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best raifu.png
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Galil is best Jewess raifu without a doubt, also Upotte thread because why not.
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Is that a...?
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Galil build sand castle.gif
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I have yet to read the manga, is there a general praise for that Baguette in the series?

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怪異と 言う の は 言う わ ば 舞台 裏 なんです よ
普通、舞台の 裏 だけ 見って いれば いいんです
(それ が) 現実 と言うもの です
知らなきゃ 知らない (ほうが) いい こと なんですよ
むしろ, 怪異を 知る こと で 知らない こと は 増えた だけ なんですよ

そっか でわ 随分話し込んじゃったな
悪かったな八九寺, 引き止めちまって

ああ いえ 私はいつだって道に迷ってるだ けですよ
しいて言うなら, 阿良々木さんの 家ってこの辺だったかな, そんな ことを 考え ながらのお散歩でした

お前 居なくなったり(は)しないよ(な)

いつも 他人の 都合 ばかりを 考えている阿良々木さんが
そんな風に 自分の 都合を 押し 付ける 相手って
多分 私か せいぜい 忍さん ぐらいの こと でしょうね
私は 居なくなったりは しませんよ, 本当
私が どうしよう もなく困っていたら, その時は, 助けて いただいて も かまいませんか

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You did that on purpose!
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Why did he go? I can't understand him.
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Fatalistic, nihilist fetishism.
Is he dead?
Are you retarded? It's been explained to you several times since you keep making this thread.

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Yea Nigga.jpg
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Megumin loves Kazuma
And vice versa
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Kazuma is a manslut who wants a harem end. He loves her no more than he loves Iris or Eris.
Stop projecting your dirty thoughts onto a pure couple.
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Will that happen in season 3?

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>No L's in nipponese
>Uses L
pick one ya Japs
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Her name is Buruma, there is no L in it.
That's just a shitty translation. Her name is Bura, and romanized to Bra.
This. Krillin's actual name is also Kururin

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Just watched 7, opinions?
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The only Macross series that is worth watching is Frontier. Everything else is shit.
7 is miserable, but very important to the setting.
And the parts they get right they do a really good job with. Shame how few of those there were.
Fire Bomber is totally rockin', though.

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>the death star is a loli
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rogue one would have so so much were this the case
*so so much better
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Noa a cute. A CUTE.

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Thoughts on Ghost in the Shell? Thinking about starting it and I want to know what /a/ thinks.
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more like ghost in the shit
It's pretty classic.

Watch the first movie (don't watch the 2.0 remaster, it adds a lot of shitty effects), Innocence, and SAC. The rest of you so choose, but those three things are the best it has to offer non-manga
Look what we have here. A newfag all excited to watch GitS after hearing about the live-action movie. I'd bet a few bucks thathe thinks the anime and manga were based on the movie and not the actual other way around. Take some advice, newfriend. Do your research and don't ever make assumptions. You'll be much better off out there in the real world with the grown-ups.

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When will the lesbian To Love-Ru get an anime?
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What manga is this?
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>literally impossible to find sauce of
Yea I tried searching and found nothing.

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Thighs are the most visual appealing part of a woman's body.

Anime when.
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Poor girl.
>saw this several time on /a/ but never bothering reading and was skeptical.
>now regretted for neglecting it all these years.
I started reading this manga because of the other thread last night, and picked it up from the necromancer arc. I laughed my sides off and now I'm making from way from chapter 1.
Damn, that's some out of this world lewd stuff.

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Would you watch an anime of it?

And yes the eventual Automata spinoff
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if it had the same music, sure. The game sucked but it had good story/music
Only if it's father Nier.
Brother Nier is a faggott.

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How smart is Kuro?

I'd say probably not as intelligent as Miyu, but also probably not baka.
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The scene in 3rei where she tries to beat the shit out of Illya for feeling mild emotions honestly makes her seem pretty dumb.
Smart enough for my dick.
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How smart is your dick? Does your dick reject girls who are too baka?

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Dumping Infection chapters 29 & 30

also 31 & 32 if time permits

>inb4 404
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File: Infection-c29-p002.jpg (85KB, 668x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Thing of Anime you hate?

Mine are mascots characters in shounens.
They are absolutely useless characters and do nothing but try to sell merch.
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I always feel that the last good mascot character is Kero from CCS
Agreed, cute mascot he was
male characters

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What did Ecchan mean by this?
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>Hanabi is mine, so won't you stop making moves on her?
Wow, just when I thought Ecchan couldn't be more ugly.
>tfw Ecchan was the only one who got to fuck Hanabi

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