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fucking finally
It was on hiatus?

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Fukumenkei Noise PV2
Genre: Music, Romance, Drama, Comedy
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I want to scream with Nino
They actually did a good job at that part in the PV
>Saori Hayami singing.
Instant watch.

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How do you rate them
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Konosuba's important objective is to defeat the demon lord so that Aqua can return to heaven.
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>have an important objective
>go back home
That doesn't read nicely at all, who the fuck made that?

>important objective

>having fun
>going back home
>having fun
>no idea what to do
>what the fuck was that guy thinking when he said "waifus"? That doesn't even make sense. His objective earlier on is to repay his debt to Emilia, and later on, to rescue Rem. He doesn't wish to go around and pick up girls.
>dealing with conflicts

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Ninja Scroll.jpg
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This movie is amazing, will we ever get a sequel?
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I doubt it..
Shame, it had so many cool moments.
Watch the series. Then, watch BASILISK. You're welcome.

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Who draws the best traps?
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all I'm getting is a a Sand Panda?
how many people even draw traps?

How do you watch your anime. /a/? On a desktop computer, on a laptop (including netbooks), on a large TV, or on a phone/tablet? Or do you project it on your wall with a projector?

I'm curious about your audio gear, too.
Are they large? Are they wired or wireless? Circumaural or supra-aural? Or do you prefer earbuds?
Are they of the home-cinema variety, or are they just two normal speakers with a subwoofer? Or do you use the speakers designed for desktop computers?
>Amps and DACs?

And last, but not least, how do you make yourself comfortable?
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Shonen stuff I watch with my dad?
>TV connected to laptop
>Speakers from TV
>On sofa

Other stuff
>Basic earbuds
>On PC chair/bed

Anime movies on bluray that are generally accepted
>7.2 channel home theater system
>5:4 monitor from around 2005 (1280x1024)
Well, they don't constantly press against my ear - I don't understand who'd willingly use that kind of headphones - they're painful, and they don't even isolate the sound in both ways. Everybody can hear what you're listening to, and the other way around. Not every piece of music I play sounds overly bassy and dull, and the headphones have a decent soundstage for their price.

I don't use DACs and amps because I don't really have good headphones that would warrant their use

In order to make myself cozy, during the winter I assume a position that bends my spine quite a lot - I'm huddled in my chair like a fetus; I may possibly regret that over the years. But it's really fucking comfortable to wrap yourself up in a blanket, turn the AC up and listen to your favourite albums while browsing /a/.
properly calibrated and good quality ips monitor. o2 amp/dac and sennheiser hd650s.

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Hmmm, tashkani
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Ara ara~
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*laughs in japanese*

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Time Bokan 24 gets second season
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I probably the only faggot that cares, thanks OP.
Fuck yeah.
Thank God they werent lying with that last joke.
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ITT: "Villains" that did nothing wrong
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that is some atrocious art
>this nigga
Are you blind or just fucking gay?

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ss (2017-03-01 at 11.00.46).jpg
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Why don't more harems do this?
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Well, most harems would need at least one trap.
Adolescent adam

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I'm sure something similar's been done, but fuck it.

WEG (Watched, Expected, Got) thread.
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weg kemono friends.jpg
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Around the first episode.
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This is the face that Rin makes before she snaps your neck with her thighs and steal your car.
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Oh sweet fair maiden Rin, sacred jewel of the Nile, divine blossom sprung from each cardinal direction, grant me willing entrance into thine own folds of velvet contour, so that I may replicate that which doth appear to be somewhat vaguely familiar to mine own image, as the Lord doth hath doeth forthhence
Rin is better than Shinka.

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Holy shit can you please fuck off
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don't get the hate

I mean she's better than yah piss piss girl or the basketball bitch
She's a goddamn know-it-all for no real reason.
monkey>know it all cunt
>not liking doll
shit taste alert

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What went wrong?
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Hopefully it will have good CGI like Etotama or that movie about a busty blonde girl that I forgot her name but not the titties.
Please dont bring 3D animations to /a/
Is Anno directing?

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Will they capture Boss's true glory?
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[Citation needed]

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