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So Krillin could have beaten Lavender right?
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if he killed him, with destructo disk, sure. otherwise he's not strong enough. this whole "well who cares so long as he can ringout" is bullshit. This ring looks like it's going to at least be a mile long or some ridiculous level. if someone isn't fighting anywhere close to the edge, you aren't going to be able to throw them off unless you are stronger than them.

~t. Toriyama
How strong do people who think Super has a coherent plot think Gohan is supposed to be? Still stronger than Super Buu, or what?

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The worst character archetype in anime is the older woman/MILF.

These characters are always shallow, one note and their gimmick is staler than their barren wombs.

They never add anything of significance to the plot and exist solely to say "ara ara" every once in while to check off a box on the list of people to pander to.

These characters have no fans. Just people with mommy issues who are attracted to the idea of the character rather than the character itself and you can't even blame them because there was never a character to be attracted to anyway.

MILFs and the underfeeders who flock to them are objectively garbage.
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>Go back.
to neoGAF

you know im right

kinda true. men like lolis mianly because they look cute, have a tiny lil body, are virgin and are innocent but really deep inside men are designed to fuck like a beast with curvy looking women. beside, you can make lolis with a sperm-thristy milf, and not viceversa

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But I'm not the only one.

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I hate it...
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he loves it
He hates it! Weren't you listening?
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HE doesn't really gives a shit

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hard knock days, miss that op
It has some shit arcs, but Water 7 and Summit War are god-tier shounen.
Cant get over how goofy everything looks. Also having dog people as characters is really weird

Some of you guys are alright, don't go to Itamori tomorrow.
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Why does she have a problem with Taki grabbing her boobs? She was jerking off every single time she swapped bodies. The only difference is that Taki never found out.
>She was jerking off every single time she swapped bodies

Imagine the sex they have after the credits roll. They may not remember it but they instinctively know each others' bodies just as well as their own, reaching an unheard of level of intimacy.

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Say something nice about Moya-nee
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I want to be her slave.
she makes a good cow
I want to drink her bath water.

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Are you a lolicon, mister?
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Backer rewards when?
They still haven't given you guys anything? More like Kike-starter, sounds like everyone got scammed
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Can we agree Junji Ito is currently the best horror mangaka, right?

Share your fav story and why.

Mine is Secret of the Haunted Mansion, the lady at the end is the only thing that to this day has manage to give me some nightmare. I can't stand at the black panel of her face.

Now share yours, /a/non.
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Masaaki Nakayama is a better writer but Ito is great too yeah
overrated as hell

none of his shit is scary
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Horror doesn't do it for me in manga. I like it as a genre for the plots but I could never get the scary merries.
Don't know if counts as horror but Maruo is good.

Touta : I love you I think you're cute

full lewd chapter
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so winner winner chicken dinner?
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>heart-pupils Kirie

I swear to god Ken don't you fuck this up.

For those who watched the first episode, discuss
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Define "next Re:Zero"
Everyone dropped it already, a shame. The LN is really good.

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Why does everyone freak out over Orochimaru being treated as a necessary evil when shonen anime is full of awful people getting away with everything and being treated as "one of the bros"?

Why does /a/ only lose its biscuits over Oro? I mean especially since everyone is still very hesitant around Orochimaru and doesn't treat him as a friend to chill with like pic related.
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Bon Bon saved Luffy and the gang several times and Crocodile was never treated as one of the bros. only a momentary truce to save his brother.
oh please, crocodile had that "I didn't think you would lose this easily!" bro moment with Whitebeard

and Bon Bon shot a little kid to start a civil war
Yeah, but Bon Bon redeemed himself. Given that Whitebeard was using him and nobody else even acted friendly towards him.


So, why did she want to die, exactly?
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She was pretty mentally unstable without Shichika around.

Had Togame never arrived to their home, she would have been content just growing old together with Shichika for the rest of their lives.
She wants to feel how she feels when she's asleep
her life was too easy and boring.

subs are finally up
this one was pretty fun, looking forward to it
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Will Deen ever stop saving anime?
Looks gay, dropped
Hope they do a full episode of a kabuki play and not end up like cheer danshi where all we got was flashbacks during the last cheer dance

What are your five least favorite series? And why are they your least favorite? Mine are:
>Flying Witch
>Monster Musume
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Animes we like.jpg
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I would say that all of these are equally my favorites.

>Please explain
>Doesn't explain himself
>Flying Witch
>Monster Musume

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