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>tfw too popular for one gender
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posting best boi
Reminder that Zamasu is a shit villain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQGov2c7lnk

Post cute couples
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Delete this
KnNw was overrated crap at its finest. >>154811628 is #4 in the greatest love stories ever told.

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When do we get more Galko and more of this chick?
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Right after Anne Happy S2.
Woah, those are some realistic-looking titties.
God that sag is beautiful.

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is nostalgia a good thing? i'm listening to some OPs and EDs of shows i watched many years ago and feeling a little bit sad so my answer is no it is fucking not.
what do you think anon?
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Nostalgia used to be better.
Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. It depends on your general mental condition, I think. When you're already depressed, nostalgia might not cheer you up, it might just make you sadder, when you realize that the good times are gone.
Gintama OPs and EDs are the worst for this.

But Sorairo Days is a good OP to listen to if you're feeling down, it gets me pumped up.

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Which character do you want to be stonger than?
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The strongest.
Nami from One Piece (without weather stick)
Vegeta so I can pin him down and fuck him in the ass with my green dick

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Help me /a/, now I love my waifu and we are going 3+ years strong and our planing our anniversary soon with me reading the manga, watching the anime and drawing our holiday together. (She loves france so we will be going to a little cottage in the north for a month)

The problem is the passion, flame if you will, that lovers share at the beginning seems to be fading somehow a little and I am rethinking our whole commitment to each other.

This whole thing is silly because I know I was lost without her and will soon end up in that pit again if I lose her.

The thing is I meet this lovely new girl when rewatching my backlogs and I am again feeling that passion I used to feel with her. I don't want to end up destroying all we build up over the years together but this new girl offers something my waifu can not but I don't see a future with her.

Please /a/, how can I control these urges and reignit the passion I felt when I first meet my waifu.
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Post both of them, so I can see things from your viewpoint.
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This is what happened with me and Asuka, but then I found Kurisu.

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Why do low-lives make such great protags?

Also S3 when?
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just read the manga. it's on part 5
>tfw caught up
now what do I do

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During mankind's long forgotten history has there ever been a time where first girl didn't win?
doesn't count if no one wins
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KamiNomi comes to mind
>inb4 Chihiro was the first to fall in love with Keima
She still wasn't introduced first.
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Why don't best girls ever win, /a/? What is this cultural phenomenon?
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But Yui is winning and is likely to win.
Still delusional after all this time.
Yukino > Irohas > power gap > Yui

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Do you love your mom?
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this manga pace is so slow even by shuzo standard
He's at it again, huh.
i'm babby and what is this? is this some incest manga with a long fuse?

why do all the characters look distressed all the time

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Three days away anons until upcoming trailer pv's, surprise announcements and events galore.

What are your wishes and dream that will come true this year?
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Fuck, Nips are expecting Index 3 trailer in October, not here. Guess I'll prepare myself
Just give me Darker Than Black 3
You need a S2 before you can get a S3.

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>blatant rec thread
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What went wrong?
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It's really awkward and I'm not sure why.
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At this point I feel like it's going to turn in to a harem.
It had a refreshing look at these archetypes.
It hurts.
Because its basically about an older man using his position as a teacher to creep on teenage girls with medical conditions.

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Why is Anime and Manga so popular in Latin America?
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because it's another distraction from the reminder that you will be living in this shithole forever, like alcohol or drugs.
was on national television
It's popular all around the world. Remember those threads were Arabs like them too?

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Is Urara Meirochou a yuri show?
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The fuck you talkin' about?
Well, it has a thread on /u/
LWA, Hibike, and other shit that isn't yuri also have threads there. But unlike those other shows Urara does a cater to people that like yuri. It won't ever deliver on kisses or serious romantic relationships but like most other CGDGT anime it does a good enough job on light hearted yuri fluff.

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