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An anything goes image board
I'm posting young teens being forced to hold hands, and nobody can stop me.
me on the fucking left

If I am a dollfucker, should I watch Rozen Maiden?
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Yes, desu.
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You should take responsibility Anon

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WASURE WA shinai Kimi no koto wa
KANAWANU michi ni Nao hitori tachi

I think HAI YO is more memorable than Forces. Shame about the anime though.

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Which timeline did you empathize with the most?
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The one where he joins no club and stays in his room.
None, but tatami galaxy still one of my favourites.

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How many villains have actual friends? Not loyal underlings, but people that they go out and drink wine with.
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The Ginyu force count?
There's a lot of things to say about this page.
Most of them were not friends

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Who would you spar with for an afternoon?
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I'd spar with Kanna-chan at night if you know what I mean.
Kanna. As far as the dragon's go she's the weakest and also the one that holds back the most judging by how no kid was seriously harmed during her dodge ball match

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Can we all agree this is the best OP of the season?
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That's not Demi-chan

>mfw a kobayashi uk release is attempted
>mfw it gets barred from being sold in the uk or gets cut to oblivion

If we're lucky, it'll slip by uncut at a 15/18. Why does Bongland have to be so restrictive?
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Nisemonogatari got through just fine, so quit your false flagging bullshit.
Why do you care so much? Just import it.

So did Strike Witches and Lolibund.
hold on, what rating is it probably going to get?


Does she have a fat fetish or something?
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Hopefully. Incoming impregnation doujins with fat faceless men when?
Lurk 4 years before posting.
>Chubby chaser

fucking disgusting thank god i dropped this shit show.

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As you can see, I have already begun. He's quintessential.
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>loses the game with all cards, making new cards, and knowing what cards your opponent will use
Explain this to me, OP. This so called "greatest villain".
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his heart wasn't in the cards. and being a villain isn't always about winning you noob noob noobmeister.
>his heart wasn't in the cards
Anon, he can predict cards. With this power he might as well shuffle them however he likes. He could just put the OP cards in his hands. Hell, he could just make a card that allows him to win the game.

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Does trap manga makes you gay?
Can you love person with a dick?
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If you love them does it even matter?
I can love someone with my dick, yes
Depends on whom you self insert as.
>with the trap
You are just a faggot homosexual and there's no saving it. You'll on pills and surgeries in 5 years tops then catch aids.
>with the MC
Either prison gay due to porn boredom, or a pederast that likes little boys and finds a way out.

Strictly talking about 2d non-western traps. Everything else is cancer.

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It's never going to be finished, right?
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Don't lose hope anon!
You have to believe!
I'm willing to bet it'll finish before Berserk.
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Gilgamesh (Fate)

Arrogant but powerful.
Still acts kingly despite being summoned as a servant.
Sets his goal in stone and makes sure that he obtains it, unless it is unobtainable.
Actually knows what to do with the Grail.
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I'd follow this hero who does nothing wrong to hell and back!
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There is currently no more based hardworker than him.
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I think he should get a break.

He is going to die from overworking.
Only Maid Dragon is good and mostly because Kyoani improved it.
>only maid dragon is good
how dare you disrespect the masterpiece that is "I'm literally just drawing porn, but there's only paizuri and no actual sex"

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do people ACTUALLY self-insert when watching anime?
i just watch it from an observer point of view.
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First of all, self insert is a thing that only the writer does because he can actually write himself in. I don't know about weirdos out there who think they're actually in an anime and have a wife there. It's a little weird. Maybe they're mentally ill? Probably. I should have compassion instead of flame trolling them. Poor guys. Think they're being someone. But it's someone else.
I don't think you quite understand what self-inserting means.
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We won't have to once Trump-sama finally delivers

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