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Why is Bell allowed to have not one, but two large breasted onaholes
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he worked hard and gave to others in his past life
and was rewarded handsomely
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How hard is S2 going to bomb compared to S1? SnK is damaged goods now.
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Still top seller by a good margin even if it doesnt reach S1 numbers.
the manga just gets better and better till the titans origin is revealed after they reach the basement, so S2 is supposed to be better than S1.
ITT: wishful thinking

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Rin is perfection.
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Everyone loves Suzuki!
I love Onsa
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she really is

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protip: dekinai
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You got me OP.
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i can name a slightly LESS comfy harem, does that count?
I love Baka

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Is this enough for you? It almost never is for me.

At 11/12 /13 episodes into a show the characters are only starting to grow on me. I'm only starting to get attached, but then they're swapped out and I'm now suddenly introduced to the new seasons' crop of characters.

All I want to do is spend more time getting to know last seasons', and the season before lasts' characters, but everything's moving at such a blistering pace that I can't keep up.
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Yes. If I like the anime enough to want another cour, I might as well buy get the manga/vn
for every one anime im sad ended theres like 20 more i gave zero fucks about and am glad they are being replaced by anything else
I agree with that, I wish it would go on for 300+ episodes like those shounen shows.Yet that makes it all the more precious, knowing those 13 episodes is all you will get animated makes you appreciate it more as happiness is temporary instead of constant.

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Is this worth seeing?
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damn straight it is.
I was actually trying to watch this a while back but I couldn't find any torrents for it.
The hell are you asking /a/ for?
Just read a short description or something and decide for yourself.

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That's alot of pidgeys.
I lost.

You're a lot of a faggot.

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ITT: best christmas cakes ever
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What did Anno mean by this?
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Isn't it obvious?
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bagina :DDD XDDD
Is rei still best girl even if her vagina canonically looks like that?

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ITT: Anime characters that deserve their own spin-off anime
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What does she even do besides rub up against shota-kun and wear skimpy clothes? She's not a very good character, even for Maidragon which is pretty shallow and one-dimensional to begin with.
That anime dosen't deserve it's own show

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shuvi movie.jpg
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The movie is coming July 15th.


I'm super fucking hyped.
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honda tadakatsu, end.jpg
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Oh shit, missed that somehow. Fuck yes. Now if only we'd get more Horizon and Mondaiji too it'd all be perfect.

Who'd the author steal the original image from? I mean "use as reference".
Sequel or recap? Have opened up towards recap movies a lot more recently.

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Interesting art adaptation. Not as bad as I originally figured it'd be. What do you think?

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Their eyes need to be more dead looking
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>Interesting art adaptation. Not as bad as I originally figured it'd be
Funny because this is exactly what I was expecting and what I feared. The colouring looks as shitty as Sakura Trick's. I wish they had the budget to at least give this to a non-lazy and/or non-amateur studio. It will look like shit. It will be QUALITY as fuck. It almost makes me angry but Shitrus is already shit so I don't really care much at the end.
I thought Citrus was an example of yuri done right?

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Which manga adaptations took the most liberties with their source? What are the best/worst examples of liberal manga adaptations in your opinion?
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>Excel Excel will never kill you

Life is suffering.
Excel Saga was a cool series.Pretty much made fun of the whole idea of executive meddling and weak-willed authors screwing up an adaptation every episode.
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Excel Saga is one of the best things ever made.
Funny, comfy, good pacing, catchy and memorable OP.
It was so good, even some of the foreign dubs were good, because the voice actors genuinely loved it so they wanted to do a good job.

This and 2x2 = Shinobu-den are some of my favorite anime.
Not just because theyr'e funny, but because they're comfortable and warm to me, i can go back, rewatch them, and feel back "home".
It's actually kinda depressing, i wish there was a new anime that gave me what these two shows do.

Maybe i'm just getting old and hate everything now.

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Risu is best boi and I think En is MC Dorohedoro Thread?
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>Ebisu gets her memories back and stops being stupid
>gets killed and ends up retarded again

I mean, she's cute and all, but why?
More brain damage maybe?
Dubs checked.

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reminder the only good part of SAO is Alicization part 1
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Also Aincrad, Mother Rosario and Ordinal Scale. GGO was meh despite novelfags trying to advertise it as good. Too much forced drama and not enough shootan.
>Mothers Rosario
cry bait
>Ordinal Scale
idk haven't seen it

it's amazing how the second half of the Alicization arc ruins everything that made the first half good though
kirito actually being challenged, having a relationship which doesn't revolve around a girl crushing on him, not being an overpowered gary stu, an interesting world which actually seems to go somewhere, generally decent characters

and then he flips right back to the usual formula with kirito destroying 30,000 soldiers with his swords, becoming a god, etc, etc
actually triggered me tbqh
Alicization first half>>>Alicization second half>MR>Progressive>PB>Aincrad>FD

The LN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the anime

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