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/a/, how thick is too thick?
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Definitely that
Any thick is too thick.

Petite is the way to go.

So you masturbate to boys huh

*blocks ur path de geso*
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Don't do that

>Evangelion is shit and it's only popular because of nostalgia
>Minase Inori is an incredibly talented Seiyuu
>Genei wo Kakeru Taiyo and Kyoukai no Kanata are very good.
>Subs with translator notes are god-tier
>New anime is better than old anime in most cases
>KanColle and Parasyte aren't nearly as bad as people say they are
>All Isekai anime are terrible
>Haruhi is incredibly overrated
>Episodic anime is always the best
>there is literally nothing wrong with CGDCT
>GochiUsa is the pinnacle of SoL
>Hakase was the best part of Nichijou
>Azusa was a really good character in K-on
>The entirety of Kokoro Connect was cringeworthy and retarded
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>>Evangelion is shit and it's only popular because of nostalgia
You've succumbed to anti-hipster faggotry OP. You don't have to like Eva at all to recognize its achievements and what it did at the time or how it was put together. Seriously, anytime you try to tell vast parts of the world they only like something due to "nostalgia" stop and really, really think. Odds are you are being the exact dark reflection of what you're complaining about.

>New anime is better than old anime in most cases
No, they're equal. There has always been and continues to be a pretty steady small percentage of stuff that's really good, and given that one of the inherent strengths of anime is the stylization there isn't any reason an anime good at one time isn't good a decade later.

>All Isekai anime are terrible
It's the weakest genre by far. Re:Zero, Overlord, and Youjo Senki are all fun enough however. Usually with a horrible genre it's not IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to do anything interesting, but it's rare vs the endless waves of shitty hacks.

>lots of other faggotry with one or two ok points
>>Evangelion is shit and it's only popular because of nostalgia

no it's popular because it was the grandest and elaborate trolling in anime
>there is literally nothing wrong with CGDCT

that's not unpopular no matter what the /v/ermin say

Does Hanabi deserve to be happy?
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No. She's hurt too many people.
Honey has never hurt a soul

ITT: 2pure2pork
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>Lets replace word fuck with pork
>Genious, now we dont lose advertising dollars
I understand why Honest trailers does it, but why do it on 4chan?

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who here is a fan of the world's greatest thief?
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shit just me then.
you make these threads way too frequently man
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Whose fucking idea was this and why can't I stop crying ;_;

Digimon thread
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Fucking Christ, this entire show series was a fucking nostalgia wrapped feels trip. This is how you do a proper "coming of age" sequel. I felt it ended very nicely, but goddamn the feels.
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Do you mean the first movies ending? Because it hasn't ended yet there's still 2 movies still to come out I believe. And 4 ended with an incredible cliffhanger so there's no way you mean that one.

Though on your other points I agree completely, perfect amount of time had passed it seemed and the story really knows how to use these characters that they know you grew up with and knowing how deep their digimon partners bonds went really pulls at your heart strings. I was losing it at the end of 3, can't believe what the theaters in Japan must have been like
Oh fuck there is more? crap. I need to keep an eye out.

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Remember to relax and take it easy.
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This past 23rd of March marked four years since I've met Tharja, so I'd like something special.
Anything cute between her and my SI like holding hands or on a date together would be nice.
A silly request would be my SI wearing Robins or Kirans cloak and being with her.
Or just something like smiling at a wedding ring that's on her finger.
Or a big thing would be us with our daughters Noire and Morgan.

Holding up Noires/Morgans Cipher cards and being proud of her daughters.
Like how a parent would show pictures of their kids in their wallet.

Even if it's off season, wearing the reindeer tiara she has in Heroes.
It's only a neck up shot so far, so just drawing that much is fine.
Maybe posing like this as well. - http://imgur.com/a1q6Sy1

Wearing anything from these albums.
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Hello to everyone on WWHD! If anyone has time, can somebody draw Cosmos from Fairy Tail?

-Her with my SI (http://i.imgur.com/9k8aV16.png) doing gardening activities.
-Dressed as the Blue Wind Ranger or as the Yellow Dino Ranger (References for both http://imgur.com/a/cy24V)
-Wearing either of these clothes (3DPD http://i.imgur.com/PcSVavf.jpg)
-Almost anything else cute or lewd is also appreciated.

And hope you enjoy your weekend as I.
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Even Mewer Cyan Ref.jpg
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Requesting Cyan:

-Enjoying the lovely spring weather in this outfit of hers (http://i.imgur.com/dXhsXtS.jpg)
-getting her cheeks squeezed (http://i.imgur.com/YCB5UBp.png)
-lifting dumbbells while her tail is using one of those silly shake weights
-adjusting_panties with lingerie, gym bloomers, or swimwear
-with big fat cat tats (http://i.imgur.com/9vrf2eE.jpg)
-showing both pairs of her fangs, teeth and butt fangs
-Irisu and Cyan playing with a ouija board, with Irisu moving the piece around to spook Cyan

Something else cute, lewd, or a mix of both is fine

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Fate/Apocrypha airing July 2017.

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It is going to be shit.
Besides the fact it is Apoc the development period of this was too fast especially since it was announced in January.

Ufotable is giving HF years and multiple movies as they know they need that

Shaft needs close to 2 years since announcement of Extra. Yes it is Shaft but still a decent amount of time

>A1 in charge of consistent quality
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Saa hajimerazu SATURDAY NIGHT
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>talk talk talk words words words, speed x5

Good god, I didn't think I'd make it through this shit. How can people talk so much about something that literally only needs 3 words? Why is the main character such a fucking moron?
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I think it was à good show
Was is autism?
On a side note : à coat like his would be nice

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How does Kyoani get away with it?
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I know, right? That's a pretty lame ass, I thought Sento deserved a much more shapely behind than that.
>the nigger ass meme
She should dry herself properly.

What is your element /a/?
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>no re zero ep today
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Yeah it's a pretty good day.
for you
is this the designated re:shitposter-kun thread?

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Enjou Kosai? Let's have an auction.
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And yours not included.

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