sense, then yes, if not then no. It really is that simple.

People swear the bible gave them spiritual revelations and enlightenment every day of the week, yet I have had more profound experiences eating an oreo. It all comes down to the individual.

But you knew this already and simply wanted to start a provocative evangelion thread.

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