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Starting fresh
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Is this Aztec Goddess the waifu of the year?
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>those thighs
Yes. Those fucking tits and thighs are unreal. Flawless character design.
Where is the fucking unicorn mermaid dragon? She's in the op/ed, but is nowhere to be seen and there are only 4 episodes left.

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How do you feel they're semi official now?

Also, it was Siegelinde's birthday. Say something nice about her!
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I think it was a dream.
What femdom activities will I be in for if my waifu is beatrix
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She deserves twizzlers for what she let happen to Marimo.

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Did anyone else notice how the one music credit in DiU's op is the same font as the sheer heart attack album's?
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You need to reign in that autism, mate. It's getting out of hand.

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When can I expect season 2?
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never, sadly

Part 9 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure looks cool as shit!
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> Lion stand user

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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No you won't

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Was there a TL thread that I missed or did Jag decide to skip? Didn't see it in the archive.
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Blind retard.
I guess you didn't even look.
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I would admit that I'm in the wrong if I can actually find it myself. Somehow catalog is only showing this thread and archive isn't showing this one >>153832542.
Thanks anyway.

Shiina Mashiro appreciation thread? You have to wait 23 episodes for this face, but it's so worth it.
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Mashiro a (cute) shit. Misaki a best.

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What the fuck was her problem?
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Have you ever been 14, gay, and tsundere, OP? It's not easy.
a terminal case of best girl
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Perpetual failure to successfully check digits.

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Finish your backlog.
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Already did.
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Kashuu smiling.jpg
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Kashuu is the best sword and there's nothing you can do about it.
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That's wrong though you fucking faggot.
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I agree.

You're wrong.
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>Denying perfection

You guys never told me this show was so hilarious.
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This is maximum cringe humor.
He has a fucking framed picture of Baudilaire sitting on his bookshelf.
Season 2 never ever forever

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That's Whisper of the Heart.
It's discount Spirited Away.
you mean Totoro
Whisper of the Heart makes me cry

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Am I watching the Evangelion of shonen?
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literally yes, it's a
deconstruction of it's respective genre
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You must have a sad life, OP.
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>Madhouse's 2011 adaptation has been met with near universal critical acclaim. While the series as a whole has received widespread praise,[134][135] the Chimera Ant arc in particular has been often singled out. In addition to being met with rave reviews, the arc has generated considerable discussion and analysis of its themes, symbols, characters and structure throughout and in the aftermath of its run. The arc is commonly viewed as a deconstruction of shōnen and action anime;[136][137] other readings have focused on supposed symbolic parallels with Buddhism[138][139] and nuclear war. Nick Creamer compared the arc to a “war drama”. In a lengthy essay, Creamer read the arc as a study of, and in the end a simultaneous critique and defense of human nature.[140]

>Much of the writing surrounding the arc focuses on its villain, the Chimera Ant King. Largely echoing Creamer’s conclusion, Luke Halliday, in an examination of the character, describes his story as “an exploration into what it means to be human.”[141] In the piece, Halliday describes the King's development as “one of the most interesting and captivating in anime . . . [the King's] journey is simply unforgettable” and states his own belief that the arc “will go down as one of the greatest stories told in anime”.

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