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Why make an anime from a unpopular and bad source material?
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If it sells, it's neither bad nor impopular and thus it means you have a safe avenue for your adaptation and a guaranteed return on investment.
this is what marketing faggotrons actually believe
i actually bought the game cuz of anime
But that's true.

Have you gotten your tickets for April 7th?
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I already saw this movie while I was on a plane heading towards Japan.
Not yet
looks gay af desu

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Why is Megumin so shit? She ruined the whole episode!
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Is this from ep09? I must've missed it.
Megumin is fine. The only bad thing in Konosuba are shipfags who always ruin everything

>its been nearly 10 years since Lucky Star started airing
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I thought it was longer.

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How do we fix this series?
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>Less than 20 chapters left
You can't.
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>Series became this shit
>Somebody still believes that it can be fixed
Nah, just let it go.
There's no way, the moment it stopped being about alibaba's journey towards becoming a kind king it stopped being entertaining.

There are your GJbu, Love Lab, Mikakunin, Plastic Memories, Nozaki-kun and Umaru second seasons, guys.
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Plastic Memories isn't even vaguely in the same genre as New Game and the others
Only Mikakunin and on a different note, Nozaki-kun was as good or better than New Game. GJ-bu was super comfy, but pretty low key, Umaru is sway worse in every aspect, Love Lab is just plain shit with the shotacon shittery, Plastic Memories is plain bad.
Nice decision to be completely earnestly honest.
New Game is fine though, I always liked the mango and season 1 was neat as well. I would have liked something else a lot more but this is also completely fine.

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/a/ seriously my mind is blown; she's CHUUNI. That's what she is. This just occured to me.
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but the show is through kon's eyes
It only took the word becoming extra popular on /a/ for you to even realize that, eh?
Not at all, you're a retard.
She ran into chuuni folk when she was looking through occult clubs and such and was very much disappointed with those losers.

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No waifu in 2017 has topped her yet.
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But she was topped by Astro Boy at the dawn of anime.
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Well, it's kind of hard to top the best girl of all time.

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M-more ZR please
what am i looking at here?
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What the fuck happened?
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Any manga readers want to explain what the fuck her hair is?
GN Drives
If dullahans are so amazing, why hasn't NASA captured Machi yet and dissected her to figure out the mechanism behind her neck's function?

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Non Non Biyori is the greatest SoL anime ever made.
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It is. Our lives will never be so bittersweet.
K-On, Minami-Ke, Kimi to Boku, Lucky Star are better
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A challenger appears.

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Have you ever cried while watching anime? This scene nearly brought me to tears...

>constantly MVPs for their dysfunctional household
>friends with everyone
>more powerful than all the girls combined but doesn't let it go to her head
>humble as fuck
Broke my heart when she offered to go without a proper meal.
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Plus, she's the biggest advocate for the best ending.
>I would if I could
What a fucking slut. I hope MC dies and the monster girls find someone who"ll bring them real happiness
>not wanting to pick a different threesome from poultry in aspic, surf and turf, harness and horse's, or head from shoulders every night.
Have you no lust in your soul, anon?

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Crying edition
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harem end.jpg
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How can To Love-Ru even compete
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Manga was hilarious though
Every chapter made me laugh
God bless gag manga and their propensity towards actual harem ends.
Akari best childhood friend.

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What the fuck was his problem?
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Why is abridged Kaiba such a badass?
He doesn't know what you're supposed to do with friends so he torments them like an enemy since that's the closest thing in his experience.
So he's autistic?

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