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How do you feel about anime girls in tights?
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I have a large bone for them to examine.
I prefer bike shorts

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So Dowman Sayman has a new series going on and it's not a oneshot/short stories collection/whopping 1 volume/12 chapter story this time?

And since I don't see anyone talking about it here's what we're gon' do.
We're gon' read whatever's out of it so far and have a good time, sounds like a plan?

>"How Many Light-Years to Babylon?"
short summary:
>Follow the intergalactic adventures of a man traveling the stars with a mission: to bone the hottest girls the universe has to offer while uncovering the mysteries of his forgotten past.
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Do you like big girls?
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I like all 2D girls.
I like girls that can drink big so that I can have her rely on me to walk her home gently.
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Her character is honestly retarded or maybe it was just the VA sounding goofy as hell.

The chance to see a new High School of the Dead series is now 0%.....
The creator and writer of the manga Daisuke Satō Passed Away at 52 in march 22.
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>100% dead

More like 99%, there are several cases where the artist continued the author's work.
At this point it's 100%, as the artist of this manga has already proved that he sucks at creating story, only knows how to draw.
His solo work Triage X has already proved that he's a shitty writer without Daisuke Sato.
>it's true
the wat

If you could direct and produce your very own anime with an unlimited budget and complete creative freedom what would it be about? What are some ideas you have?
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Moe high school lesbians from the future who live on a massive spaceship and have fun adventures for the sake of intergalactic peace
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1. Complete, big budget adaption of YKK.
2. If there's any money left, make a modest budget Voynich Hotel anime, in Shaft style.
A pathetic hobo that wanders around the world deceiving and stealing without any purpose and in the end he kills himself

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well, fuck.
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>their best comedy director debuts on FREE of all things
It's basically K-On. I'm not even a gay and I just pretend they're all girls and it works because they all act like teenage girls.
Shame about the nipples and muscles though. And the pointy chins.
Yeah, they definitely don't act like boys at all.
But then again, K-ON girls act like 10 year olds so it kinda balances out.

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Do you agree?
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only for girls (male)
He looks like a fag and I don't agree with fags
Lolis yes, old hags can go die in a ditch.

Seen both of them and I find them that they're both overrated and are given too much credit.

Prove me wrong
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>Prove me wrong
We don't need to, you've proven yourself wrong
I agree.

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>girl is half Japanese (always the mother who's the blonde gaijin)
>girl somehow has natural blonde hair and blue eyes every time
>has an English given name and Japanese surname

I don't know why this bothers me so much, either I'm a /pol/ level stormfront racist or my autism flare up- maybe it's both.
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How do retards like you learn to quote and not use them correctly at the same time?
I hate the "lesbian" female friend who is jealous of the male mc. The only time I liked a character like that was Monkey.
meanwhile the picture you posted doesn't describe the character at all

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If this is the guy from Yamato 2199 he's a good guy. If this is from that shit called Nadia Blue Water it's a bad show and I can't believe I let /a/ trick me into watching that
Spotted the meat eater.
I thought he was Global from SDF Macross

Are childhood friends the purest form of love?
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Fuck yes, childhood friend who always support MC like Miku filled my heart with happiness.
>Black Kanojo
>Gf is not african american
No, but yandere like the one you posted are.

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Gowther gets waifu.png
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No wonder why he is called the sin of lust.
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He sure had a good time before losing his heart
Goats' sin of lewd
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Real Gowther.png
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He is proud of his son

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Why is Nodoka into 3rd world shit holes? Would she fuck a Machu Picchu boy like me?
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>staying in Peru any longer than a tour of the ruins
oh shit she's into aliums

but post more azusa pls

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Tejina-senpai anime when?!
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After Dagashi flopping, probably never.
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why would that have anything to do with it
Senpai makes me diamonfs every time.

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is this show worth watching in current year? or is it a better idea to just watch five+ other shows in that time?
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If you like space operas, sure.
It's a good show but the lack of Kircheis really drags the later episodes down.
seriously, if only Kircheis was in those episodes...

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