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Occasional reminder to always skip the first episode of this classic show.
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i have the ps2 games.
But why?
the first episode gives major spoilers and totally ruins the suspense of the entire series, I feel like its more of a trailer of what to expect instead of an introduction to the series

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Wearing glasses edition
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
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I look exactly like Vigne.
kill yourself

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Was it kino?

>Yamada: Rather [than worry] I thought I was lucky. The art of animation, if you want to call it that, is great in how it allows us to describe what is actually not there; if there’s no sound, I can express the lack of it through color, vibration, the drawings themselves… So I felt I was really lucky to be able to do this.
>Yamada: Of course, I thought about that. We experience this story from Shouya’s POV and obviously he can hear, but he tries not to listen to people. I think that while they’re very different people, Shouko and him share many traits. She who can’t hear and him who won’t listen are fundamentally different yet very similar.
>Yamada: Hmm, abstract. A world where one word is attached to one meaning isn’t what I want to create. Take “love” – there’s not just one significance, I want a world where that love can be expressed in many ways so that the feelings reach the audience.
>Yamada: Yeah I do look at my characters like people. They’re not drawings but living beings, that is why I’m interested in them to begin with.
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Fractale was definitely kino. Stupid otaku couldn't grasp it.
Wait is this out?

and don't say "kino" you dickhead
Yamada more like mamada.

I just got to the end of this piece of trash and I'm just frustrated with it. It started so strong, the animation was nice, I was digging the characters, the interactions were sweet but could get serious at times. I felt bad for the husband but was cheering on the main character and was really digging the blooming romance.

Then he gives up his body and for the next six episodes he's fucking around in story book land while the husband is further progressing the main characters own romance, even getting to kiss and fuck her. The main guy doesn't even get to come back until the last like, 5 minutes of the last episode where the girl almost kills herself to be with the husband instead.

I am ass blasted into the next dimension. The husband was just a selfish cunt. I thought the body swap thing was gonna last an episode, two at most, and would just be him wanting to touch or hold her one last time before handing the controls back, something sweet like that. Not taking the rest of the series to take the main dudes experience of romancing the girl away from him, then giving the girl a hickey and fucking off.
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Congrats you fucktard, this is a story about how fucked up and selfish people actually are, not some vanilla romance. Now keep whining some more, your tears taste so good.
Picked up
I forgot this shit existed.

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Yui is the cutest.
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the cutest what?
The cutest semen demon.

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So I just finished Katanagatari. Damn that was an excellent final episode.

How did this "best girl won" meme start? Best girl obviously died in ep 7
I'll give her best theme though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRgf4Hsf6r4
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The final showdown between Shichika and the 12 swords was metal as fuck.
I was grinning like an idiot once I realized they were going to do that.
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Bahasa Palsu Jazz'n Mix


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kyoani do.jpg
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When will Shouko and Violet be added?
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>no shinka or mugi
We'll see in a few months.
Shouko never, Violet soon.

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I have arrived to save /a/ from moe and fujoshit
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By being a shit character from a shit anime?

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Did she died?
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Also how do we control this semen demon?
No, plot armor will save her.
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I mean, everyone gets "killed" in this manga all the time, but I don't think we've had a full-body shattering yet
Also why boner

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This is your golem tonight
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Good, we're going to Molten Core.
That posture can't be healthy.
It really isn't. Painkillers aren't cheap.

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What an overrated preachy piece of it was all right.
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First half>>>>>>second half
I didn't notice much change it quality, it was pretty mediocre throughout.

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Uranucleus Scans are out.
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Commence bullying.
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Are normies retarded?

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>Made in Abyss will be at AnimeJapan2017 at the Kadokawa booth
>Revealing some anime footage
>revealing cast
pv soon?
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Looks like garbage.
Is that Dante's Inferno with little kids?
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>tfw when being guro and suffering fag

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In this batch of episodes, JOBBING, bad jpop, and annoying kids.

Episode 24 had a broken sub file, it will be fixed in the batch.
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man Toei absolutely fucked these BDs, but for now its all I have to work with.
Now to answer some anon's questions from last thread:
>These files are too big, can I just download the subs?
Subs will be included in the batch
>Where can I read the manga
An anon made a pastebin during the series Storytime a while back. http://pastebin.com/vmYRvpXN

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