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It's that time of the month again.
I hope everybody is ready to FUCKING READ HOLY SHIT THIS CHAPTER.

>You aren't experimenting, are you?
>Zero-sum game 2

>It's like you're purposefully teaching those two to be opposites of one another

>The reason you invited Fujita here...
>Now, now
>I am teaching them the dance to bring out their personalities
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>Depending on their shape and image

>What dance makes them most beautiful
>Kugimiya-san, you're stiff! (wow, this is amazing)
>You're like a teddy bear
>creak creak
>Shut up
>And most loved by the audience

>Not the dance to win with..?
>You mean a dance "that the judges will enjoy"?

>Modern style?

>It seems young people truly are only interested in victory

>It's true that while I was still active I was focused on that
>But now that I'm a coach, my interestes have shifted slightly
>How dancing changes throughout ages and history is for the dancers to decide
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>What I am bringing forth from them

>Is the tradition

>And evolution of dance
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awww shiet.jpg
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It's time to settle this.

Who would win in a street fight?
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Neither, they are both chaotic good. They will form a truce and divide the territory to protect anons from bullies.

We need more strong girls like them to protect all of us from bullies.
Eight Fold Blessings of Isis and Amaterasu Mori Summers is the only Shinka that has a chance of beating Rin with access to Take-P

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He found out
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I thought he knew already wtf
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Am I the only one who thinks that this One Piece is boring as fuck?
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it has cheap emotion

there must be a sob story each arc, sometimes even another sob story miniarc within that arc

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Season two when?

And who will replace Fubuki?
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Fubuki is so sexy.
I want to make my torpedo explode inside a ship girl and make her sink!
I want to fuck a flat midget

What's the most bullshit or convoluted shonen power?

Pic semi related
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It's been a while since I last read HxH. I remember last time I read it that he was fighting some pretty boy in a tower. Can you explain what this harlequin's(?) powers were?
Ill explained. The powers of RUBBER AND GUM but also apparently the ability to use nen after death

So she's gonna win, right?

Yahari thread
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Why don't we let this girl win instead?
She's won our hearts.
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I hope not. Yukino should win if there's any justice in the world.

Holy Cow !
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literally a cow, yeah

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Why do a lot of MCs want to protect girls who are stronger than him?
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Enjou kousai.
>stronger than men
Good joke
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Can we have an ARIA Thread?
Just finished watching it again for the 4th time and no matter how many times I see it's still as good as the first time, certain parts of the show still manage to make me cry. Still haven't watched the OVA's though, are they worth it. Feels kind of weird watching them after the perfect ending.
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Yeah the OVAs are actually pretty cool, especially the format
The manga's artwork is just so fucking beautiful, it just doesn't translate well into the anime.

The music and voice acting are terrific (well, aside from how annoying the cats are) though.
Never seen it. What's the best subs?

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Why does KyoAni only adapt trash anime now? Why don't they make anime like FMP, K-on, Haruhi, and Clannad? Why do they only make garbage like Phantom World and Maidragon?
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Because fanservice and masturbation fantasies sell.
The answer just occurred to me: many of KyoAni's shows relied on ripping off Pani Poni Dash.

However, they have reached the point where there is nothing left to steal, so they are out of ideas.
Because they want more creative control over their projects, and if they adapted high profile IPs like they used to they would have to give up some of that control.

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Meanwhile at /a/ production studios...
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Inaccurate. We should be 2D lolis
THICC cutey on the right is me
One of the animators has hanged himself in the bathroom again. Whose turn is it to get rid of the body?

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She's so hot, I can't hate her. Anyone else love bitchsluts like this?
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>liking bitches

You deserve better, Anon. Probably.
She's just true to her desires I can respect that
You have awful taste and probably an awful personality yourself if that's your honest opinion. I hope this is bait.

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Guess who's back?
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How can other comedy anime even stack up to these? Which one is the best?
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Sora no otoshimono should be included as well.
>no Azumanga Daioh
How can OP even talk about comedy?
Both Nichijou's are good though.
D-frag is better.

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