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They called Jun for some fucking reason
I don't know what to say
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They were smart for once in their lives
Do Misuzu and Jun have the same smartphone?
I kind of hopped that it would be Carol calling for help.
The delinquents find them
And then turns out Carol ordered a bunch of body guards to beat them up.

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>She walks up behind you as you sit by the riverbank

What do you say /a/?
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I'm fake, you're fake. This is all a dream during an afternoon nap.
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Yunyun is super cute!
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Henlo Yunyun!
Which Yun do you prefer: the left Yun or the right Yun?
One cannot exist without the other

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Is there a cock in the world big enough to satisfy Jolyne?
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More than one
Apparently Romeo had one.
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delet this

Will we ever get a fifth season, or even some OVAs?
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But there would no more Yoshinoya sensei.
SHAFT only cares about Madoka and Monogatari now.
No, Shaft is too busy milking other series, and Manga Time Kirara Carat is shilling other series like New Game.

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Mary Sue done right.

She has all the super abilities and talents, she's super cute and gets everything she wants but the series is not about that.
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>gets everything she wants
She didn't get Chinatsu

Chinatsu is just a little tsundere towards her. They do stuff together all the time and Kyouko plays around with her quite often.
Chinatsu has her friendzoned hard. Kyouko trying to put the moves on her during their movie date was just sad.

It's my safe day, so for an extra ¥20000 you can finish inside, Mister!
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Sorry young lady but I'd rather see your friend, Chinatsu-chan, thank you.
Boys have safe days?

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this show is bad but she is one of the best written child characters I've seen, she is believable as a child
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>she is believable as a child
I don't know if it's a cultural thing but every child experience I had featured children who are all loud as fuck and makes fun of any boring scenario
I can't imagine any better attitude for children
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So that's why I want to sexually fuck her so much?

Does anyone else instantly skip past Machi scenes?
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just picked this up and only been watching vampire/succubus

her scenes aren't too bad.

snow girl's can be painful to watch though.
I want to make her mind go blank.

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Balalaika is for __________
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Titty fucking with a big fat turd.
>titty fucking
>with a big fat
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mopping the floor.png
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... greeting courteously as I visit my Sawyer at work and walk in on them talking about a job.

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Was it rape?
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It's not rape if you enjoy it.
>Used goods
Fuckin' dropped!
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It was a masterpiece

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>roughly 43kg

Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body. I'd just walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on.
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when you are 2m like me, you can do that to almost every girl.
Tall girls are still the best.
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We just had this thread


Even KyoAni fans say the light novel is pretty bad, are you worried for the adaptation?
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The only three who have read it said they like it.
I don't even care about the story, it's Kyoani, I'm just watching for the eyecandy.
So far I've only seen one anonymous poster say he likes it, the other two are twitterfags, one made a review a couple days ago and it wasn't favorable.

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>Floating.. floating..
>Serval traveled the sea by boat.
>"Wait for me, Kaban-chan! I'm coming to meet you now!"
>But Serval did not know, that one step outside of Japari Park, would turn her back into a Serval Cat.
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When's the next episode?
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5 minutes.

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How will the young prince get out of this one
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Is Ciel getting rid of India? After bearing with his shit for so long. What a waste.
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What did he see
If the two Ciels theory isnt true, the author would be quite the troll

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