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So which anime/manga/VN/LN franchise has the most in-depth and extensive setting and lore?
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Veiled recommendation thread.

Eat shit OP.

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>everyone thought this would be a trashy comedy
>turned out to be one of the best romance anime ever

How does Kyoani keep doing it?
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They are a progressive studio.

Progressive as in incest.

And they said Whitewashing ruins anime films


Why can't Nips into kino /a/?
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Quality thread.
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The difference here is that FMA is about bizarro-Germany, while GITS is about cyberpunk Japan.
This board should be rename to anime, manga and garbage 3DPD live adaptation.

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How did he slay so much pussy?
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Also Monster thread I guess
Which will leave the most "impact" the
manga, or anime?
he is sad little boy inside, girls love to nurture them. and he is rich

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The Bad Boy Taichi is back.
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>those lines
I swear the anime was nowhere near as cheesy as the manga.
>implying it wasn't two seasons of friendship lines
Just when you thought best boy couldn't be any more best

>Space Dandy
>Concrete Revolutio
>Mob Psycho

Is BONES the only studio left that does ambitious projects?
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What's so ambitious about mob psycho and space dandy?
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I miss conrevo threads

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Doot doo doo doodoo doot doo doo
This is second eur/o/beat thread in one hour. Stop.

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Why is there no series about phd students?
>TA'ing cute lolis
>Professor is a cake with flat breast
>Going to a conference for the beach episodes and giving talks in swimsuits
>Friendly banter with other departments
>A whole episode on lewd fiddling with latex
It basically writes itself
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No one who produces or writes anime has any clue what a PhD student does.
HikkiNEETs never went to college, so they can't relate
The are also not civil servant or cooks but Working and ServantxService were fine.

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Would you watch a reenvisioned adaption of Dragon Ball where Bulma is the main character that goes on adventures, hunts for the various items such as the dragon balls, and uses and develops Capsule Corp. technology?
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What's the catch? That sounds too good.
Yeah definitely
I would watch a reenvisioned adaptation of Dragon Ball where Bulma is the main character sucking dick

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Since the preview is finally up, I'm going to post the illustrations for Rakudai, Oratoria, and Bahamut for those interested.


Starting with Rakudai.
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Loli and cake love triangle?
New chapter when
Why the fuck do the scanlations make something so retarded as to wait for the whole volume is out to start translating the chapters?

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What the fuck was his problem?
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psh, whaddya wanna know so bad weak boi.

*plop goes bubblegum*
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He's a version of Shirou that slowly lost his ideals and realised he couldn't save everyone while killing a shit load of people. I think he had good reason to be an edgelord.
Have you read the VN OP?

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Why is there no yuri show this season?
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>Flip Flappers 883
>Urara Meirochou 885
Huh, wonder why
Take you rec threads to >>>/r/, /u/.
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One of the most popular shows this season has yuri, typical Satania poster, kys.

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Yuasa did it again.
What a masterpiece!
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>implying you've seen it
>implying i'd do something so horrid as not watching it.
Sorry, I thought you were just baiting here. Impressions?

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So I finally got to watching pic (not really a fan of harem stuff, but I seem to be missing a lot of references to it) and got to the 'find a familiar episode'.

Why, exactly, was a slime a bad choice for a familiar? It restrained or blinded people for well over a minute in addition to removing whatever meager defenses they had and stopped them from using magic.

I'm pretty sure I could beat up a naked, blindfolded, and tied up dude in less than a minute.
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Slime can't really hand out fliers, which is a primary task. Plus it freaks out every other member of the peerage.
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Plus it goes into tentacle territory, which despite most of the OVAs, isn't what DxD does best.
Familiars have no importance in this series the only use they have is handing out fliers and being body doubles for when the cast can't attend school themselves.

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