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Post the video fag
>That shit hair dye job
will it get an english dub
alphonse looks great, so does the cg. asian facial features aren't "edward elric"

This was one of the worst uses of CGI I have seen in a while. And how did the studio not notice that the scenery in the windows kept moving while the car was parked?

I really enjoyed this despite the terrible CGI car chase though. The loli and grumpy Jii-san have great chemistry. What did /a/ think about it? I missed the threads in the past few days.
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mostly the same opinion as you. I'm willing to give the next episode a shot, but if it focuses too much on the lame fights then I'm going to give it a pass.
I thought the same thing about the parked car. I have a feeling it'll be a cute girls with powers series.
From what I've seen (read: glanced at) of the manga, there's not many fights after this point, so hopefully it'll be mostly cute grandfather adventures

Mashiro thread
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I got bored and dropped this during the first season. Now that it's over, I need to know how bad it turned out to be. How bad was the ending?
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The entire second season is a mess because Okada and Nagai let their personal biases get in the way of telling a coherent story. On one hand Nagai despises Tekkadan and Okada wants to fuck Gaelio's seiyuu and changed the course of the story to cater to him.
>Okada wants to fuck Gaelio's seiyuu and changed the course of the story to cater to him.
Wait, seriously?
Her self insert became next in line to become president of earth and became Gaelio's GF.

A tulip has fallen sideways due to the wind.
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A tulip has fallen sideways due to the wind.
What a shame
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Put it straight please.

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Who is the target audience for this?
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Hero and the demons lord daughter run an onsen is the premise I assume. I've read up to where the slime girl is introduced in the latest raw.

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that's fucking horrible, so sad.
>composed Heidi theme song
iconic dude.
Did he make the Char song too? That was some sick 70's beats.

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>A universe where 2d girls are real and my wife kurisu exists
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She's mine.
>A universe where 2D girls are attracted to my dick and my waifu is the Queen of them
Hot as fuck desu.



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Pick your poison
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Bottom left.
I sometimes think I'm the only one that likes top left.

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What was /a/'s favorite art house anime of 2016?
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>art house
>pretty visuals = arthouse
Why don't you kill yourself?
And Phantom Sales looked like shit anyway.
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Good one.

Why is no one subbing this?
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No idea but I already saw the first 4 episodes, for some reason it was on youtube. This shit is gold and the seiyuu are great for it.
Is this incest? The brother's VA is the same as Kyousuke's from Oreimo
Just took a look at the PV: I really like the art and animation styles. The lack of subs really is odd.

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Winter 2017 was so good...
Spring 2017 is so bad...
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Go back.
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>Shingeki no Bahamut S2
>Sakura Quest
>BnH S2
>SnK S2
>Alice & Zouroku
>Granblue Fantashit
>Hinako Note
>LWA 2nd cour

This season is well rounded imo, a bit of shit for every taste except yours maybe.
It happens.

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Why the fuck is this the only battle shounen where there's strategy in the fights?
It's not some asspull energy power up blasts or I can throw the harder punch.

It's really why shikamaru is the only lokable character in the naruto series because he's the only one who uses his wits.
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You mean tactics.
Strategy is what you do on the world map, while planning how to move your armies and how to feed them.
I hate HxH fanboys

Overrated as hell
Part 1 of Naruto has strategy. It's because over-exposition, such as the case with HxH is boring and only appeals to the retarded people in the audience. If you want explanations, watch mystery. But don't watch mystery anime.

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>find about this via reverse image search
>convince myself she's going to be best girl
>gets wasted as a monster of the week enemy and reappears for about 5 pages as a cameo 30 chapters later, only to disappear again

I've known about this manga for about 15 minutes, and I'm already pissed.
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keep reading faggot

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What's your favorite power fantasy /a/? Mine is pic related.
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Mushoku tensei
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Death March is great for self inserting.

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