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Whose katana was that?
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Eto : ^)
Motorcycle dude

Screen cap this post

a V member

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Relax and take it easy.
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This 23rd of March is gonna be 4 years since I've first met my waifu, so I'd like something special.
Anything cute between her and my SI like holding hands or on a date together would be nice.
A silly request would be my SI wearing Robins or Kirans cloak and being with Tharja.
Or congratulating her on winning 3rd place in the recent poll that was held.

Holding up Noires/Morgans Cipher cards and being proud of her daughters.
Like how a parent would show pictures of their kids in their wallet.

Even if it's off season, wearing the reindeer tiara she got in Heroes.
It's only a neck up shot so far, in the bottom center of my ref.
Maybe posing like this as well. - http://imgur.com/a1q6Sy1

Preparing a bento or presenting one to the viewer.

Playing Heroes on a smartphone or a tablet.

Wearing anything from these albums.
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_reference 4.0.png
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Hello again everyone!

I'd like to request my lovely Madotsuki – Really, anything would be great! Anything cute, seasonally-themed, romantic, or especially anything POV. (Cute)Lewd is ok, but I would prefer nothing directly explicit or 'slutty', please.

Specific request ideas:
- A POV of her in this pose http://i.imgur.com/71wbeoJ.png (Her hair being pushed out of her face so the viewer can see her eyes).
- Her dressed up in a tacticool outfit (While still keeping some of her stylizations like her braids, her checkerboard symbol in the form of a patch, etc.) Some basic examples: http://imgur.com/a/AQZn8
- Her wrapped up in a quilt or blanket.
- Her wearing a cute spring-time outfit.
- Less specific, but I always love to see Madotsuki sleeping peacefully. Either in her bed or wherever else.
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Orihime Reference.jpg
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Good morning, requesting please Orihime laying on her back and looking at the stars, wearing Samurai Jack’s kimono, or eating a banana. Anything else cute of her is good too, thank you.

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Blessing day 2 is translated:


Rem is a spaghetti spiller when it comes to Nee-sama.
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Thank you for translating
Reminder that it's better to have 100 posts of ESL arguing than 3 posts of catfag cruschfagottory
No its not

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The marathon stream is onto Index II and the Endymion movie, after that it's Heavy Object. Get in here for some fun and memes.
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>You will never be this cool
Ladylee will be in NT18.
I don't remember any of their names or personalities bar Tatemiya, Itsuwa and Kanzaki

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I cannot believe Serval is dead!
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Post Kashikoi.
>Serval is fucking dead
I can't believe it.
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Will MAPPA deliver in s2?
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Considering the sales, they should know what direction to take.
Trips confirm Sayo will unleash her extensive homo knowledge.
what happened to the other thread earlier? did the mods deleted it?


Is this a newfag thing?

Moving onto DEEP BLOOD. Join us.

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praise kekota.png
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>Is this a newfag thing?
Is this a newfag thing?
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Get fucking hype. 1 hour and 20 minutes til the stream.


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Friendly reminder that this will be animated in your lifetimes
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Index 3 SOON

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New chapter out, I'm getting so lost.
Completely new characters once again.
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God I hate that new kid Gabi so much

You're at war, stop making jokes and being so light-hearted about the situation, you fucking dumb little slut
Ya... im pretty much done with this shit by now, its getting even worse than claymore.

It was better when they were the last humans ever vs the titans.
This. Also we're now on Reiner's side if I understand well, right ? Why the timeskip ? To allow Eren to prepare the counterattack with controlled titans against their country ?

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You guys liked the new episode?
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It was good, foxes are cute.

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This is the most popular show of the season

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I didn't understand anything the Canadian was saying.
The one from Belize was a lot better.
I assumed she was speaking french.

I haven't been following the threads today, what are we supposed to take from Mirai-san's statements about Ceruleans? And the foxes' mention of hunters?

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New story summaries.

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Perfect end.jpg
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Every thread until Crusch-sama gets her memories back.
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>Roswaal (extra notes): Comes to Garitch to borrow a healing arts teaching textbook for Rem. Declares himself not suited to healing magic. Seeing Garitch and Ferris’ interaction, briefly recalls himself and his own teacher. Advises Ferris to study in a way that will leave him with no regrets. Garitch thinks of him as a decent noble who judges people based on what’s inside them.

Roswaal being nice to Ferri makes him a good clown.
Fuck no, he fucked over Ram and Rem

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Get in here, Friends
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Snek a best
Maybe the poster including a 2nd Serval wasn't just random, after all?
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Best Penguins.

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would you eat this Otaegg?
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Fairy is lewdly rebelling when he's forced into third wheeling these days
I need Russia anon to translate the text that was in the center of the cover

Does KyoAni have anything to offer besides cute/fuckable girls and pretty looking frames?
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what else could you want?
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No they don't and Kyoanifags still defend this
Animation that is fun to watch, interesting themes, strong characterization, exciting action, cool character design, inventive worldbuilding, compelling storytelling.

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