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does /a/ like softenni?
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This looks better than Teekyuu.
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>Sports anime
It's fucking boring and not even a little bit gay

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Just finished this, what the fuck was that ending?

Also, /a/'s general thoughts on Freesia?

Keiko is pure.
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It's a masterpiece.
I thought it was pretty great.
All I remember from reading this is the MC's girlfriend was cucking him hard while he didn't give a single fuck.

Whatever happened to her? Did she die?

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>the best parts are manga only
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You realise that pretty much all adaptations are first and foremost advertisements for the manga, right?
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>read the manga
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>the best parts are anime only

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Who's here hoping that The Red Turtle gets Oscar Gold this Sunday?

Or are you guys still mad about Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name got snubbed?
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The Red Turtle is a /co/ film.
they'll both get snubbed
If you go check Rotten Tomatoes
there were less than 40 critics who did see Kimi No Na Wa last year.
And the ones with academy membership, i.e. those who can vote for Oscar would be even less, so it's no surprise.

I'd say Funimation basically blew it by doing the whole Oscar qualification run last year.

This is something you have to use the popularity to make the critics see, not the other way around.

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>character doesn't care about any of the ideological conflicts going on in the story and just wants to fight strong people
Is this the best trope?
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it's one of the edgiest and attracts underage normalfags like you by the flock with cancerous power rating threads like OPM.

kill yoursrlf
>so many buzzwords in one sentence
that's how you spot the autistic child in the bread

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Which side do you enjoy watching the most, /a/?
Empire or Alliance?
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I'm currently going through it again but I'm going to have to say Empire every time, their aestheticism is just very fascinating. Seeing how corrupt the FPA really is was interesting but I enjoyed the Empire's side a lot more. Then again I'm curious how the universe would've turned out if the FPA had assumed complete and dominant control instead of the empire and they had successfully killed Rhinehard somehow. I can imagine with the amount of infighting and corruption that was part of the problem destroying the system the universe would've divulged into a fuck load of different schisms vying for power.
Empire. The Alliance episodes were a fucking bore.
Empire. There are only a handful of interesting characters on the Alliance side while the Empire side is full of them.

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How many times have you fapped to the BD rip?
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I liked it. Will probably preorder the rest of the volumes now too.
Does it look better than the TV version? I remember dropping it because of how shitty and tacked on the 3D shit was.
Much better.

Did she deserve it?
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...Real Talk, as a kid, this was kinda brutal.
I don't know.
Who is she and what happened to her?
Most importantly, does she have lewds?
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>thinks for a moment that she wants to be away from him
>"You must want to be violently murdered."

Myotismon is a dick.

Pic related.

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His D also became half dragon
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>half dragon
naw man that's called genital warts.
I'm a bit surprised that FT only had one movie (and I guess two now) when OP got a dozen. I was under the impression that despite its faults FT still had its success.

On a related note the first FT movie was alright so I'll probably watch the second too.
hoping for Brandy showing up

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Is it a Buddhist parable?

>Desire is portrayed as the root of all evil in the story, or at the very least the catalyst for evil
>The major villain, on a personal AND supernatural note, Griffith, becomes a slave to and embraces his desire, becoming the root of all suffering in the story
>Causality is a major theme, that we have to change our karma
>No matter how much guts suffers, he survives and passes each test - suffering is seen as a test in Buddhism that we have to overcome
>The Egg of the Perfect World doesn't overcome his suffering, sadly, but is portrayed sympathetically for being human and leaning on faith.
>BOTH the clergy and the demons in the Conviction Arc are portrayed in a bad light - dualistically fighting for supremacy over mankind BOTH are slaves to the embodiment of desire; the Apostles
>Guts 'taking a third option' and being anti-theistic by being in control of his own karma and fate - fighting both the simplistic 'good' and 'evil' - and relying on himself is portrayed favourably
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Hmmm. Parts of this are definitely intentional.
Lot's of these things are ingrained in popular culture. You'll see a lot of similar themes in many works. It's very likely that an Asian was influenced by Buddhism though a lot of western philosophy comes down to this too.
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getter robo go.png
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A lot of Eastern thought comes from Buddhism yeah. And as >>153865926 says it's hardly anything really peculiar to East Asia

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Is she best girl? Next translation when?
Also around two more weeks until next scans.
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She is the only girl so far sp yeah.
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Four more chapters until imouto.
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literally oppai Kanna.jpg
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Waiting for psycho loli would be harder.

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Post characters that only exist for war
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this warmongering cunt
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File: Nosferatu_Zodd_Manga.jpg (1MB, 2036x2960px)Image search: [Google]
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Is 2011 anime starting to look dated?
Not necessarily worse, just distinctly different from 2017.
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You don't think so?
Maybe some shows. 2008 looks already dated IMO.

New episode is out, time for another dead thread.
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Where is the truck we were promised?
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next week
is this actual?
I'll just straight up drop the show if that's the case
that sort of asspull to get fuuka to win is no bueno

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So using your reasoning, basically any anime with two or more female characters?
Is it difficult being a yurifag? Seems like you guys sperg out whenever there's a male onscreen, atleast from what I've seen anyway.
And I thought the series had no such tone.

Yes, the two were competing with each other - but I felt they also genuinely hated each other's guts.

OP should post a better example next time.

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