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Why don't they make more art house anime like Hyouka?
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Low IQs would rather watch one hit man
Nothing to market.
Too good for the plebs

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You in a bikini
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ITT mediocre or average anime that had great OP/EDs.
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When it comes to this topic, this is the Hall of Fame anime.

No one else is watching this? It makes me feel like a 15 years old fujoshi watching her first semi gay anime
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What the fuck is this shit?
I like it, looked reserved for clamp design though.
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>we will never get a kabuki anime without pandering

Do you like when the boy is the tsundere one?
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is this question targeted towards femanons? aka landwhales?
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Not really, since they've made it a given now that he'll eventually just break down instead of having some integrity and watching some dumb bitch get rekt.
What was the consensus on the Handa-kun anime? I'm having trouble getting into it

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ITT: characters that can unironically beat you up in a fight
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>tv size op is good
>full song is shit

every time
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You got a problem with guitar solos faggot?
guitar solos are great, but that solo was just shit. It ruined the whole song.
>listen to full song
>wierd splice exactly at 90 seconds followed by some shitty bridge or an extra verse or some other crap
every time

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Name is pronounced as Lupan yet there are still people who pronounce it as Loopin
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It's a French name so of course it's going to be pronounced wrong.
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it isn't complicated to pronounce.
Listen. It is if you're a stupid dubbing company.

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Just marathoned the first episode. It was fun!
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>marathoned a single episode
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So is SQ's sameface a result of PA's staff or Bunbun's designs?
The first episode was good. I don't think I'll be dropping this one.

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Call me.png
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Have you guys noticed any other times Oda has left us hints of Sanji's past? I am just rewatching the Alabasta arc and completely forgot he says this.
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here's some real foreshadowing
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Usopp will die.jpg
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do you mind telling me what chapter this is from?

Was she the ultimate best girl?
>Believes in the MC when both are young
>He sees her naked TWICE and she doesn't go full yandere on him
>Is from a powerfull clan
>Eventually marries the MC and has super powerfull kids
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Nothing in Naruto is best anything but she's good, I like her. Enjoy the angry contrarians though.
We saw her go from loli to 12 year old with a rack, to teenager with a GREAT RACK, to busty adult and then to full milf, that's not very usual
>He sees her naked TWICE and she doesn't go full yandere on him

Who will be the meme girl of the season? Pic related for last season
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Kanna had way more fanart than Satania
that's not memes

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Is this the proper technique for carrying a loli?
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More or less. A gag is usually involved as well.
Ruby has a great taste in panties.

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>Do you like me, senpai?
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Iroha's a good girl for pumping and dumping though.
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>when she whispers in 8man's ear
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>When she asks if Hikky is interested in anyone

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Do you think the Love Lives like being groped by Nozomi?
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Nipples don't lie.
Nips do

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