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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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It's objectively shit.
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Be careful when eating fish.

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God tier
1. Love Lab
2. Non non
3. Urara meirouchou/Yuyushiki

Acceptable tier
4. Yuru yuri S2
5. Gochuumon
6. K-on

Gap into irrelevancy
98. Kiniro mosaic
99. Minami-ke
100. Sabagebu
.Mariana Trench
999. Gabriel Dropout
1000. New Game
~ GJ bu
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Completely fucking retarded
Awful taste.

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Why nobody wants to hire this qt?
is because she cant pass the butthole inspection?
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Patriarchy is the problem. Prove me wrong, protip you can't.
because of her annoying toe
Because she's contributing to the problem by moving to Tokyo.

This show is hilarious as fuck
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For us and the 3 others that are watching it, sure.
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Who here loves best girl? I know i do!
this show and the manga might fill in the void that to love-ru left for me

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What do you guys think of this?
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Is Hinako legit autistic?
Generic garbage.
Honestly, boring. Hinako is too retarded even by CGDCT standards. Gonna try to watch it just because thre isn't any good one this season.

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Do you understand why this thread didn't work, toiletfag?
I like both in some way.
Asuka for her insecurities and sexual confusion.
Rei I don't know why I like her.
But I don't even like Asuka

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30 fucking years and we still don't know what the MAIN FUCKING ANTAGONISTS even want to accomplish.

The last 11 years of that LITERALLY NOTHING OF CONSEQUENCE HAS HAPPENED, save for the World Transformation, which could've happened at literally any point between chapter 177 and 307, but the writer decided to go through years of filler for no reason.

Is he retarded? Does he have brain damage? How hard could it possibly be to draw? Half the pages are just Guts' angry face- it's not like he doesn't know how to draw it by this point.
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drawing vocaroos takes a lot out of you i guess
Evil for the sake of evil. Like everything else in this trash.
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Also, why in fucks name in Chapter 65 does Griffith strain himself so hard he starts bleeding because Guts is in danger and he wants to help so badly? Where, only a few chapters prior, Griffith tried to choke him to death. And then, immediately following this, he brands and sacrifices the Hawks.

So, why in fucks name would he give a shit about Guts in between these two events?

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Im not naruto, im my original character boruto
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You could've picked any of the actual literal clones and you went with Boruto?
The joke
he's actually starting to grow on me. kinda reminds me of kid jiraiya except less perverted and more cocky.

there's decent potential. I just hope they don't force him to be ninja jesus 2.0

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Is this a show for only those of us of high intellect?
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>high intellect
No, but it's pretty damn good.
I'm currently watching it. First 100 episodes were great, but then they decided to slow-mo and narrate everything. I don't know if I want to continue.

>There's an actual plot
>There's an actual antagonist
>The ED is still comfy as fuck
The show is now bretty good
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It was always good
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The new OP is pretty horrible though. Not the visuals, but the music.

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Nobody Virgin here?
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I'm not a virgin anymore.
if nina transformed while you were having sex with her would she crush your dick with her dragon pussy
So fuck off.

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>Miss Flopayashi's Flop Dragon
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turns out giant boobs doesn't sell

only cute little girls sell and kanna couldn't carry everything
quality thread
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please leave.png
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Sales shits need to go down the toilet where they belong.

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Do you think this is overhyped? It's not that good, but people watch it because ONE made it. It's just not on the level of OPM.
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It's better than OPM, The fights and characters were all more enjoyable.

Mob 100 was one of the best shows last year, Bones did a solid job with it.
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I think it was far better than OPM.
It really switched gear at the 3rd episode.

A thing I really liked about it is how the "problem" and growth of the protag is more focused into a plot point than in OPM.
Was the original line here that "jodan janeize" or "fuzakeruna"?

In any case I am absolutely dying to see this part animated

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I need every single piece of Berserk QUALITY you have
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christ, why was this piece of shit even made?
It was made to punish us.
bad people dont get nice things anon

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How is this allowed ?
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If you think this is bad try even browsing the archive right now.
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Are you referring to the shitty tabs that keep popping up whenever you try to do something?
I enjoy that ad funnily enough.

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