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who is best nichijou and why is it yuuko?
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Nano > all

But can we all agree that The Professor is the worst?

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i think the manga is meh why the PV looks so good. Is it different from the manga.
Best girl.
I love this manga, but I know it's going to flopped despite how good it is because it has way too much competition with so many heavy hitting works coming out in April that will overshadow it.

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Why are anime girls becoming fatter while male characters, particularly leads, are always skinny?
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Why are anime girls acquiring hairy testicles while male characters, particularly leads, have none?
le Thicc meme
aka shitty nigger memes slipping into the media cuz you know, everyone loves thicc girls.
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JP in a nutshell.png
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That's a chubby loli.
We've had chubby lolis for years.

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>kiss scene in the second page of the first chapter
I don't know how I should feel about this.
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It's more about the girls being: friends, soft, a bit gay and cute. Also some very entertaining but unrealistic sports action and it does a good job of making you want more. It's surprisingly good.
It's a football (Soccer) manga, anon. The "Harem" is sideplot.
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>The winner's literally in the title of the series
It could be worse, OP.

>"But anon! It was an incest series. The "Harem" is a sideplot.
Maybe. Maybe not.

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I want to _hug Aqua.
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I want to fuq her while you're hugging her.
I want to _be_ Megumin.

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With literally everything at stake, why doesn't he just unlock everyone's potential?
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Why didn't they just wish for Buu not to be released?
why didn't goku just buy a gun and shoot voldemort in the face?
Why didn't you just post in the dragon ball thread?

But in all seriousness, he can't because you didn't post in the fucking dragon ball thread

Do people actually enjoy this shit show? I mean fuck, even GT was better than this crap. From the animation, to the story and the music; it's a fucking train wreck. How the fuck can anyone actually enjoy this?
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just watch the fights and pretty explosions there's not much to get
Aside the tournament fight versus hit this series been trash.

90% of it feels like filler.
>Zamasu arc

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/a/ sings Gabriel Dropout OP

We're doing an /a/ sings of the TV version of Gabriel Dropout OP, I'll be taking submissions for the next 3 weeks until March 22. You can submit them via e-mail or in this thread. I'll extend the deadline we don't get enough submissions or if you guys need the extension for whatever reason. The mumbling parts of the song at the beginning and near the end will be difficult, but just do your best for those parts or even improvise if you want, a lot of anons suggested we just shitpost for those 2 rambling parts. Leave any questions you may have either here or through the e-mail. We already have a few submissions so far.

Send your submissions to: [email protected]
Video of song for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTtJZ29j26Y
Download link for OP: https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=887718
Lyrics (lyrics are for the full version, but we're doing the TV version which ends at "datte tenshi desu mono!": http://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/gabriel-dropout-theme-songs/gabriel-drop-kick/
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Bad time for a thread like this?
Keit-ai for the mumbling parts
what the fuck

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>pick up a mediocre manga with godawful art from literally who
>somehow managed to make one of the best shows of all time based on it
Is it Kyoani magic?
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They managed to make K-on not the worst thing ever so yes. The K-ON manga is awuful.
meme dragon is not even Top 20 material of the season though
It could've been better, like not censoring the panty shot of Kanna.

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What do you think of Shalltear-sama?
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Cute but I don't fuck with gravediggers.
small boobs
needs a tan
I want to kiss her chest

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The dragons can screw themselves, I just want some cuddle time with this moe office worker.
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I applaud your choice
Kobayashi is the best Kyoani protagonist
The dragons can't screw themselves OP, that's what the moe office worker is for

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Why are these idols so great?
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Did someone say idol
>Under 149
is that the sum of their ages?
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>under 149
What did he mean by that?

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>you will never be as devoted to your wifu as this man

Feels bad
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Bruh really?
That looks like a girl not a man

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This is literally me when I try to act cool to a girl
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I understand OP. Basically you're trying to draw her in using your strong cock stench. I do the same, it wakes their primal urges and they seek out the closest animal like dude. Luckily you're right there in front of her, giving her the strongest of all doses. Shit is so cash.
I hope Andou isn't out of the game yet
Chio is such a fucking piece of shit holy shit

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Just got through watching this, thought the choreography was pretty alright at points. What did you think of it /a/?
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Why did you post such a enormous image?
gimme rome
pretty okay cgi. I hope this will usher an improve used of cg in anime.

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