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We will be getting season 4.

But the question is when?
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We haven't had dog days in snow yet right?
Correct. Season 4 will be Flonyard in winter, and will most likely include a visit to Halver too.
The Genoise trio say they go there to play every winter.
Translations when?

Thug life
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>anime network
>yellow subs
What is this?

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its time for
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Cant wait for new memes
don't post Facebook tier shit

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She has a big forehead.
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All the better to cum on
>looking foward to Kizu for years
>they reveal the artstyle
>haven't even watched one movie

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Could SHAFT be the next studio to develop respectable business practices?
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Probably as big as Kyoani. But no where near Toei.
It's not like their animators are working that hard anyway.
>shaft shop

Looks like they're getting harder to die

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Holy shit, I just started watching the japanese original version of this, it was kind of cheesy, but not bad.

So today I found some cassete tapes that I had recorded of the 4kids version as a kid, just to get some of muh nostalgia and to be able to compare them, and holy shit, they really did raped this anime on it's western release.
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How are they different, oh wise one who has seen the tapes?
I was just hoping to get some discussion of the OG Yugioh. I know everyone and their mother knows about all the cuts and changes to this chink cartoon.

But I was still pretty impressed that it wasn't exageration and they actually did kind of ruined it.

Altough I don't miss a lot of the autistic japanese random name saying and constant friendship talk
It's funny, because the nip version butchered the manga's story.

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Kawai or Ueno.jpg
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So who was worse, /a/? Kawai or Ueno?
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ueno so hot
She beat up a cripple.

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Alright /a/ I've been talking to this qt nerdy girl who loves tsundere characters. How do I be tsunedere? I tease her and make fun of her all the time but I don't recall most tsundere characters and things they would do.
pic related her favorite anime of all time,
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Hit her out of nowhere
Not your blog, faggot.
That only works if he's 2d.

So after two years I finally went back and rewatched and finished Kekkai Sensen.
The show is so incredibly enjoyable to watch when it's just episodic SoL/fighting stuff, but man the main plot or whatever the hell that was supposed to be really drags it down so much. The setting is amazing and the epsiode plots and tone were all great, and even the plot was interesting on a surface level but as soon as it started to get more focus on the plot it really lost a lot. Same as Kyousougiga, really.
Also tons of side characters barely got screentime, can't believe Chain didn't even get a focus epsiode at all.
Pic related was the best epsiode by far though.

Well, never got to see the discussion since the late epsidoe aired so late, but what was /a/'s final impressions on it?
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I liked the twins well enough as characters, so it wasn't really that bad when they got all that focus at the end even if the main story was little weak. I hope s2 is good although the staff change is worrying. Also,
>Kekkai Sensen was two years a go
what the fuck
Oh yeah and Chain got like maybe 10 lines in the whole show, what the fuck? It's not fucking fair.
I agree with what you wrote.

I watched 20 episodes and then stopped. Haven't finished it because of some reason...

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>shit shows
You first OP
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What do you think of the recent chapters of Mob Psycho?
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I didn't expect to like Takenaka's character that much,it turned out that he is quite an interesting and intelligent guy,also some tome development and this pic made me laugh so hard
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Yeah,i like him too,he is pretty cool guy
I still have no idea, why Mob didn't just use his powers from the start. Like, c'mon, he's really OP, what's his problem (now)?! He could move that fucking car and all of them on the fucking mountain. Car sickness, seriously?!
Ugh, I'm drunk...

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Ghost in the Shell wasn't bad enough, now this is happening? What, is Hollywood just running out of things to reboot so they're turning to anime?
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Anime is the next videogame.
See what happened to it so you can have a glimpse of what will happen to Chinese cartoons in the future.
China will save Anime, mark my words.
Anime doesn't sell enough though.
It's a super niche market for and by otaku.
Some normie anime ips being turned into movies happens because its safer to turn something that you know will be at least somewhat successful into a movie, then some entirely new ip.

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Am I watching Narutard?
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>that FLOW opening
>HYPED for the show
E7 was a mistake
Well yeah, pretty much
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>main.character is a moe blob with big tits
>look at this shy girl with huge boobs
>dont forget the bubbly energetic girl with the massive udders
Why is this allowed? Its blatantly a crutch to help make up for.the fact that the writers suck at making characters
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Believe it or not, some girls actually have big tits.
Welcome to anime/manga/LN writing
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>moe blob

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How do we fix Umaru-chan?
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Through love and nuggets
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>Kill Umaru
>Make TSF the MC

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