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Just finished this and I feel empty inside. Surprised it's not mentioned a whole lot here, especially after the famous Meduka threads.

Will wait till I watch the movies to ask a ton of questions, but man this show was quite a trip.
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I remember when I first finished the show, felt exactly the same way.

Have you seen rebellion yet? It's not very similar to the style of the show but I think its worth watching even if you probably won't like it as much. There are a few scenes that were pretty good.

Also mami best gril
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Madoka threads usually end up becoming a cesspool because there's not much to talk about now

If you're going to watch the movies, go straight to rebellion because the other two are recap movies with better visuals

I heard Mami was best girl, wish she had more screentime and did more stuff.

Will watch all 3 movies or maybe just movie 3 if the first 2 are pure recaps

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Shows only you will be watching this season
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Are you kidding me?

Sign me the fuck up
Saitama's part timer job?
Is this an anime about Johnny Sins banging cakes?

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>Watashi no Shounen?
>Satoko Tawada is an office worker. She's almost 30 years old, but she still hasn't been able to find happiness in her life. Fate brings her with Mashuu Hayami, a beautiful 12-year-old boy whom she finds practicing soccer all by himself in the park. Out of a whim, she decides to help Mashuu with his practice, with her knowledge of soccer at her disposal. As they practice together on an everyday routine, the two eventually develop an emotional bond. When Satoko's ex-boyfriend deceives her, Mashuu gladly comforts her. And when Satoko learns of Mashuu's mostly absent parents, she starts to concern herself with his personal life. The two lonely souls find common ground and develop an emotional bond that transcends their age difference and circumstances. With this newfound bond, new feelings start to sprout within Satoko. Are these feelings that of maternity? Or is it something else?
Why is this allowed?
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>Why is this allowed?
Because I like it.
Don't u want to raise your husbando, anon ?
I bought this manga.

and it was meh tier.

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>trap childhood friend won in the end

what sorcery is this?
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Because traps are miracle itself, picked up btw.
I think i fapped to some doujins with this character
The show doesn't look that interesting, but I might pick it up if this true.

Hey, you. Can you give me a foot massage?
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Whose feet are this? I need context
Nvm. Reverse search.
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Don't listen to her, kid. Lick my sweat off of my armpits instead.

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dorkaku no pandora.jpg
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She was gay, wasn't she?
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the gayest.
Is she related to Satania?
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Whatever gave you that idea?


This is the the interview that's taken place with Director Tatsuki just prior to airing of the last episode.
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>making a new thread this early
Come on son
Here are the key points.

>The Director saw how Kemono Friends trended on social media (SNS or social network service in Japanese lingo) but it felt a bit like it's someone else's work. He's still in the thick of it at his workplace.
>The glow in the eyes is a setting that was added into the game rather subtly, and there weren't much thought about whether or not if this setting would be discovered by the fans and that it was added in without impacting the plot, so that maybe one of these days long after the broadcast that somebody would come to realize this
>The number of audience far exceeded what they had in mind
>Reporter asked how that after ep2 and the glow in the eye made the fans realize that there's more to what's on the surface at Japari Park, so how did the plot get planned out. Tatsuki answered that he was thinking about the general plot as well as the areas that would serve as the various stages and then he thought of the Friends who live there and and the featured cast of the episode.
>Director's an animator and does CG so he had some idea about what it takes to make an anime, and KemoFure is a sum of the shop time and everything else outside of that.
>Difference to normal animation work is that he has to think about trying to connect each episode and lay the references without deviating from the plot
>The emphasis is half and half plot and character driven and trying to balance this.
>How the Raccoon and Fennec skit came about is that he wanted a look back to reflect on the trip, and that the chaser group needs to show up occasionally.
>There was the idea of setting up their own little play skit
>Doing this chase meant that the stage has to change every episode and that there's more voice actresses, which adds to the expense, but this is worthwhile
>Fukuhara Yoshitada of yaoyorozu said that there's this Galapagos vibe to the show, where the series came about in total isolation to the entire anime community.
I am doing it to summarize the points of the interview. Not throwing this into that other thread.

>Reporter asked about if this show will end badly.
Tatsuki: We've said that Kemono Friends is a warm piece of work, and people misread that as if there wouldn't be any dramatic development. I think that good or bad end are all acceptable so long as it comes about reasonably. However, we will not be changing the ending just because the show has far exceeded the expected reaction and reception. Please accept the path that the characters must take whether if it's a good end or a bad end.

Would you take her fish?
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What uboat is this

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What was his name again?
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zeke yeager
ape anxiety
hot monkey dicc

Wait a minute here.

Do people really wear watches like this? or is this a Japanese thing?
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Are you serious?
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yep. its worn face down to prevent you from glancing at it all day. you have to make a conscience choice to look at the face. If you've never worn a watch you won't get it. but they can be HUGE distractions when you're bored and make it seem like time stands still.
its to prevent clumsy retards from scratching the face if you bump into things

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Are you ready for FLCL2?
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>Are you ready for more lazy writing and 2deep4u metaphors?
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It will never happon anon
Why do you normalfags care about some shit anime about a kid's penis so much?

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Does anyone else drop animes when they put gratuitous gay stuff
in them?
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I drop anime when boy looks and sound like girl.
example: assassination classroom, re zero
I want to save Moe from that crazy lesbian.
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>I drop anime when boy looks and sound like girl.

picked the fuck up

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And Mousou Minus Telepathy:
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He's pushy, but I fewl bad for him.
Overprotective Mana a best

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Answer the phone /a/
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do i push the button or drag the icon up or down?

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Hey guys, Kumiko
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is straight
Her pussy was so wet in this scene.

is lesbian.

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