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>and so I heard Index 3 wasn't out, Misaka complains as Misaka shitposts anonymously
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Deder than 9982.
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something something make index great again

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Was getting hyped for nothing a part of your plan?
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Everything is part of the keikaku
I want to scrap Kongou
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Is she best girl?
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Don't even know who she is but that's a cute design.
That would be Lilia, anon.
Minako is best girl.

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In the first half when Kaban is finding out what she is, we get to see her discover and use her skills to solve problems

Now that she knows what she is, this second half is her seeing Friends who have found their goals as she searches where she belongs
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simmer down m8's
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I will protect Hashibirokou-chan from the rapists.
Good to see Emperor is the most popular penguin

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/a/ sings Welcome to Youkoso Japari Park

Submissions go to [email protected]
Tentative deadline is March 28, the airdate of the last episode.

MP3 with lyrics

Also general Friends thread, previous reached limit.
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>promoting /a/ sings in the OP
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We're a general now, boys.

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say hello to your new Wife and daughter..

In few hours we will meet a new dragon,what do you guys feel about it?
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>those hips
HNNNNG, she definitely can give birth to a big hafu dragon/human
Thanks but Tohru's too old to be my daughter.
Yes, my wife is on the left.

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these are the cold hard facts.
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Does this prove Bald is the one having his forehead nutted on
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High foreheads are attractive, and that is a fact

This is a thread for friends.
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I think I'm addicted.
Is otter ass still best ass?
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I can't believe Serval is fucking dead

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Hope you guys ready for next journey
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Guys I think Margay has the gay.

What should we do?
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Inb4 it all takes place in a mind of a dying girl

New episode!

Did you like the penguins?
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gonna fuck all the idols and their manager
Yes I did and now we are going to get a lot of fanart.
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>5*9 minutes until new episode
>no thread
Is たのしー!dead?
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This hour is usually a little bit slow. It will explode soon

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No one defeats me.
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Leafs were a mistake.
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What do you think will happen?

[ ] Momo wins
[ ] Haruna wins
[ ] Lala wins
[ ] Harem end
[ ] Open end (no conclussion)
[ ] We go into new manga TLR "Final"

In before
> X Girls wins
Stop being delusional, anon, I asked you what do you think WILL happen, not what do you WANT to happen
You know your favorite girl doesn't have chances of winning solo if its not one of the three mentioned.
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Still holding this is gonna go into a new manga, theres no way the author will let a sacred cash cow like this die as unsatisfactory as this, it earns way the fuck too much money.
Worst girl win.

I hope it's just the end of harem plan bullshit and we'll get a new series where they go to space.

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Beeps Beeps in a car
extra points if you get the reference
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Gotcha senpai
I want to rape Shoebill.

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Imoutos are love.
Imoutos are life.
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Kakine thread!
10032 the best of the bunch tho.
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