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>We will never see them actually in school
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this fucking guy
I wonder what would happen if they met.

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How come Izuku doesn't transform into a buff version of himself when he uses One For All?
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they're saving it as a power-up for future fights obviously.
Perhaps buff All Might was his natural state of being before that grievous injury.
well for one he can't even fucking use it to its full extent

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Would you /a/?
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Loli hate pizza
I would stab that dragon.
Hell yes

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This town sounds a bit shady
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I will visit Bernkastel one day.
Do any /a/nons live there? Does that place even have internet?
The town has a population of 400 so I doubt anyone here lives there.

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You people actually watched this shit?
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yeah it was pretty ok
>called yuri
>it's yaoi
What the fuck

Only fujoshits

1999 or 2011 anime?

I've watched the first episode of both now. I prefer the 90s look and the music is godly but the 1999 version seems to be more fillerish.
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Funny coincidence... I started watching HxH for the first time last month, and did exactly the same.

I too liked the 1999 version's visuals and style more, so I semi-marathoned through that first, OVAs and all. Started 2011 version a week or so ago, now at ep 30, and it feels and looks so lazy and bad in comparison. There's been tiny bits and pieces that I've liked in the 2011 version, but for the most parts it has felt like some cheaå FoxKid's adaptation, with an art-director with huge CYM color palette fetish.
>the 1999 version seems to be more fillerish.
more like the 2011 version lacks character introductions completely, and doesn't even want to build atmosphere and emotional connections with characters.
If there was any legit "filler" in 99 version, it made the show better IMO. Not to mention it has some ACTUAL animation, not just quick flashes of static images w/ flashing SFX backgrounds, plus the more earthly tones + dark contrast make the old series more pleasing to watch. The 2011's makers constantly make western folks blond, and even plain out skip shading at times.
Watch 99 and read the manga. Then catch up on 11 before the 99 ovas.

99 is a thousand times better.

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It's a fucking recap. Don't make a thread for this crap, retard.
This is why Ishithara is the worst.
>another recap
The only reason I can see this happening is because the first one was profitable enough. What kind of idiot watches recap movies though?

If you were the protagonist, would you kill a surrendering enemy?
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Without hesitation.

I would. But as far as anime goes, I would not. Ever.

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What would you do with a Sento of your own?
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Treat her like a princess like she deserved
Make her do my taxes
Sell her to customers and marry Latifa-sama

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This skinny 13 year old mage walks up to you, pulls up her skirt a bit, and tells you she hasn't eaten in 4 days and will do anything for food.

What do you do?
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Rape the loli.
Nigga you know she eatin jizz
Feed her

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Iorin is a pure beautiful lady.
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momoka is better
Iori is a cute bunny!

>you take their body but you keep your mind
>starting on the 1st episode
How would it go?
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find and rape all non main characters.
I guess I now have no time to spend for myself on nights.
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>watching Dog Days

Guess I will be making a mega harem with every girl.

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Come get your monthly dose of Gyaru cooking antics. Dumping the latest chapter.
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I forgot that this was a thing.

More Trinity Seven is always a good thing, plus this girl is cute as fuck
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Someone clearly didn't think this one through.

>only 55 minutes, 45 of which were an actual content
>quality on the level of the TV series, not even one money-burning scene that would make you go "holy shit, that was amazing"
>pretty much non-existent plot with a villain so bland I forgot about him during his own fight scene

It's just as if someone took a fanservice OVA, quickly added some action scenes with an excuse plot device and decided it's a movie now.
Well, at least we got more semen demon, so that's something.
Lilm is super adorable.

But Sora is still the best loli and girl.

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