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Let's start a thread for common, yet annoying anime cliches you just hate seeing.
I'll start.
>Main character is too dense to realize that their crush likes them.
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>MC has a girl he really likes and wants to be with, yet he keeps fooling around with other girls
Fuck you, Zero no Tsukaima
MC is a beta, but btw gets a harem.
shameless self bump

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Holy hell this was amazing
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It was good until the that long haired botch boy died from laser Buddha after that it was like the author lost direction. If there was any direction to begin with
I've literally never seen an opinion this wrong before

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>after over half a decade Black Lagoon is finally getting a new chapter

How hype are you?
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Not at all.
What was happening in the manga again?

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I want to protect that smile ;_;
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Japanese smiles are not worth being protected, though
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Just one more month and we'll have raws.

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Is this the GREATEST musical anime moment in anime history?
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I don't know but it's one of my favorite.
For the song and its arrangement, definitely one of the best. The noticeable CG and that hilariously god awful rotoscoping in the middle definitely distracted from the scene. I can think of a couple that were more impactful in an emotional sense.
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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You forgot to post it yesterday, so I hate it again
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

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>Highschoolers weapon of choice
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Let's see. How can I act like a gigantic cunt today?
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this is why noriko is da best anno protag
being a massive bitch is a moe trait you guys
How kino is this compared to Eva?

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Is it still wrong for a person of patrician taste to like this show?
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you're watching children's cartoons as a hobby

this isn't high art
The objective truth here is that if you don't like K-on, then you undoubtedly have shit taste.
fuck off you filthy casual, that is no hobby, it's my life

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It seems like 1.1 million in sales wasn't enough
> Studio Deen pulled the plug
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maybe it's because it was shit
The jokes got old. Serious isekais like SAO have more lasting power which is why it gets a season 3 and a movie.
It's not Deen choice. Kadokawa has other shit to sell, why bother with something that sell well?

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>finish this
>can't watch any other show
this was so perfect, i want to die lads
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then kill yourself already, what's taking so long?
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If this show is so good, why is everyone besides Kumiko and Reina mentally challenged?
Kill yourself then

Quick, post and discuss dumpires. Other vampire girls are welcome too. Which one is your favorite?
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No love for dumbpires?
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Vampires are dumb.
T-they can't help it!

Why couldn't she just be honest with her feelings?
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because women
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She is shy and barely talks with people.
She was always honest with her music though.
Because shit show.

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Three new chapters got translated in the last thread >>155585331
Thanks to the anons who did it.
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Here's chapter 13. Also, some level of QC would be nice to have, my choice of words isn't exactly what I'd call a quality translation.

"Riko, are you alright?"
"You climbed well"
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"Although the "weight" around this area is lightened,"
"It should still be difficult for children"
"Ah, m-my!"
"My name is Riko!"
"*Nausea noises*"
"*Puking noises*"
"I know~ You're Liza's child, right?"

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What if she was Naruto's sensei?
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Hopefully she wouldn't have gotten fat
They would die agaisn't zabuza,naruto would kill sasuke on the hospital and etc
Naruto had good music.
Debate me.

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