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How come the nips don't give their characters nail polish? Is it because the Japanese don't wear nail polish or is it just take more time to animate that.
I have a nail polish fetish and this is really getting in the way of some quality fap time.
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Male authors don't understand nail polish
Wouldn't really be the mangaka would it? It's not like they can really draw it in black and white very well
You can show the kind with fancy designs

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Why does everyone hate her?
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Because nastuyasumi is better
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faggots should get of /a/. Post cute girls to scare them.
atleast post decent traps fag

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Find a flaw
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She's not my girlfriend.
Why not ask her out?
Doesn't like girls.

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12 episodes confirmed

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They aren't gonna cram all of the volumes in a single cour, right?

Why the hell not, LN adaptations that drag their feet and end on a "buy the LN!" ending are the worst.
There's only 5 volumes.

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You get one free service, anon.
Make it quick before I change my mind!
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I want to beat you up for 30 minutes while I masturbate
Can you do the dishes? I'd do them myself but I don't want to interrupt my shitposting.
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Bring me best girl Kumin.

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I look straight ahead, I embrace my dream
I decide in my heart, and I look up to the sky.
I will cross over the future with my wings.

You're my only favorite! It's totally /ai/ - Idle Activities! I've declared.
The seasons sparkle as they pass.

Well, because you were here with me, I became strong.
Now, the time has come
To open a new door.

As if we were meeting here again tomorrow
Just as usual, don't look back.
Even if the places where we soar are different,
We are connected underneath the same sky.
"Well... I'll see you again."
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Koharu is so gorgeous.

>reused OP image so soon
Oh well, it's better than the other threads at least. This one it is.

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There was a meme with akane and makashima spookybooged
Never went to the Psycho Pass threads /a/ actually loved that OP right? This shit is not just a meme r-right?

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Why do people watch this boring anime? I watched 1st ep it sucked dick then watched the 2nd one hoping it would get more interesting but holy shit I almost dozed off
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Nichijou is one of the most universally hated shows on /a/ tho.
do you want muh deep plot you fucking faggot
it is literally the three stooges animated
maybe anime isn't for you

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I'd always heard Ichigo Mashimaro was just some cute shit but then I tried reading it and found it wasn't cute at all and was in fact the opposite of cute. What the fuck is wrong with people that they think this shit is anything but complete garbage?
Pic unrelated, I don't want to download a picture from that piece of shit.
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Are you mad?
I'm very mad, yes. That series is just fucked up garbage and I hate that people like it.
I would fuck Hina so hard.

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How does /a/ feel about Sakuga?
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What's sakuga about that? It's not well animated or particularly interesting.
>What's sakuga about that?
idk, first time a heard about it
>It's not well animated or particularly interesting.
idk anon, the perspective is kind of cool
what anime

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Is Onii-chan literally Jesus? He converted a top slut into a decent woman who shines everywhere.
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Local roastie lost to the power of the cuck.
He is just a cuck
Cuck Jesus. He's going to have random men and underage boys fuck his wife in his house on his furniture right in front of him. And he's going to clean up the cum leaking out of her holes with a smile on his face.

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Why was this genius deconstruction of the battle harem genre so misunderstood?
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cuz it wuz sheet
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>phantom sales
Excessive fanservice, even for Kyoani's standards (not like they have any).

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>Berserk came and went and returned again
>All the while Vagabond was on hiatus

What did Inoue mean by this?
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curse of farming arcs
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I'm reading at the moment, yesterday I wanted to read a couple of chapters before bed and I ended up going to bed at 5am and 50 chapters down the line.

Everything before was good to great but these Sasaki Kojiro origin chapters are truly amazing.
I know he already revealed the epilogue during his old exhibitions, but I really hope that doesn't mean he was with done with the entire series. We didn't even get to see Musashi vs Sasaki.

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Akazawa Izumi - 16.gif
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Izumi is such a fantastic girl. I'm glad she managed to make it through without dying - she threw up a lot of flags in that last episode, but she managed to pull through anyway.

I especially liked the ending, where everyone realized what a terrible character Mei was, so Sakakibara decided to hook up with Izumi. The last scene, where the two of them kissed on the ferris wheel, looking down at the town was really romantic. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who teared up a little bit.

Izumi simply gets things done. She's a girl who has the lives of all of her classmates riding on her shoulders. She carries that weight and won't let it break her. She values the lives of other people - she cares about what happens to them, and as they start dying, the knowledge that she's partially responsible starts to build up on her shoulders. But does she give up? No way. She just keeps going along, trying not to crack under the pressure.

This comes as a contrast to Mei, who, when Sakakibara talked to her, decided to talk back, dooming her classmates to a horrible death. She even knew who the extra was all along, but rather than say anything, she decided to let even more people die. In the end, the only reason she bothered to go stop the extra is because her classmates finally decided to kill her; she might not care if other people died, but once her life was in danger, then she'll do something about it. She's selfish and a sociopath.

Izumi however, didn't hesitate. She went to kill the extra when she (thought) she knew who it was. She wasn't going to let anybody else die. She's smart, beautiful, nice and mature. And to top it all off, she's a god damned hero.

She's a fantastic girl. And I for one am very glad that, rather than dying a senseless death in the last episode, she instead survived and hooked up with Sakakibara. She earned that little slice of happiness.
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>you will NEVER get a new Another doujin
Sakakibara liked the ghost girl though.
Mc was based as fuck, literally everyone died just because he couldn't stop thinking with his dick and quit chasing that ghost pussy.

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>Google Image Search: plebeian anime
>first result
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You missed the part where Konosuba and K On are in included in the search results.
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K-ON is objectively better than Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It is most sophisticated anime ever created; a tour de force, the pièce de résistance of animation! LoGH is little more than plebeian dreck in comparison, its creators wishing they could have produced an anime with even an inkling of the genius contained within Our Holy K-ON. From the profound debates about eating cake, to the highly philosophical discussions about procrastination, to the marvelous musicianship exhibited by the Light Music Club, K-ON has established itself as the greatest intellectual anime. You cannot disagree unless you are a terrible person. Seriously. It's an infallible law of the universe. K-ON is a masterpiece. And we all know that K-ON has the superior tea scenes.

"A phenomenal chef-d'oeuvre. My fifteen years of work on Evangelion now feel trivial by comparison." — Anno Hideaki, esteemed anime director

"During a time of struggle, K-ON's beautiful story provided the influence needed for me to make America great again. I am now a better man." — Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States

"I am an uncultured lowborn with pedestrian tastes in anime." — Anonymous plebeian, speaking in reflection of his love for LoGH

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