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>there are people who dislike Ufotable's UBW
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It's shit?
It's good?
Because people have different taste.

Fate/Zero is superior in every way but UBW is still better than most shit that comes out nowadays.

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Why does the childhood friend always lose?
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because MC is too close to them. There is rarely new ground to discover so if it was going to happen it would have happened by now
Think of it this way: childhood friends had all the time in the world to make something happen and they failed.
How could they do that if the show hasn't started yet?

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Okay, I'm only on episode 11 but I'm getting confused now. The story was called the Prince and the Raven, and then Rue turned into crows, so I thought it was different, but now the subs are kinda using Raven and Crow interchangeably. And Rue was reffered to as the Raven by Drosselmeyer I guess.
So basically is Kraehe the Raven or not? If so then why did the subs ever even use crows in the first place? Or is there actually a reason both crows and ravens are brought up? They're different creatures you know!
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Oh whoops, I probably should have included the title in the post or subject.

And I take that back, Drosselmeyer didn't refer to her as the Raven, just the villain, so now I'm even more unsure kinda.
watch till the end.

i enjoyed the plot
>This confused by a children's cartoon
Japanese uses the same word for "crow" and "raven". I don't think the DVD subs ever confuse them though.
No, Princess Kraehe is not the Raven.

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Why is Sakie-sensei so perfect?
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Tank top + tracksuit = fucking good combo.
Big succubus tits.
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Will Sakie ever get with Iron Man?

Chinatsu isn't my favorite yuruyuri but I'm not gonna start shit if she's your favorite yuruyuri.

I will silently judge you, though.
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My favorite Yuruyuri is...
C'mon dude, don't leave us hanging.

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What is the MOST anime you dropped?
Pic related, didn't make it through one episode. All you had to do was be entertaining and you failed.
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kill yourself kudasai
>What is the MOST anime you dropped?
What the fuck does this mean.
I'm still wondering what OP meant by this.

>Next is your organ
Who the fuck even says "I'm gonna hit your organ"? Was the script written by a monkey? Or maybe the intent was the villain being so stupid he doesn't know the layout of the human body and just said "organ" to cover his tracks?

And then after he gets shot in the "organ" (which looks like he just had a massive hole blown through his chest) everyone in the crowd just stands there mocking him while he bleeds to death. Instead of treating it as a surgical emergency, declaring a victory for his opponent, and rushing him to the nearest hospital. That's on top of his hands, elbows, shoulders, and legs having been totaled and he should be a cripple at this point.
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Are you really this stupid or is this some attempt at bating? I'm guessing you're this stupid.
It's just a cartoon.
OK Mr Genius, so tell me in what language does "Now I'm gonna shoot your organ" make any sense whatsoever.

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The time of Rukia's execution... got changed.
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OP is a faggot.
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Mirai nikki season 2?
Same director
>Nisio Isin goes full fujoshit pandering to jump on the bandwagon
Japanese people just don't have any sense of respect, do they.

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What's the best episode?
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Mushroom Samba
Ballad of fallen angels
Toys in the attic.

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Animation GODZILLA is a trilogy.

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Looks like shit.
Netflicks? Looks like shit.
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Motherfuckers now I have to watch this, Maybe I can see why Japan loves Godzilla so much.

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Am I the only one who fucking HATES this cucklord Oberstein for ruining the Kaiser's wedding for NOTHING?

Fuck I hate Oberstein so much.
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You have to go back.
You must be new here, Lebbitor. I suggest you stay there.
Au contraire, I assert it is you who is the new one.

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Find a flaw.
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She had 2 arcs to fix the same fucking problem.

She didn't tell the MC that she touched herself thinking of him.

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How do you guys feel about sluts pretending to be pure?
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Fake whores. Must be all purged.
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Is this Koi to Uso?

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Do I need to watch the last 3 episodes of Bakemonogatari?
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no one is forcing you to do/not do anything.
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Lemme rephrase, then. SHOULD I watch the last 3 episodes of Bakemonogatari?
Those are pretty much the best episodes, so I don't know why you wouldn't

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