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>Be completely alone for however many years it takes for your life support to stop working
That's something you do to your worst enemy not someone you love.
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>implying see won't het crash land on an earth like planet filled with human like aliens and set out to overthrow the evil empire according to the prophecy, with her new friends only to realize at the end that her father was king of the evil empire

Do you even anime bro?
Based A 1 doing some really nice animation. I wonder how much it would cost to get a 12 episode season with that level of animation.
I like the video, but this confused me too. This guy loved his his daughter, so he trapped her consciousness in a lonely VR world forever?

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It make me sad nobody love Elma.Fuck lucoa.
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real waste of a good design
I love Elma physically.
I want to give her headpats and food. Elma is the cutest

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why does every good SoL anime have to come to an end ?
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because then it wouldn't be a slice of life... it would just be a life
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I want enought slices of life to last me forever!

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It's time again to listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our fine crew of DJ little girls!

untz dot xen dot prgmr dot com
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What is the best cute girl anime of the season?
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The one by the same mangaka as your pic.
None. Cute girl anime is all shit.
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OVA PV is out

and the first part will be air in Japan next week.
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S2 when?
I think they did said something along line of "if OVA sell well then we will think about it", so probably not gonna happen, at least not recently.
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Where reupload for dumb Americans?

Ew why did they introduce power levels and scouters?
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DB homage
No. They introduced a JRPG stat system that works nothing like a Scouter. And is definitely not used as frequently.
I haven't read as much ever since they did that. It was stupid. Even Toriyama figured out that arbitrary number representing power was fucking dumb.

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>"Toriyama-San I know you're sick to death of Dragon Ball but can you at least give us an outline so we don't fuck up again like with GT? We'll pay you millions."

>"Uhm Goku unlocks a new SSJ form and fights a really strong guy and he reveals there are even stronger guys"
>"Frieza comes back even stronger with basically a SSJ form and Goku has to unlock an even stronger SSJ form to beat him"
>"A tournament arc with even bigger Dragon Balls and another Frieza because I really like him"
>"Bring Future Trunks back and make an evil Goku. Huh? Who's Turles?"
>"Uhm....a tournament arc but with even bigger stakes?"

How does he keep getting away with it?
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Because all his fans are autistic. Me included. Something about the series just keeps me watching it. Some mixture of nostalgia, the characters, the adventure. Whenever I watch it, It feels like yesterday that I was a little shit watching it and hearing "next time on dragon ball z". It reminds me of better days
His only good work were the dragon quest monsters
>I know you're sick to death of Dragon Ball

I don't think he's sick to death of more money

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Will any group sub this?
I fucking hate Netflix when they license an anime.
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Just because you don't know what it means for the release schedule when Netflix licenses stuff doesn't give you permission to be retarded.
God I can't imagine being as incompetent mentally as you.
Are you this stupid?

>Netflix licenses something
>doesn't release subs until the entire show is done

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fuck yah, i only watch it to get me hard for a good fapping
>actually watching Love Live
It's like Boatshit, Granblue and Idolmaster: fap to the porn and ignore the rest.
Clesta's art sure helps.
No. Their designs are shit.
Some doujins managed to make them fappable but that's all

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How would you have made it better, /a/?
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>art style more in line with main series
>yuki's personality more in line with her Disaparence persona
>more shoujoish plot
Like 3 episodes into this trash Yuki realizes something is off and wakes up from her coma in the snowed in mansion. Back to KyoAni, and continue the story like nothing happened.
made haruhi take over the show, turn yuki into a side character where she belongs

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ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong!
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Yunyun is perfect! She has never done anything wrong! Not ever! She is a straight A student! She is virtuous and sweet! She is always bullied undeservedly by Megumin! Yunyun is cute! CUTE!
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Why is someone getting their hopes and dreams crushed such a common thing in Anime?
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Because that's all life is, and all it'll ever be
Cheapest and laziest way to create drama. Since most Japanese writers are incompetent this is their go to theme.
That would obviously be any kind of death

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>Tfw you finish the best sport manga there has ever been and theres nothing to fill the void it left

Hold me bros
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know the feel-eyeshield is my fav manga but america arc suck ballz
yup. I bought most of the series tankobons, but just stoppped at volume 34. I wish I could magically replace the last chapter in that one with the actual last chapter of the manga, then it would be a perfect ending.
I felt the last two arcs where kind of rushed. Although that last play against Teikoku still gives me the chills whenever I re-read it

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How much better would Hibikek have been if it was animated by DEEN?
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are you retarded, OP?
Would have been completely terrible, DEEN has a knack for ruining everything they touch

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