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Which one is a better look for her?
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Twintails rule the world.
Twintails are always superior, but I wouldn't mind a twintailed delinquent look.

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>tfw no anime movie for Random Access Memories
>tfw no 2017 world tour
>tfw the only Daft Punk music I hear these days is that song where it's the nigger singing about coming.
ONE MORE TIME, one more chance.

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New Masterpiece!
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>Shouta Umehara departed from Dogakobo a couple weeks ago, and just today he announced he will be working on The idolmaster sideM anime, meaning that he has joined A-1 Pictures now.
>While we’re on bad news for Dogakobo, here’s the actual tragedy: Nobuyuki Mitani is quitting the studio and anime altogether for the foreseeable future
>He’s been showing up fairly regularly on Gabriel Dropout, which will be his final project (for now?).

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Not anime
so now a relationship that was entirely meaningless and trivial is over
nothing to get too upset about
Couldn't care less, Dogakobo makes pure garbage.

Was /a/'s hate for UBW largely unjustified?
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Rarely is/a/'s anything justified.

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Isekai Smartphone.jpg
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Why? Why are they animating this tripe?
>After a freak accident involving some lightning winds up zapping him dead, 15-year-old Mochizuki Touya wakes up to find himself face-to-face with God. “I am afraid to say that I have made a bit of a blunder...” laments the old coot.
>But all is not lost! God says that he can reincarnate Touya into a world of fantasy, and as a bonus, he gets to bring his smartphone along with!
>So begins Touya's adventure in a new, anachronistic pseudo-medieval world. Friends! Laughs! Tears! Inexplicable Deus ex Machina! He sets off on a journey full of wonder as he absentmindedly travels from place to place, following whatever goal catches his fancy.
If you thought Death March was "nothing fucking happens", you seen nothing yet.
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>Why are they animating this tripe?
Because you fags will watch it and like it as usual

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Did you like the episode?
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Akko's dress looks tacky tho.
Pretty boring episode, honestly.
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It was a hilarious episode. Trigger have gotten pretty decent at visual comedy.

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what happened to this show
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it was rewritten
sure as hell feels like a completely different show
Self-indulgence leads to world destruction.
You can only save the world by sacrificing yourself.
Or something.

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Post Mexican anime characters
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Who's this?
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What do you think of Gantz?
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Good start but ruined when the author tried to explain or add things like vampire. Also, last 15 volumes of pure "I don't know what i'm doing".
It was similar to reading books from marx.
I liked it at first, but after "a few" chapters i understood that it was just complete bullshit.
But even though i do not regret reading it till the end. It had its glamor.
Yeah I know what you mean, I'm just finishing up on it now and it's all out the window.

It's starting to shit me how I'm noticing that all the backgrounds now are literally just pictures someone's taken and put through photoshop or something.

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wsj lineup.jpg
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Which Jump series gets axed next?
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Poro, U19, WNL, Samon. About the last one I'm not sure when but Poro and U19 will definetly die soon.
U19, Poro and the golf one.
One Piece, Oda dies tomorrow.

>a movie to watch with your family
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What a pathetic ass. Taki should've banged Senpai instead.
>>a movie to watch with your family
>Anime for family
Might be a problem if you come from a conservative muslim family or are american

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Why this show feels really different? This is the first kirara show i dropped
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What episode are you on?
Shit starts getting good at ep 6
It's extremely bland. Sakura Trick-tier bland while at the same time trying to saddle the line between cute antics and plot only to spectacularly underperform at both.
I stopped on episode 5.

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This show is retarded.
It's only techwanking for gun and military nerds.

Besides that, it has ZERO tension as the whole premise of the show is how a modern military absolutely shits on a medieval army with some fantasy thrown into it making the antagonists pathetic and infuriatingly stupid to watch. And to make the main protagonists even more absurdly OP, they give them an unkillable demi-goddess and the most powerful mage in the entire realm, they literally cannot fucking lose and they never do lose a fight in this entire show.

Even If you're a military nerd and you find the accurate portrayal of military tactics and weaponry. You have to admit, this shit is stupid.
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The show is pure aids.

Read the manga. Stop being a newfriend.
I heard the manga was worse in terms of one sided fights and overly obnoxious japanese propaganda. I could be wrong though, but quite frankly, this show left to bad a taste in my mouth
Hello burger-kun.
This show is awesome if just for butthurt it caused fat retards for all eternity.

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Where were you when Honoka and Chika got blown the fuck out?
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The fact that Umi isn't on top and Aqours that low show that most of LLfags have garbage taste.
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I don't know what this is for. But what I do know is that Chika is a good girl.
>Eli only 5th
>Honoka only 13th
>Dia only 15th
>Riko only 16th
Shit poll

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