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Do boys do it better?
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Nah, vaginas are too great.
It's the twintails, they're too sexy

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When does this stop being boring
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Episode 1.
This show cured my insomnia.

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Pretty sure everyone of us fapped to Shinka at least once.
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at least once per hour, considering every second post is about her nowadays
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I can safely say I haven't.
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Stop being so tsun Lulu

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cancer man.jpg
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put cancer man's films in the correct order

protip - Paprika isn't the best one
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Implying /a/'s userbase is old enough to know that Perfect Blue is his best work
now is it
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Paprika > Millennium Actress > Tokyo Godfathers > Perfect Blue

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Last episode of Chain Chronicle is out
>[HorribleSubs] Chain Chronicle - Haecceitas no Hikari (TV) - 12 [720p].mkv
Well, 3rd movie was out few weeks ago but I don't think there was thread about it.
So, what do you think about it?
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Marina best girl
So, am I missing something here if I didn't play the mobage?

I kinda liked MC unironically becoming evil for a while though. The atmosphere of despair was a welcome change from other mobage plots which basically amounts to "one piece with waifus"
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hey dude i'm a fairy.jpg
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>the Holy Queen didn't redeem her fallen paladin vassal

still funny

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name a more ironic trio,i'll wait
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The three stooges
you, your waifu, my dick
Chico > Pico > Mokkun >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Coco

Prove me wrong. Pro tip: You can't

That was fun, really enjoyable, doesn't take itself too seriously and Froylatia is the best

S2 when?
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>S2 when?
Literally never. You can try the LN though, it's set up so that if you've read volume 1 you can pick any of the other volumes to read next. Although reading volume 5 prior to ace combat loli's new volume next month is recommended.

fucking why, did it flop?

Maybe they'll do S2 when theres enough material out with the LN's I'll hold my hope out for that
It did flop, and for a variety of reasons (some people might try to blame it on one factor). If they maintain the same pace as S1, then the LN basically has three more 24-episode seasons worth of content, plus an extra volume that could serve as a movie.

What do you do when you go back to a show that you put on hold over a year ago but you only have a vague clue of what the plot was about and you have almost no clue what's going on?
>pic is related
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I watch it from the start.
Here's a quick reminder: Togame dies
But I also really don't want to do that.

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Be honest, /a/. You didn't expect this to happen at all, did you?
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No, didn't even know the name Urobuchi.
It really took the wind out of me.
I didn't even know what happened until later, could have been a bit more explicit. You can't have shock value and then censor out the shock.
I was expecting something, so it wasn't a complete surprise. Sayaka and Homura's arcs threw me a loop though. Especially episode 10.

I downloaded the episodes from some website to watch and Ep. 6 was subbed in the fucking Madoka world language. I'm still mad about that

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Why is this so overrated?
It's a 6/10 at best
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A lot of people liked it.
Literally one of the best anime ever created. It doesn't try to be anything more than it is or have a deep message or whatever. It's just a nice love story with beautiful art and music.
Ironically Shinkai agrees with you, and really resents being hailed as the new Miyazaki.

But to answer your question
>Young, relative newcomer to the industry makes a movie
>It's quite good
>A lot of people who saw it inform others that it's quite good
>The hype train builds up

In my opinion its biggest flaw is starting out with a girl groping her own breasts. It's a funny gag, but to start a movie out like that... it creates a real "did I walk into the right cinema/put in the right dvd/stream the right anime?" vibe.

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Pic related is now the very first enemy the protagonist of your favorite anime/manga has to confront.

How fucked are they?
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Bazuso? The grey knight Bazuso?
In berserk 2016?
Who gave Al an axe?

How much better would LWA have been if Kyoani animated it?
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It would honestly be better. Trigger keeps butchering their own work.
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Bad idea, her genkiness works better by Trigger.
Just can't imagine Akko x Diana yuri with Euphonium tier production values. Too good for this world.
With Trigger, it just looks cartoonish and underanimated. No impact at all.

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What was his endgame?
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Being 1 percent less shit than Anubis and Paradox
Did he succeed?
end of the world shenanigens?

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Will KyoAni ever make a better comedy than this?
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They've done better comedy both before and after Nichijou.
If somebody writes it and they adapt it, maybe.

Im glad we can all agree this is best girl
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Yeah, it doesn't happen very often, but this one is an easy decision
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Of course. inb4 that Celestiafag.
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Yeah she was pretty much superior to every other girl.

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